Reba, Archie, and Awesomeness

Yesterday I met Reba McEntire (for like .5 seconds). She was super nice and in my head as loud as you can imagine I was singing “Here’s your one chance, Fancy don’t let me down!”

Since I left, this conversation happened:

So all of these happened:

And lastly, I woke up a tad early this morning to witness this:

As a California girl, I watched the sunset over the Pacific ocean many times. This was my first time ever watching it rise over the Atlantic. Such a peaceful way to start the day. If I had actually started my day then instead of going back to sleep.

In other news, in February I start Photography classes and enrolled in Content Brew! Better blog, here I come!

That’s really all on this crazy Saturday. I’ve been at the race track all day and I’m headed back now. Cars going 180 mph sure are loud and my ears needed a well-deserved break.

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