8 Reasons I Love WordPress (And You Might Too!)

8 Reasons I Love WordPress

1. I own this. The #1 reason to switch to WordPress, hands down (self-hosted, wordpress.org, just to be clear). If Lisette and Kym’s Blogger catastrophes (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration – it’s just a blog) aren’t enough to convince you, I don’t know what will. On Blogger, you own the content (kind of), but Google can do whatever they want with it. They could flag your blog as spam. They could redirect your site. That scared me and was a major contributing factor to why I switched.

2. The comments benefit YOU. Yes, you, the reader. Leaving a comment on a WordPress blog creates a back link to your site. When you comment on a WordPress blog, it asks for your name, email, and most importantly, your website. That’s a good thing for you! If you click the person’s name in any of the comments on my site, it will take you directly to their site (if they have one). Hint: this also means you don’t have to leave your link in the comment itself. It’s done for you. It’s a win for both of us!

3. Responsive design. 61% of my readers look at my blog on either their mobile device or a tablet. My blog is built on the Genesis framework with a responsive WordPress theme (Wow, that sounds like I know what I’m talking about, doesn’t it? Weird). If you look at it on different devices, it adjusts to give you the best possible view.

WordPress Responsive Theme Benefits

Blogger can’t do that. If you view a Blogger blog in mobile view, you lose all design and sidebar elements. If mobile view is disabled in Blogger and you view the full website on your phone, it’s itty bitty. You can test how your blog looks on all different devices here.

4. SEO stuff. At the bottom of every blog draft, there is a SEO section. I hate doing it because you have to do a little summary of your post (a meta description), which feels like homework, but I think/hope/imagine it helps with Google search rankings.

Using WordPress SEO by Yoast (a free plugin) you have the ability to make your title different to search engines. While I might want a cheeky, personal title to show up on my blog itself, I want Google search results to show a title of what the post is actually about. Here’s an example:

how titles appear on blog

See? While people wouldn’t Google “bye-bye long hair”, lots of people might Google “cutting hair from long to short”. Want more on this? Here’s what Matt Cutts said about this during a Google Webmaster chat.

5. Plugins like whoa. Need your blog have a scrolling photo on the home screen? A “pin it” button? Want to catch spam comments or automatically tweet links to your older content or add social media buttons? There’s a plugin for that. Plugins are what sealed the deal on my move to WordPress. There are thousands of tools available on WordPress to make blogging better for the writer and the reader.

6. Add it to your resume. Right now, about 21% of websites (like, all websites that exist) use WordPress. Now I’m no coder, but I could set up a functioning WordPress website or blog myself. I could install a template (I installed my current template myself). I could make it look good. Resume worthy? Maybe. It’s not a bad skill to have. And I’m learning more every day.

7. Accurate stats. The stats in the Blogger dashboard are inaccurate. If you’re on Blogger, compare them to Google Analytics. They just don’t match up. Sure, the inflated Blogger stats make you feel good (I’ve been there, I’ve felt that), but if we’re honest with ourselves, they’re not accurate. Side note: When I sponsor a blog, I want to see Google Analytics screen shots (you can see mine here), not Blogger dashboard screen shots. While Jetpack (i.e WordPress stats) don’t pull the exact same numbers as Google Analytics, mine are consistently much closer (i.e. within 50-70 pageviews).

8. Distraction free writing mode. At first, I didn’t love the WordPress dashboard. I didn’t like the way drafting posts looked. It was cluttered and different from Blogger and it threw me in to a bit of a writing funk. Since then, I’ve discovered (and embraced) the WordPress full screen draft mode, also known as Distraction free writing mode. That’s exactly what it is. Here’s what drafting a post in WordPress looks like:

What Drafts In WordPress Look Like

Now I get that WordPress isn’t for every one. There are plenty of reasons to start on Blogger (I did!) and plenty of reasons to stay with Blogger. WordPress has its flaws. In fact, I even wrote a post about the downsides of switching to WordPress. But now, 7 months after making the switch, I love WordPress more and more every day.

