The Best Natural Deodorant

Early in my pregnancy I made the decision to switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. I don’t even remember why really. I probably read something on the internet that (unnecessarily) freaked me out. Still, I’ve been taking a “better to be safe than sorry” approach so I put my antiperspirant aside for a bit in hopes of finding a natural alternative….

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First Trimester Recap

I wrote this post week by week in Evernote (where I do all my drafting) to track how I felt as it was happening. In my second trimester I’ve really fallen off the wagon with tracking things because I mostly feel totally normal. It’s already amusing to look back at how I felt early on so I’m really glad I…

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Current Beauty Loves

I’ve shared this before but I’m a major makeup and beauty product junkie. I do massive amounts of research before buying any product and even if I love something, I rarely buy it twice. There’s always something new to try! Plus these days I’m constantly trying to fake a pregnancy glow. Seriously, is that even a real thing? Because my…

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It’s a…

  During the first 10 weeks I had 2 dreams that baby B was a boy. I was nervous that I was showing a subconscious preference but also worried that I didn’t know my body or my baby at all and it was actually a girl. I had mixed emotions because I thought it was a boy and so desperately…

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An Announcement

You know how sometimes bloggers are like, I have a huge announcement! And everyone is like oooh she’s pregnant! And then you go to their site and nope, it’s some other thing like “I’m getting my eyebrows micro-bladed!” or “We’re moving!” and you’re secretly a little disappointed. No? Just me? Well if it’s not just me, it’s you’re lucky day….

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