Friday’s Letters

Dear Becky, Thanks for always encouraging me to be creative. You let me talk to you about starting a blog for months before I actually did it. You’ve always been supportive and I’m very lucky to have you as a friend. Dear person on a motorcycle without a helmet, I’m worried about your safety. Why aren’t you? Dear boyfriend, Thanks…

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Eats and Treats

Food wise, I tend to become obsessed with one item and will eat it way too often until I become disgusted with it because I’ve eaten it so frequently. Does that happen to you? Here are a few of my recent obsessions: Häagen-Dazs Mango Sorbet – I’m basically always on a sorbet kick, the flavors just vary. This week it’s Mango….

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Wishful Wednesday: Opposite Edition

Today is opposite day here at Fancy Frugal. So instead of listing anything I would actually want, I’ve decided to list some things I know I’ll never want. So here goes: A Mega Mansion – I’m absolutely certain that I never want to live in a mega mansion. Big houses scare me! And it doesn’t even have to be as big…

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Regrets: The Crispy Years

I don’t have too many regrets so far in life. If I’ve made a mistake and learned something from it, it’s probably good that it happened. There is one thing I absolutely cannot figure out what I was thinking and I have yet to find a lesson learned from it.  My excessive use of tanning beds from age 16-21.  Then…

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Fancy Frugal Fitness

I’ll begin with this: I am not one of those people who enjoys working out. I actually hate it. I have yet to get that endorphin rush feeling that makes you want to come back for more.  That being said, I’ve still tried to make it a regular habit in my life. There have been long periods where I have…

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