Reasons I Still Don’t Miss California

Now is about the time when everyone is sick of winter. Last night we got hit with another couple of inches of snow and you can just tell, people are over it. I’m not. It would be easy to miss California at a time like this. I’m sure it’s going to get annoying soon that my jolly California ass is still freaking delighted to see the white wonder falling from the sky. But I still am. Here are a few reasons why, even now, I don’t miss California.

California Flag

My body has become less wimpy. “Oh, it’s 45 degrees out? Pshhh, I don’t need a jacket. It’s not even that cold.” <– Things I now say that I never ever thought I would say.

I can wear hats with ear flaps in a non-ironic way. Ear flaps all day erryday.

Before it snows, people but their windshield wipers up so they don’t get stuck to the windshield. The whole parking lot will be full of wipers, sticking straight up. I like to pretend this is their only chance to party. I just know that when we’re all inside they are dancing and waving high to their friends. California wipers don’t get to party.

The Wonders of the Sleeping Bag Coat

If you ran into me anytime in the last three months or the next two, I’ll look like this. I don’t resemble a fashion blogger. I look like a walking sleeping bag. And so does ever one else. Fashion bloggers, I can’t even begin to describe how big of a lie it is that you look cute in the northeast in mid-January. On the bright side, no sucking in required. I look exactly the same every day, even if I have put on a little winter weight (it’s for warmth, you guys).

Have you ever seen a golden retriever play in the snow? It is the single fastest way to feel like all is right in the world.

Remember that little place called New York City? Sure, I could never be a New Yorker but still, it’s the greatest city in the world. Take that, California.

Snow Mountain

All of our parking lots look like this. Every time I walk past one of these snow mountains (this one was 3 cars high!) I look around at the other adults like “are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Every fiber of my being wants to climb straight to the top and yell “I’m the queen of the world!!!” They most definitely are not thinking what I’m thinking.

Did I mention that my whole family is here? Yeah, they’re pretty awesome to have around.

Dream House

I’ve lived in a home that looks like this and someday, I’ll buy one just like it. Brick and shutters. The dream team.

I can be in about 15 states in the amount of time it would take to drive from San Francisco to San Diego. People forget how spread out California is. Each state has a different history, accent, and personality. There is so much to experience.

Speaking of diversity, there are large populations of Italian and Irish Americans in many east coast cities. This means pizza and Irish pubs (two of my favorite things!). Oh, and our local Irish Catholic church celebrates every St. Patty’s day by having $10 all you can drink beer in the basement of the church. Yes, in the church. Starting at 8am and ending, well, when they run out of beer.


This is what it looked like in my backyard this morning. The creek was a snowy wonderland and it was positively picturesque. What more could a girl ask for? See, California? We are never ever ever, getting back together.

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