Wishful Wednesday: Sad Mac Edition

Someday soon, I’ll have a sad Mac.  Yes, my beloved Mac Book Pro (circa 2006) is really on her last leg. About a year ago the Mac genius folks had to rebuild the hard drive and replace another battery (2nd battery replacement in her lifetime). One day several months ago, the battery just stopped working. Now I can only use…

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How to Make Someone’s Day for Under $1

Sometimes the very best thing for long distance friendships is some good old-fashioned snail mail! My bestie in California is the queen of cute stationary and nice notes for no reason (except to make me feel special). And let’s be honest, getting anything in the mail that isn’t junk or a bill is always exciting. Recently I stopped by Marshall’s…

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Drinking and Spending

$42 bar tab. What the whaaaa?  Key takeaway – don’t bring your debit card.  If you must buy a round, don’t make it So-Co and limes (bud light, anyone?) Lesson learned. (although haven’t I “learned” this one before?) Philly overpriced bar 1 – Nadine 0. #fail

Splurge vs. Splurge

I always read magazines while  I work out. The fact that I can do this tells you that I’m not a high-intensity workout, class taking, die hard fitness fanatic. Walk uphill on the treadmill for 30 minutes and I’ll call it a day. Reading a magazine always insures that I’m not checking the clock every 2.5 seconds with a dear-god-when-will-this-be-over…

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Wishful Wednesday

We all have a lot of things we would buy if we had the extra cash. Not a ton of extra cash, not those out-of-this-world fantasies about buying a beach house or driving a Bentley. Wishful Wednesdays feature dreams that seem far away now but could be attainable in the next year. So here’s what I’m dreaming of this week: A…

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