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I read a lot. I don’t mention it on the blog often enough but it’s just a part of my daily life. Maybe it’s why I feel comfortable writing?

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In case you need a book recommendation (and also so I have some record of what I’ve read), here’s what I’ve read so far in 2014:

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Third time reading it. Still amazing. For your amusement, here is a Buzzfeed video of Harry Potter explained by people who have never seen or read Harry Potter. AKA People I could never be friends with.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey. Late to the party on this one. How I feel about it in one word: Meh. Haven’t started the 2nd book. Is it worth it?

3. The Lost Symbol. If you read DaVinci Code or Angels & Demons, this brings back Professor Robert Langdon. Since the movies, I always picture him as Tom Hanks, which makes him super lovable. This book takes place in DC and, as with other Dan Brown books, he takes the facts and stretches them for fiction. There were still a TON of things I didn’t know about DC in this book (I did a lot of Googling as I read this). It also goes into the history of the Free Masons which was fascinating and completely unexpected. That part in particular I kept thinking – this can’t be true. Or can it? The story was a little slower than his others and was my least favorite Robert Langdon story, but still an enjoyable read.

4. Inferno. Dan Brown with another Robert Langdon story. This book actually terrified me. The title of the book is misleading. Is it about fire? Nope. Overpopulation. Apparently there are a lot of (educated) people who believe that there are already too many people on the planet and that our resources cannot possibly support where we are headed in terms of population. It also brought to my attention how really incredible science of the future will be used for good and bad. Basically science is the future of terrorism. Like I said, terrifying.

5. The Fault in Our Stars. I still have so many feelings about this book. I work for a childhood cancer foundation. Hazel and Augustus are fictional representations of real kids. Kids that I know. Kids who are dying. I happened to read this book on a week that we got some devastating news about a very special young woman. To say it was brutal to read this was an understatement but it was worth every painful moment. The movie is coming out in June and I’ll be there, the day it opens, box of tissues in hand. Here’s The Fault in Our Stars trailer. Just looking for the link for this post, I watched it again and cried.

Currently Reading: The Husband’s Secret. A great read so far. The characters are very likable, though according to my kindle, I’m 43% through this book and I still don’t know the husband’s secret.

What should I read next? I’ve heard so many great things about Gone Girl but I’d kind of like something happy. Has anyone read Eleanor & Park? I’d love to know how that was.

  • A

    Eleanor and Park is good, but I would really highly recommend Attachments. It’s Rainbow Roswell’s first book, and I would definitely say her best (and happiest) too.

    • Good to know! I’ll check it out.

  • Kristina

    The Husband’s Secret is fantastic.. just wait until you find out what it is.. you might want to throw your kindle. At least, that is what I wanted to do.. It kept me up late reading into the night. Love the other good read ideas! 🙂

    • Just found out what it is. ! I have to say that I actually thought at one point while I was reading – I wonder if…about if that’s what it was. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but I’m so interested to see how this plays out.

  • Eleanor and Park is really good! However, it was heavier than I expected. At the time I was looking for something light and fun, and then the book got into some heavy stuff. Or at least more intense than I thought it would be. So it’s good, but maybe not what you’re looking for. For the mood you want, I’d suggest the same author but read either Fangirl or Attachments. Fangirl is awesome cause she’s basically a fan of a fictional version of Harry Potter and the romance is adorable. Attachments is awesome because it’s a guys quarter life crisis.

    Gone Girl is really interesting. Idk if I’d read it a second time because it’s not my typical type of book I like to read. But it is really good and it had me thinking well after I had finished it. But it’s a other intense one if you’re looking for something fun.

    • You are the second person to recommend Attachments so that may have just sealed the deal that it is what I’m reading next. I’m definitely looking for something that pulls me in but maybe isn’t super sad in subject matter.

      • Attachments is super cute! There are times when he’s a bit of a creeper… but it works out and it’s still really cute. Which probably doesn’t make any sense you just need to trust me on this. Let me know what you think!

  • I read the first 5o Shades and felt “meh” like you said. I decided to try the second to see if it improved, but it didn’t. By then I felt invested in the series, so I might as well read the third. It was so meh that I quit mid-read (which I rarely do) and just googled the ending. My advice: skip that series.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! People rave about it. It just shows you have different people’s taste can be.

  • I LOVED Eleanor and Park! Highly recommend it!

  • So happy that you’re a fellow reader. Harry Potter is always an amazing reread. TFIOS was such an amazing book. Yea, I cried. Really excited about the movie adaptation. I’ve read Eleanor & Park and I really enjoyed it. It’s a different sort of love story and the characters are different from the normal characters you find in novels. The story isn’t about what I expected it to be about. I was definitely engulfed in the book, and I felt so many feelings while reading it. I would definitely recommend it.

  • I guess we can’t be friends as I have never read any of the HP books and haven’t seen all of the movies. I prefer history and biographies.

  • Love Gillian Flynn- but definitely not recommended if you’re looking for something happy 🙂 I recently finished Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walters and loved the story! I can’t bring myself to read TFIOS… I’m afraid I’ll be way too sad!

  • you HAVE to read gone girl! but be sure to read it when you have time to do nothing but read for a day and a half because you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP READING. i had it on my phone when i read and i read it when i had the most boring awful job in the world, so i just sat there and read it on my phone for like, an entire work day. i couldn’t stop. i felt like my soul had been overtaken by this book. its AMAZING. also, read “where’d you go bernadette?” AMAZING as well. lets be friends on good reads!

  • If you want something funny, I’d highly recommend “The one hundred year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared”. It is really funny, and odd and a bit like Forrest Gump if you like those kinds of stories.

