Plan B

My Plan A in life was to become a doctor. 

The only problem was, my understanding of what being a doctor meant went about as far as a 40 minute episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Hot doctors? Heart wrenching cases? I was in.

Fast forward one semester in to college and it turns out, I’m not good at chemistry or calculus. Oh, and I can’t stand the site of blood.

So I moved on to Plan B. And what plan am I on now? I’d say Plan F, G, maybe even Q. 

Yesterday I was listening to a This American Life podcast about Plan B. If you aren’t podcasting, hop on the nerd train because no car trip will ever be the same. They said that beyond your early 20’s, almost no one is on their Plan A. Life just doesn’t go according to plan. Ever. I think we all knew that but it’s easy to think that everyone else is on their Plan A and has it all figured out. 

So what’s a girl to do when she graduates college and has zero plan? Uh, I guess I‘ll go to summer camp I mean, be a camp counselor. 

What I chose to do with my first month of official adulthood.

The plan changed about 20 times during and after college. Each time I’d discover something new, I’d be convinced that this was what I was going to do with my life. Even the time I took 2 good fitness classes and decided I should be a fitness instructor. Um, no Nadine. Just no.

Was Plan B working for a childhood cancer foundation? Nope. Not even close. In fact, I had never even considered the non-profit route. And yet here I am, happy as I was on Christmas morning 1993, when we got a power wheels. 

Alright, I won’t lie. I had hoped for a pink Barbie Jeep but still. Super. Happy. 

I completely stumbled in to my current plan. In fact, it was never a plan. It just happened. And just imagine: right now I could be in my last year of medical school, fainting every time I see blood and giggling every time someone references male anatomy. Glad that didn’t work out.

So tell me, what was your Plan A? What Plan are you on now?


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