Babywearing: How and When We Use Each Type of Carrier

I knew I’d be in to babywearing as soon as I started researching baby products. I loved the idea of having my babe close to me and still being able to have both hands available. I hoped that our baby would love being worn (cause I know some don’t). Luckily, carriers are Ben’s happy place. We currently three carriers –…

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Why Turning 30 Doesn’t Scare Me

Well it’s happened. My 20s are officially behind me. I turned 30 last Sunday. And I feel awesome about it. I didn’t always feel this way. Past birthdays starting around 25 were always prime time for a meltdown or two on my part. I’m not one who feels spectacular about the years showing up on my face. The lines of…

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They’re the best ones.

You know how sometimes something someone says just sticks with you? My uncle bought us a Gathre mat from our baby registry. With it, he included a note that said something to the effect of “Enjoy these years. They’re the best ones.” I remember thinking that it was sweet, as he has grown children and now a grandchild and how…

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How I Get Stuff Done With A Baby

It’s safe to say that your potential for productivity plummets with an infant at home. Between breastfeeding every two hours, a baby who mostly wants to be held, and general fussiness, it feels like the days fly by. At the end of the day I look around and I’m like, what did I even do today? As I shared yesterday,…

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I Didn’t Go Back to Work

I’ve been sheepish about posting this for a while now. It feels like a huge step to put it out there beyond my immediate family and close friends. Like I’ll be judged, looked down on, or somehow anti-feminist for it. But then I think about how happy I am about our decision and I’m like, why do I feel like…

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