A sick day

Monday evening, I started to feel sick.
By Tuesday I was worse and work was not happening.
It’s like a head cold but my ears are plugged and I’m fatigued.
In an effort to make my sick day kind of productive while remaining horizontal for 90% of the day, I did 3 loads of laundry and made this delicious french toast (which I ate in bed):

With real syrup and everything!
I also watched 12 episodes of Bones.
Yes, 12. 


  • How IS Bones? I’ve never watched it and need to know if it should be added to Netflix 🙂

    Feel better!!!!!! (and enjoy being caught up on laundry)

    • Bones is so so so good! It was recommended to me by a co-worker. After 5 seasons, I just can’t wait for Bones and Booth to get together. There is so much tension between them because they are obviously in love but the writers of the show took their sweet time playing out the love storyline. I also don’t really like scary stuff but this is like crime related but not too scary most of the time.

  • French toast and Bones for approximately 8.5 hours sounds like my dream day.

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