Repayment from the Universe

Is it considered Karma if good things start happening to you after something really bad has? Maybe it’s just the circle of life. Either way, I think the universe is repaying me somehow.

Proof that I needed some good karma. This is the night it all went down.

I landed a sweet dog sitting job. Getting paid to play with dogs? Awesome.

Then, out of nowhere, I won our big bowlfest pool with my picks for all of the bowl games. Like legitimately beat people who actually pay attention and care about football. That ish cray. But hey, I’ve got a little more moolah in my pocket.

Yesterday I had a meeting with some local high school students. I stood in the office for a few minutes before someone acknowledged me. The office lady looked up and said “Can I help you with something, hun?” to which I replied “I’m here to meet with the student council” and she, looking surprised said, “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry, I thought you were a student.” Well done, eye cream. Aging backwards has commenced.

And for the last thing on the karma train, our insurance claim was processed and it looks like I’ll be repurchasing computer and camera a lot sooner than I thought. Apple store, here I come! Note to all: if you’re a renter, get renters insurance.

But alas, it could not all be rainbows and butterflies. The universe has to keep things in perspective. So in the middle of a business meeting in a crowded cafe, I pulled out a folder from my bag and a tampon falls on the floor. And not in the un-obvious way that you can play it off. In the, oh gosh I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened-and-everyone-saw-it way. Touché universe. Touché.

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