When It Rains…

Sometimes in life, nothing too exciting happens for a long time. Then all at once, everything happens. The good and the bad. When it rains, it pours. Incidentally, it’s actually pouring outside today. Here’s a little life update. Someday I’ll look back on this post and laugh, I just know it.

The Good


This week, N turned 26. For some reason 26 sounds like a big step. He’s stepped out of his “early twenties” and will soon be in his “late twenties”. That might kind of suck but a few days before, we got some great news. N received a job offer from an amazing company. I am absurdly proud of him and this is a huge step for him in his career.

N has jet black hair and thus, when his very first white/grey hair grew in recently, it was super obvious. Is it weird that I can’t wait for him to be all salt and pepper grey? So distinguished and handsome.

In other good news, N downloaded season 4 of Downton Abbey for me. I watched it all in two days and it was glorious.

I’m done my Christmas shopping and nearly everything is already wrapped. Wrapping is my favorite.

For the last week, Kaylin has been texting me pictures of her in wedding dresses. It’s weird and thrilling and beautiful to see her decked out like a bridal Barbie and I’m loving every minute of it. I think she’s found the one and let me tell you: Stunning.

Archie is still the cutest dog in the whole world. So that’s good.

The Bad

Do you ever just feel like you suck at life? I’m sucking at life right now. I’m lacking motivation and enthusiasm. Maybe it’s because for the last three weekends I’ve barely been home but really I just want to lay on the couch and catch up with my bff, the DVR while our Christmas tree twinkles nearby.

The only thing I ate yesterday was pizza. A lot of it.

We have descended into a new level of dorkdom as we now have not only a replica Harry Potter wand hanging on our living room wall, but this beauty as well.


I’m having a mental fight with myself about whether I should use non-dairy creamer. I once read that non-dairy creamer lists 0g trans fats on the label because one serving size is so small. Once you use multiple servings (i.e. 3 teaspoons) that it actually does have trans fats. I’m trying to stop myself from using it but my creamy coffee makes my morning. Then as I drink it I think about the heart disease it’s giving me.

I caved and we got a fake tree. I think this technically would fall under the mehhhh category, because even though I love how pretty it looks, I feel like a traitor. I made N promise that when we don’t live in a tiny apartment that we’ll get a big real tree.

The Ugly

Smoke coming from your car is never a good thing. Last night I spent an hour going two miles because every 1/2 mile my car would over heat and I’d have to pull over and let it cool off before giving it another shot. After adding some coolant, I was able to get to Pepboys but was terrified the entire way that my car was going to crap out in the middle of the busy road. Thus, I am carless and probably about to be broke from a costly car repair.

Archie just fell off the couch. He’s now clearly mortified and I must go comfort him. Happy Friday.

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