What A Real Family Looks Like

I spent a good part of last week in Maine with my family. If you’ve never been to Maine, go ahead and add it to your bucket list because it is a truly beautiful place. This time of year is famous for brightly colored leaves and the “leaf peepers” swarm the state, hoping to catch it at its most colorful. I got a lot of photos in, take a peek:

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I attempted to take a family photo using a tripod and remote but honestly, this is the best we could do. I have no idea what someone said but just know that it was probably inappropriate and it made us all laugh.

How do most families take photos? I’ve got 50+ of all of us and in every single one someone is talking, laughing, or my brother is being a hooligan. Not one of the photos has all of us looking in the same direction at the same time, smiling. Not. One. But then again, isn’t this what a real family looks like? It’s messy, goofy, loud, not always PC, and someone is always laughing. I think I’d rather capture that than pretend to be cookie cutter, wouldn’t you?


Today I’m excited to introduce you to Paulina from Color Me Brave. Paulina grew up shy and starting her blog was an attempt at being brave, hence the name.


Are you a blogger? Than you have to read Paulina’s How to be a Successful Blogger.  It’s hilarious and she pretty much nails what all bloggers blog about. Need help getting through your Bloglovin feed? Paulina has a great system for organization for how to read all her favorite blogs. She also has a pretty legit reason why being a tomboy ruined her life. Want to see more of Paulina? Head over to Color Me Brave or follow her on Bloglovin.

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