The Last Thing Thursday

It’s time for another edition of The Last Thing Thursday!  Here is the last thing I… +Was surprised by: My beau borrowed my car last night (his is getting a new rim and tire after a tragic pothole incident) and this morning I got in my car to find a full tank of gas! Now that’s romance 😉 +Ate: Lentils…

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Wishful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday folks! My wishes this week are random and don’t have much to do with material things; just general life wishes. Last weekend I made a trip to Goodwill and totally struck out. They didn’t have anything that jumped out at me and the one adorable pair of Banana Republic dress pants I found had a small stain. I…

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A bumpy start to the week

Have you heard of Mary Kay? I’m sure you have, they’ve been around for years are are sold through catalogs and home parties. Well last week my roommate had a Mary Kay spa party at our house and we all did makeovers using the various Mary Kay products. For the first time in years, I applied liquid foundation (this one) to my…

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Organic Foods and Budgeting

I get that organic is better for you. For the purposes of this blog post, I’m referencing produce only. It’s better for you and for the environment. I think at this point most people would agree with that statement. If you live in California for any length of time, the idea will be shoved down your throat (usually accompanied by…

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Movie Review: The Five-Year Engagement

Date night was a rousing success! On the way to our 7pm movie (I got off work at 6), we had to grab dinner quickly. McDonald’s it was! I hadn’t had it in months, since before I became a pseudo-vegetarian (more specifically, a pescetarian). This time, I got the Fillet-o-Fish. It was shockingly delicious. I added lettuce and tomato to…

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