Thinking of making the switch? Lisette did my transfer from Blogger to WordPress and I cannot rave enough about her mad skillz. She has two options: one for those who want just a basic transfer, and one for those who need her to completely take the reins (like I needed!).

What blogging platform do you use? What do you love about it?

  • I started with WordPress but switched to the self-hosted .org site awhile ago. It’s so much better! I feel like I’m in charge (so even though things might not be exactly the way I want them, at least I know how to blame… 🙂

  • I tried them all– blogger to wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I LOVE self-hosted wordpress, for many of the same reasons you list! I am trying to run a business from my site so it was very important to know that I owned everything that I posted, and that my site couldn’t just disappear one day!

    • Ena

      I love this post, since I love wordpress! It feels so great to learn new things and figure out how to set it up. I secretly feel so proud of myself 🙂

  • I’ve wanted to make the switch for awhile now but the expensive of it has scared me away! x

    • expense * autocorrect! x

    • It does have some expenses. I paid for two years of hosting all at once and it was like $140. That being said, you don’t have to do it that way. Lisette has some very affordable options for transferring. That was the biggest expense to me was the initial move cost and then hosting all at once.

  • Amen! I work in SEO and focus a lot on designing pages, user experience, etc. and Worpdress.org is 100% the way to go. I wish more people would pay the measly $100 a year because it’s so easy to use!

    • It was definitely worth it for me, although if I had started on WordPress.org, I would have been completely overwhelmed. I feel like I switched at the perfect time for me. Blogger allowed me to get used to blogging itself. Now I can do more.

  • I love love LOVE everything about the post (and I’m not talking about the shout-out but thanks!).

    The comments are a huge thing for me. I know some people like Disqus, but the native commenting system of WordPress benefits both the blog owner and the reader commenting. It’s a win-win!

    The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is absolutely phenomenal.

    RESPONSIVE DESIGN IS WHERE IT’S AT! BOOM SHAKA LAKA! And by all things holy, please don’t add a plugin to make your WordPress blog “mobile friendly.” It looks like crap because it’s a grey screen of death and none of your design elements shine through.

    Great post my friend! I could blog about these benefits every day! I started on WordPress.com (the free version akin to Blogger) but since it doesn’t allow ads of any kind I switched to Blogger. It was a great time and Blogger taught me some HTML and design basics (so I won’t diss Blogger for that) but I love WordPress.org aka self-hosted. I feel I should write a post on these differences, no?

  • I use a hosting site and CMS in one, called Virb. I like it because I can manage my whole website AND blog without having to use a different CMS. It’s just really easy. However, I DO wish that the functionality on the blog feature was a little more expanded. I’m a little bit limited in terms of what I can do with my theme, but for now it’s working!

    • Wow, I’ve never heard of that. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have a very love/hate relationship with WordPress. It’s fantastic for most things that you want to do in the blogging world, but the things it fails at, it COMPLETELY FAILS at. (Read: its import feature is terrible. And caused me many a headache once upon a time.) That being said though, I do prefer it to any other platform.

    I didn’t know distraction free writing mode existed! How do you get to it?

    • Are you talking about importing from Blogger? As a person who does a lot of blogger to WordPress transfers, I can shed a little bit of light on the Blogger import function. Blogger has so much unnecessary HTML that it’s nearly impossible to make things look nice unless you insert some PHP coding to strip all of the text formatting. It’s even worse if you customize every single post with a unique font family.

    • The distraction free writing mode is a little tiny box with arrows coming out of each corner. On my toolbar, it’s right to the right of the spell check. Mine says that if you old down Alt + Shift + W it takes you to distraction free writing mode as well.

  • I switched from Blogger to WordPress a couple of months ago, and I’m glad I did. I do love Google and most of their products, but I just felt like a toddler using it. I know about web design so I wanted full customization. So far, so good!

  • I use WordPress too and I love love love it!! I don’t think I’ll ever switch! 🙂

  • number 1? that scares me – just a blog? 🙂 makes me want to switch!!