    Also a good one is “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry”. I too have a list of read books so feel free to check those over here and here


  • I recently read This is Where I Leave you after seeing a trailer for the movie this fall (any movie that combines Tina Fey, Jason Bateman and Jane Fonda is bound to be good) and really enjoyed the humor mixed in with a deeper story about family and relationships.

  • Books are life. I’ll have to keep all these in mind. I have of course read all Harry potter books, and the fault in our stars. I’m currently reading rowling’s the casual vacancy. Did you read it? I’m at the very beginning so I don’t have any feelings towards it yet.

  • Read “Gone Girl” last year and had mixed feeling about it. It definitely isn’t a “happy book,” but still one worth reading. I recently read “Divergent” and really enjoyed it. Also, I’m starting “Me Before You.” Will have to report back on that one!

  • Embarrassed to admit that I’ve read the entire 50 Shades of Grey trilogy… the 2nd and 3rd book aren’t worth it… I don’t even think the entire trilogy is worth it, haha.

  • Eleanor and Park is great! I loved Gone Girl and all of Gillian Flynn’s books. It’s the least messed up of the bunch. The others are dark and scary, but so good.

    The Dan Brown books are all great too. The man knows how to write a murder mystery. That’s for sure.

  • I just finished Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen, and it was PERFECT. My book club loved this book so much. All four of her novels are wonderful and you can’t go wrong. I didn’t think the last two 50 Shades books were worth it… lame. I only read the third one because I bought the trilogy as a bundle. 🙁

  • This post reminded me I need to go to the library

  • I read the Husband’s Secret a few weeks ago and really loved it. It was one of those books that I kept talking to Derrick about, even though he really had no interest. If you like how Liane Moriarty writes, I’d read What Alice Forgot. I really liked that. I also just recently read Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray and Straight Man by Richard Russo. Loved both! So you have a fellow Harry Potter fanatic’a stamp of approval on all three!

  • I love all of Dan Brown’s books and I will have to check out the Husband’s Secret!

  • I though Inferno was the best of the Langdon series. It is terrifying since we are overtaxing our home so much. It was a little too realistic for comfort! I like James Rollins’ Sigma series too, similar to Brown. Can’t help you with the last two though, haven’t read em. Although a surprising book that turned into a fave was Discovery of Witches by Harkness, if you are at all into fantasy.

  • Kim

    I reread all the Harry potters every summer and I love it so much!! I really liked the husbands secret but when you read the epilogue you’re gonna be like what da f ? (At least I did)

    Gone girl is really good but really twisted but they’re making into a movie with Ben affleck so if you like reading books then seeing the movie id recommend it! But yeah, definitely not “happy”‘!

  • I tend to love most of what John Green writes – he is an incredible author. However, The Fault in our Stars was hands down my favorite of his books. I can’t wait for the movie to come out – and trust me, you’re not the only one who cried watching the trailer.

    As for Eleanor & Park, I’ve heard so many great things about it, but I personally just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I just need to give it another try?


  • I loved The Fault in our Stars (excited for the movie) and The Husband’s secret. Gone Girl and Inferno are on my reading list too. After Fifty Shades of Grey, I didn’t start its other books.

    I don’t read Harry Potter, does that mean that I can’t be friends with you :P. I just read one Harry Porter book.

  • Thanks, I needed some book recommendations for the cruise I’m going on. I read gone girl….well actually listened to it on audio cd (because i’m awesome)…and it was really good. Definitely would suggest reading it.

  • Eleanor and Park was amazing, but one of her other books, a more recent title, Fangirl, was even better. I would highly suggest anything by Rainbow Rowell!

  • I just can’t understand people who don’t like Harry Potter. LOVED The Fault In Our Stars. The 2nd and 3rd book of 50 Shades are horrific. Don’t even waste your time or money. I also loved The Husband’s Secret. I finished Gone Girl a few weeks ago and absolutely hated the last 1/4 of the book. It still makes me flustered thinking about it!!

  • If you’re looking for something fun, I highly recommend “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” – I laughed out loud multiple time. So charming and witty! If you want something more uplifting and soulful I recommend “The Light Between Oceans”. (but it is sad too). Gone Girl was a quick and exciting read! The Husband’s Secret is on my to read list!

  • Erin

    Eleanor and Park was really good! Sounds like we have pretty similar taste- I also highly recommend Wonder (Fault in Our Stars-esque, but happier!!) , and Sorta Like A Rock Star.

  • Courtney

    If you liked the Husband’s Secret, check out What Alice Forgot by the same author! I thought it was great, it’s an easy read and not as heavy as Gone Girl!

  • What a great list – we’ve got some similar taste (although I’ve never read Harry Potter. Oops?) I really enjoyed Inferno too, and I still think about it a lot, even months after reading it. I finished The Fault in Our Stars last month, and it was one of those stay-up-all-night-until-finishing-it books. Now I’m in the middle of The Hypnotist’s Love Story, which is by Liane Moriarty too. I really love it so far (about halfway through), and it has me excited to read The Husband’s Secret after I finish. Super long comment to say that I hope you keep these posts going throughout the year!

  • I am currently reading The Longest Ride. Call me a sucker or an old sap, but I just love to see a good love story play out. It is a Nicholas Sparks book.

  • I’m a sucker for Robert Langdon. I read both The DaVinci Code and Angles and Demons. Both fascinated me. Inferno sounds riveting!

  • I loved The DaVinci code but never read any of the others. Maybe I’ll have to give them a try! I really enjoyed Gone Girl though!

  • I read The Fault In Our Stars, Loved it. It was incredibly difficult but beautifully written. I read the 50 shades trilogy, it was not great but once I was invested in it I couldn’t stop. I’m interested in how it will be interpreted into a movie. I’m currently reading the third book of Divergent, Allegiant. I loved the first two but the third one is difficult to push through. I want to read The Husband’s Secret!

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