7 Side-Effects of Chopping Off Your Hair


I’m adjusting to my short hair. I still love it but it’s different. Now that I think of it, I need to update that picture over there to the right. Here is what I didn’t expect:

7 Side Effects of Chopping off Your Hair

1. Phantom hair. Running your fingers through your hair and….oh….it’s not there. Someday this will stop, right?

2. Using way too much conditioner. I’m washing so much Pureology, and thus $, right down the drain. Nadine, you have half as much hair. You need half as much conditioner.

3. New product hoarding. I’d long since made peace with the fact that I have flat, straight, and remarkably generic hair. Turns out, when you chop off 8 inches, it’s got quite a bit of va-va-voom! Now I’m impulse buying volumizing products and giving myself blow outs. I can’t be the only one who giggles a little bit when they hear the term “blow out”. #maturity

volumizing products

4. Being offended when people you see every day don’t notice that you chopped 8 inches of hair off. This is immediately followed by feeling like a pathetic, raging narcissist. Although it may be both sweet and sad that the checkout lady at Einstein’s Bagels noticed my haircut. They have good coffee, okay?!

5. Feeling like a drama queen whenever you turn your head side to side. Just call me Willow Smith, because every time I cross the street it feels way over the top. I swear, it moves so much all by itself. I’m sassy, but I’m not that sassy.

6. Finding out that your hair has a mind of its own. That’s cool, right side. Go ahead and flip out instead of under. I so appreciate the flashbacks to my flipped out hair stage circa 7th grade. Basically my hair points right. Left side under, right side out. Why?!

7. Your Mom liking it so much, she gets the exact same haircut. Yeah, that happened.

  • Oooh phantom hair. I got a good 10 inches chopped off a couple of months ago and I STILL get phantom hair sometimes. There’s also those first couple of days where you’re always looking in the mirror and worrying about if it’s too short to look good and playing around with it and trying to get it to look longer because you’re unused to how you look now… or am I the only one who does that?

  • Sooo you know you pretty much gave me the push to chop my hair too? All of these things are totally accurate! Plus it seems like I take more time on my hair now than when it was short. I do love it though!

  • oh gosh, i just chopped off like 6 inches of my hair last week and am feeling the same feels! especially the excess conditioner. so greasy.

  • It’s funny the your mom got the same haircut because when I chopped my hair into an inverted bob, my mom did the same thing. Now the embarrassing part, I think my mom looks way better in the haircut than me. I will recommend the Sexy Hair products. I use the root lifter every time I wash my hair because it created instant volume after blow drying it.

  • BAHAHA the last one!!!! Oh nooooo. MOM! Why she gotta jock your style? hahaha

    xo Denise

  • Number 2 & 6 are always the biggest ones for me when I cut my hair! Number 7 is also adorable! Love this!

    Crumbs & Curls

  • LOL! i just cut my hair by like.. Alot.. and my mom went and did the same thing two days later hah!

  • Ahh #6 used to happen to me too and it drove. me. crazy! Now that I think about it I can’t remember when it stopped happening, but I know for sure I never found a way to fix it. I guess it just decided to stop doing that at some point. Also how do you like that volumizing powder?? I’m always looking for something to give my second-day hair {and third-day hair, ahem} a little boost at the root and so far nothing works as well as I’d like

  • Lex

    haha my mom and i generally have the same haircut! except she usually sets the trend, sshhh!

  • Ha! I die at no. 7.

  • #4!!!!!
    I just chopped off 11 inches and a person I see almost daily asked if my hair was getting longer!

  • This is the truth. It takes me a few weeks to adjust to the newly needed amount of hair product.

  • This is so funny- and I have to imagine so true! I’ve never chopped my hair like you, but anytime I cut even an inch off I have the phantom hair effect!

  • I nodded my head a bit reading this why because I so get this I hate how when I have my hair cut I use too much shampoo and conditioner for the first few washes after the cut

  • P.

    Ha! That totally happened to me! Especially the people not noticing. And one of the people who did notice said “good for you!” as if chopping my hair was a lifetime achievement. I know she meant it in a nice way but I was bugged for a while. LOL. Oh, the little things that bug us!

    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  • I too chopped a bit off of my hair and getting a little excited about volumising products! Never really used them before but the hairdresser did so now I am hehe.

    Becky x

  • Oh goodness I remember having phantom hair for about 6 months after getting my hair cut! And then 2 and 6 are just daily problems anyway! but then again my hair is really long now and if i get a trim I still seem to find myself dealing with phantom hair. Maybe I actually just have a ghost with super long hair following me around constantly?

  • Your mom got the same haircut? NO WAY! That is the ultimate compliment I guess! And yes, too much conditioner.

  • Hahah! That last one! I remember when I cut my hair into a similar bob when I was in high school, the ladies who worked at a retirement home I volunteered at loved it so much they all got the same haircut. I was flattered but also mortified.

  • I can totally attest to these. So true. I cut at least 10 inches off in December and I still am treating myself to regular blow outs (heh). I didn’t know my hair could look so good!

  • I just chopped half my hair off also and I’m experiencing all of these except for #7. Haha! I really hate when people don’t notice my hair, it makes me want to pull a Willow so they can see it’s all gone!

  • I am gong to chop mine a tad this weekend! What do you think about that Loreal spray? Because I know the first stop after my hairdresser is going to be at Ulta.

  • Ooooh, that’s awkward that your mom got the same haircut. But kinda funny!

    My hair does the right flip thing too. So annoying. It doesn’t even matter what I do to it, it ALWAYS ends up this way.

  • not much else could be better. 🙂 the steret where i grew up has the most lovely crab apple trees and there is one week when they are all abloom with beauty. My favorite week. ♥

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  • I’ve been contemplating getting a haircut the past few days and after this post, I’m more than ready to go through it!

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