    • It’s definitely something to consider. It scared me enough that I made the switch. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • your blog is the #1 reason I’m thinking hard about switching to wordpress. i want to know, what was the first step you took when you decided to switch? did you read anything in particular?

    • I think what really was the deciding factor was what happened to Lisette with her design site.Poof, it was gone. I really didn’t like that Google had so much control over what could happen to my blog. You know how they are phasing out GFC? And how Google Reader went away? Google phases out products that don’t make them money. Obviously, I’m not sure how they make money off of Blogger. That worried me too.

      There is also more that you can do in terms of monetization with WordPress. I have a plugin that allows me to insert a Adsense ad directly into a blog post. I have a blog post or two that are very popular on Pinterest and bring a me a good amount of traffic every day. Having the ability to put an ad directly in to a post has made me a good amount of money. That’s something to consider, as I know you’ve had several viral posts 🙂

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Making the switch to self-hosted wordpress was the best thing I ever did!!! 🙂

  • I’m hosted by blogger right now and it does worry me too how things like Google Reader just went away. It wouldn’t surprise me if soon Google decided that the only way bloggers could advertise is if they used Google Adsense. I’ve used WordPress ages ago, but while Blogger is so limiting at times it’s also convenient. I do plan on making the switch, but things like Themes can be really expensive.

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  • One. YAY for commenting on another wordpress blog. It’s so easy, my info is already filled out above. I really do love when I stumble across one. Two. THANK YOU for posting this. I have been blogging for 5 months now and had no idea that the SEO bar at the bottom was there to help improve your search, I just assumed the keywords were all that helped. I can’t wait to go back and start tagging my previous posts. . . I work in social so I feel incredibly dumb that I didn’t already think about this. I just figured – why do I need a small description, it’s already here. . . but seriously? Brilliant. I love that you can change the titles too – better search results for sure! 3. My only issue that I’ve come across is hosting giveaways. Rafflecopter doesn’t seem to work well with WordPress and I’m not sure which alternative would be best to sub in? If you hear of anything let me know!! XO Great post!

  • I am switching soon and really happy about it! This post just made me even more excited!

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  • I switched over to WP back in September and loved it from the jump. I’m so glad I made the switch when I did.

  • I want to switch at some point! After I get a job and have moneys I’ll probably be all for it! I’d much rather own my content and never have to worry about a Blogger scare.

  • This is all so true!! I love, love, love WordPress and I’d hate if I didn’t own my own content.

  • I’m still on Blogger, but I’ve been looking at making the leap to WordPress. I think I want/need someone to just do it all for me and make it work. I don’t know that I have the patience to figure it all out.

    • thomas

      The most important thing on WordPress i think is a good theme. With a good theme its really easy because it does alot if the work for you, making your site responsive and even havimg a drag And drop site builder 🙂 I used The theme enfold to make my girlfriends blog http://metropolife.net
      and you can costimize just about every Element to make it look exatly the way you want very visually. Good

  • I’m currently on Blogger because when I decided to start a blog I didn’t know much about blogging and I still don’t know much about coding but I have been thinking of moving my blog.. This helps, though!thanks 😉

  • I also recently moved from Blogger to WordPress and while I am still trying to figure WordPress out, I do like it better. These reasons justified my switch, thanks! I am also thinking about switching to the WordPress.org site and self-hosting my blog soon!

  • What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It
    positively helpful and it has aided me out loads.

    I am hoping to contribute & help different customers like its aided me.

    Good job.

  • Just starting out and finding your site very helpful. Thanks!

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  • First, let me say thank you for your posts. I start one and have delved deeper and deeper into your blog! I am building a blog acoupleadventurers.com on WordPress, but have no idea what Genesis is or why it’s needed. I’m asking because you’re the fourth blogger to mention it. Could you elaborate on its function and why I’d need it? Thank you again for such great posts! tammy@acoupleadventurers.com

  • Hi Nadine! I’ve seen that many bloggers on WordPress think that you can’t have a “real” responsive design when you have a blogger blog, but you actually can! 🙂 You can try to test my blog (www.holathea.blogspot.dk) out in the Studiopress responsive design tester. Big hugs, Thea.

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