Sometimes, stuff just gets under your skin. Pet peeves, if you will. Those little quirks are different for everyone, but living with someone certainly makes you more aware of what yours are and how different they can be from someone elses. Funny how that happens. 

Here are a few that I knew about and a few that have become much more apparent since moving in together:

Slow acceleration: I’m not a fast driver, but you can bet I’m the first one on the gas when the light turns green. I don’t care that it may reduce my gas mileage. I just can’t stop myself. If you are in front of me and you want to dilly dally, get the H-E-Double-Hockeysticks over.

People who park in handicapped parking who aren’t handicapped: Maybe this is just because I used to sit by the window at work and would see people consistently abuse the handicapped spots. If you can run in stilettos, while talking on your blackberry, eating, and carrying a large purse, you are not handicapped (or not handicapped enough to require a parking spot). Leave these spots for people who really need them!

Bed sheets/covers being tangled and not perfect: I know my beau thinks this one is particularly adorable (<-sarcasm, it drives him crazy). I can not sleep if the bed covers are not totally straight. None of this one leg out, one leg in business. I make my bed every single day, even if the rest of the room looks like a tornado went through (it always does). I get a case of the major heebie-jeebies if I go to sit in bed in the afternoon or something  and its unmade (you know, to eat lunch or dinner. Oh that’s not where you eat your meals? huh). 

Glasses, Plates and Silverware that comes out of the dishwasher and is still unclean: Vomit. Oh god. I can’t even use half the glasses I touch. I just can’t. And for some reason this is amplified if I’m trying to drink water. Must. Be. Spotless.

Any type of technology failure: I don’t know if this qualifies as a pet peeve because I know it ticks everyone off. But last night, after working a 12 hour day, I returned home to watch the season premiere of HIMYM (that’s How I Met Your Mother for all you noobs out there). And what did I find? My DVR saying that the program may have been stopped mid recording and it could not play back. WHAT!? Anger. Complete Rage. The beau wasn’t even home to stop the recording so we know it wasn’t him (I would have killed him). But most importantly….shhhhh don’t even think about telling me what happened until I can watch it online tonight!

People signing emails with just their initials: This is just rude. Plain and simple. Either be a professional or call instead.

When everything is messy but it’s not my mess: If I leave crap all of the house, it doesn’t bother me at all. If the mess was made by someone else, I just cannot focus. Stress! I have left a pile of clothes in the office since we moved in. And yet, if Nav had left it in there, it would drive me bonkers. It’s a fun double standard. I’m working on it.

So I put some of my quirks out there. Now tell me some of yours!

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