Wishful Wednesday

We all have a lot of things we would buy if we had the extra cash. Not a ton of extra cash, not those out-of-this-world fantasies about buying a beach house or driving a Bentley. Wishful Wednesdays feature dreams that seem far away now but could be attainable in the next year. So here’s what I’m dreaming of this week: A…

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My True Love: Goodwill

I buy everything possible at Goodwill. Nearly anything you pay full price for, you can buy gently used at Goodwill for 1/10 the cost. The key is to go into the store without an agenda. If you are looking for something specific, you may be disappointed when you don’t find it. But if you walk in with an open mind…

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The Loot: Recent Goodwill Finds

1. New York & Company Tunic with collar detailing 2. Loft sweater 3. Banana Republic silk turtleneck 4. Brown Microfiber Couch 5. Just a few of the books I’ve picked up 6. Super. Thick. Banana Republic sweater.

Generation F(rugal) – Fake it til we make it

One year out from graduation, I evaluated my life. How was I doing? Most importantly, why was I still living paycheck to paycheck? Since finances are easily the thing that send my stress levels flying, I decided to start planning and sharing my experiences. With starting salaries smaller than our student loan debt (okay not quite…but alarmingly close), we’ve entered…

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