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When I was pregnant and deciding what to register for, it seemed we were overwhelmed with options for products in nearly every category. Like any new parents, we did tons of research, took suggestions from friends and family, and did our best to anticipate what we’d need for our little one. We live in a small space (here are some tips about how to make the most of your small space) so we did not go overboard with baby stuff.

Five months in, it’s clear that some items are absolute must haves so I thought today, I’d share them. This post contains affiliate links.

Chicco Lullago Bassinet

This is technically a travel bassinet but it’s great quality and it just didn’t seem necessary to have another bassinet for beside our bed. This works perfectly and the mesh near the head area lines up with my head in bed so I can see him when I lay down.

The only downside of this product is that there aren’t sheets that go with it. We just use the cover it comes with and wash it frequently. I put it in a delicates bag and throw it in the laundry and it’s been fine so far (fyi, not how they recommend cleaning it but I don’t care).

Boppy Newborn Lounger

We didn’t register for this. It’s on loan from friends and we used it so much. It’s definitely the place that Ben was most content besides our arms for the first three months so it became his default hang out and nap spot. If our friends are using this the next time we need it in the future, we’ll definitely buy one.

Old Navy Footies

I’m not super in to colors and patterns. As a rule, I’m generally a neutrals gal for my clothing and home decor. Baby stuff tends to be way too much for me with the colors and patterns.

I love the offerings from Primary – plain, well made baby and kids clothing. I just like the price point of Old Navy better. I’ve had these footies in every size so far and just purchased them in the next size up. Like any Old Navy purchase, wait for a bigger sale and buy them when they hit $7-10.

Also note, they aren’t an online exclusive but I have never seen them in store. I buy them from the website.

Uppababy Vista in Henry

Of all of the possible splurge baby products, this is the most worth it (for us, anyway). We have used the crap out of this stroller already and I know we’ll keep using it. As my mother-in-law (who gifted this to us) said, it’s Ben’s first vehicle (she also said “and he deserves the best” and this was before he was ever born so I think we all know that there’s a fair amount of grandparent spoiling coming Ben’s way).

For our lifestyle, this stroller just makes sense. First, it came with the bassinet portion so that we could use it from birth. We actually walked home from the hospital because 1. We were too scared of putting him in the car seat and 2. We were too cheap and lazy to Uber home just to get the car to come back and pay an arm and a leg for parking. So we walked Ben home from the hospital in this stroller.

The city sidewalks of Philly are not known for being smooth and well maintained (hello 100-year-old bricks + tree roots) so we needed a stroller with hearty wheels to handle the bumps. We also loved that you can collapse it easily and it stands up on its own. It fits nicely in a little corner of our house.



The Ergobaby 360, Solly Baby, and Wildbird. Full review of these here including how and when we use each (plus why we have three kinds!).

Pumping Bra

How does one pump without this? I Amazon primed this within a day of Ben’s birth because no one wants to sit there holding the cone things (there’s a real name for these but I don’t even feel like googling it and you know what I mean…). This one was recommended by my best friend and the hospital’s lactation consultant who both said that strapless is the way to go.

Lovevery Baby Play Gym

I received this c/o Lovevery Baby but I swear, I don’t know what we’d do without it. It’s one of Ben’s favorite places to hang out (if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen 100 videos of Ben kicking over the crinkly section) and has managed to keep him from screaming all through tummy time (sometimes, we’re a work in progress on that one). This product was so well thought through and it will grow with Ben as he does, eventually turning in to a little tent. It’s so aesthetically pleasing that you won’t mind it in the middle of your living room. Even N has marveled at how much he loves this, given how simple it is. The hanging items are just mesmerizing for babies.

Marpac Dohm White Noise Sound Machine

We have used this every night since we got home. At first N and I thought we’d never be able to sleep with it in our room (which we share with Ben) but now we can’t imagine not having it. In fact, we’re moving to a two bedroom next month and we’ve discussed getting a second one for our room once we move! It’s really the perfect white noise. You don’t notice it but it does a good job drowning out street noise or noise from downstairs if N and I are still up once we put Ben to bed.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

I initially got the Boppy (which I still have and use for tummy time) but when I tried one in the hospital, Ben was too little and he kept kind of falling in the crack between the pillow and my body. I couldn’t make it work for us.

Another NICU mom suggested the My Brest Friend pillow because it clips around your body and is more firm and structured. I absolutely love it and it made such a difference when Ben was teeny. We don’t use it much these days but I loved that he had such a secure little shelf to lay on.


I won’t say that this thing is magic like some parents will but it is super cozy and convenient. I actually use this as a portable crib most often, as a place for Ben to nap when we’re at a friends or our parents. He also slept in it in the chicco bassinet when we first brought him home (I KNOW, we’re so bad).

You’re not supposed to let babies sleep in it but when we first brought Ben home, he was so teeny and had always slept in these little nests that the nurses made in the NICU and so the bassinet was too flat and open. His face wasn’t anywhere near the sides of the Dock-a-tot so we decided it was okay and transitioned him out of it as he got bigger.

These days I’m using it to transition him to taking naps in his crib.


A weirdly satisfying and extremely effective boogie sucker. Also our kid is the freak who totally loves when we do this. He’s so smiley once we’re done and he can breathe better.

Extra Bed Pillows

A few weeks before I had Ben, I bought two extra pillows for our bed. Generally we are not extra pillows kind of people. I always hate the idea that you have to put the pillows you aren’t using at night somewhere. For us, that somewhere always seemed to be the floor (ew). So we just each had one pillow on our bed and that was it.

I realized that I’d be sitting in bed at night nursing and would need something behind my back to make me comfortable. They wound up actually making me much more comfortable when I had such bad back pain at the end of my pregnancy. Now I use them every time I nurse and I’m super happy with the quality and affordability of these – less than $30 for two and I can’t even tell that they aren’t real down!

I’d definitely get a swing, but I wouldn’t recommend ours. It’s squeaky as hell and the vibrating part is already broken.

Phew, I think that’s everything we’ve really really loved. Did you use any of the above? What are some other products you’d recommend to new parents?


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