put a ring on it before the apocalypse

I’m about to be 25.
A quarter century old.
And lately, my facebook news feed has looked like this. A lot.

Not my hand.
Not my hand.
Definitely not my hand.
It’s probably because today is the last day on earth, right?
Or maybe it’s that other thing…oh right, Christmas time.
Also known as engagement season.
It’s happening in my real life, and it’s happening in the blog world.

Having this happen to so many friends has made it a topic more and more often in my personal life. Certainly Nav and I feel like we’re in it for the long haul.
We live together.
We have a puppy together.
And we’re even celebrating our Christmas together for the first time this year.
We aren’t getting engaged anytime soon (I promise),
but I still think it’s fun to talk about rings, dresses and weddings.

I guess we are just that age, right?
Like somewhere in all of this I realized that in 5 years, 
I’ll probably have a child or be close to having one. 
And that’s scary and wonderful and exciting.
It just seems like even though many changes happen during childhood and young adulthood, that the transition in the 20’s must be the biggest.
Many people begin their 20’s single and end it married with kids.
That’s a lot in one decade!

Just food for thought, 
in case your news feed is also blowing up with
ring after ring after ring.
Good luck during the apocalypse!
Since it’s already 12/21 in Australia and lots of other places,
I think I’ll still rest easy tonight.

Happy Almost Friday!


  • I wish one of those was my hands!! Especially that top one 🙂

  • Girl if you had asked me 5 years ago where I’d be at 30, I definitely wouldn’t have thought I would be childless, but honestly, I’m loving life right now. I’m taking advantage of the childless life!! Hope you do the same for a little bit! 🙂

  • It’s definitely amazing how much can change in the course of 4-5 years – I went from being single, to married, with one baby and now another on the way. Take advantage of your babyless life (although I’m sure that your pup feels like a baby sometimes lol). Happy Friday to you too!

  • you naughty little tease! haha! I thought you were engaged and I was on the edge of my seat. But you’re right… I’m in the same boat. Boyfriend, living together, animal baby… can we say tick tock?!

  • your facebook looks just like mine! My boyfriend’s facebook is even worse. he’s 30 and EVERYONE that he knows is either getting married or on child #2 🙂

  • oh, my facebook feed is totally blowing up with babies! we got married about 1-2 years after most of our friends, so they are all having babies now and we have only been married 8 months. it is weird to think we’ll prob have a baby of our own in a couple years! i agree about it already being 12/21 elsewhere, i think we’re a-ok. (i hope!)

  • You put into words what I’ve been thinking this month. I guess we all have to grow up….?

  • Hiiiiii 🙂 Besides all that we have to catch up on, I’ll keep it to just this post. I totally agree and see what you mean. I think the big thing for me was it’s nice to go on your own time and when you see so many engagements and weddings and babies it basically forces it right into the front of your mind. Like the two of you are as committed as can possibly be and that will be a step for you guys at some point but it just makes it impossible not to compare. Even if you try not to when you see it a person automatically thinks of their own lives. I just don’t get how more people don’t think it’s all as weird/crazy as I do?!?! I swear I’m still 19, maybe 20, ok maybe 22. But I’m going to be 26 next month! I do NOT feel old enough to be talking about and doing half the stuff I do. I live with a BOY?!? For reals?
    Ok ending… I hear ya. It’s all crazy and weird and awesome at the same time.

  • ha – just found your blog and loving it! So true about engagement season – I can’t wait to be there… for now I’ll have to settle for love 😉

    Pearls & Paws

  • Looks Great!!! Merry Christmas.

    Kids Games

  • I feel like this has been my life for the last two years! Preach!

  • I just found your blog and I am so in love. Your posts are so honest, quirky, and cute. <3 This one is great! I wrote a similar one on this engagement and baby season that seems to be happening. You're more than welcome to check it out!

    Alyssa Nicole @ SincerelyAlaska.blogspot.com

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