7 Side-Effects of Chopping Off Your Hair


I’m adjusting to my short hair. I still love it but it’s different. Now that I think of it, I need to update that picture over there to the right. Here is what I didn’t expect:

7 Side Effects of Chopping off Your Hair

1. Phantom hair. Running your fingers through your hair and….oh….it’s not there. Someday this will stop, right?

2. Using way too much conditioner. I’m washing so much Pureology, and thus $, right down the drain. Nadine, you have half as much hair. You need half as much conditioner.

3. New product hoarding. I’d long since made peace with the fact that I have flat, straight, and remarkably generic hair. Turns out, when you chop off 8 inches, it’s got quite a bit of va-va-voom! Now I’m impulse buying volumizing products and giving myself blow outs. I can’t be the only one who giggles a little bit when they hear the term “blow out”. #maturity

volumizing products

4. Being offended when people you see every day don’t notice that you chopped 8 inches of hair off. This is immediately followed by feeling like a pathetic, raging narcissist. Although it may be both sweet and sad that the checkout lady at Einstein’s Bagels noticed my haircut. They have good coffee, okay?!

5. Feeling like a drama queen whenever you turn your head side to side. Just call me Willow Smith, because every time I cross the street it feels way over the top. I swear, it moves so much all by itself. I’m sassy, but I’m not that sassy.

6. Finding out that your hair has a mind of its own. That’s cool, right side. Go ahead and flip out instead of under. I so appreciate the flashbacks to my flipped out hair stage circa 7th grade. Basically my hair points right. Left side under, right side out. Why?!

7. Your Mom liking it so much, she gets the exact same haircut. Yeah, that happened.

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