Our Love Story


In the blogging world, you read a lot of really adorable, fairy-tale like love stories. 
This isn’t one of them.

In fact, some might say it’s downright boring and/or inappropriate.
It mostly involves cubicles, a lot of alcohol, and even more making out in public.
(See, told you it was inappropriate)
And it goes a little something like this:
We met at work.
Naveed started a month after me and showed up at my cubicle one day to do a sit-with. He remembers that I was super chatty and sucked down Coke Zero like it was my job (as opposed to that thrilling spreadsheet on my screen).
And then we didn’t really talk for like 3 months.
I later became friends with the lovely Becky. She intimidated me at first (cause she’s a knockout with a smile that rivals Julia Roberts) and she says I intimidated her (although I’m not sure why). So after 3 months of skirting around each other at the office, we finally became friends. I’ll save our love story for another day. ha
She was good friends with several guys that she had trained with. 
Selling your soul to corporate America really bonds people together,
ya know?
After stopping by each others cubicles for plenty of afternoon chats, she asked me to join them for lunch at the cool kids table. I said yes, obviously. 
Who doesn’t want to be one of the cool kids?
And wouldn’t you know, they raged on weekends. 
After 5 months of living at my parents house and having zero social life, I was desperate to get out and 
drink too much 
reunite with my first love, Vodka 
dance my face off 
And so we did. Almost every weekend for months, Becky and I went up to the town where the boys lived and acted like we were in college again. Ah, the good ole days.
Naveed happened to be one of these guys. I thought he was cute from the get go.
Thought process:
He’s really cute.
I wonder if he’s Italian.
Maybe Indian?
Middle Eastern perhaps.
Who cares, he’s so cute.
(He’s actually Perrrrsian)
We were friends for several months. Just friends.
Then our friendship deepened, because we started….
talking about world issues
drunkenly making out
sharing our thoughts and opinions
drunkenly making out
enjoying each others company
No, okay we’ll go with that.
We started enjoying each others company.

As you can see, our courtship has been wildly romantic and super classy.

The long and the short of it is this:
Out of general ridiculousness grew something ridiculously awesome.
And from the bottom of my vodka tonic,
I swear that we now act like mature adults.
83% of the time.


  • This post cracks me up…you’re a girl after my own heart! All these super-cutesy fairy tale love stories on blogger always make me feel like I’m destined to live alone with my cat because I didn’t meet my soulmate in high school (which apparently everyone else on the internet does?). Glad to see you two are so happy 🙂

    • There are a lot of adorable love stories out there. Mine just isn’t one of them so I thought I’d take a stand for all the other girls who also don’t have fairy tale love stories. Mine is just funny and inappropriate.

  • Loved this! I remember in one of your post you alluded to the fact that it wasn’t a mushy-gushy love story, and I’m so glad you shared. And I’m glad it turned into something amazing!

    • Thank you! Yeah it’s not the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard but it’s the truth!

  • I’m going to write my side one day about how I was intimidated because you were young and pretty and had long golden locks and long sleeved pink turtle knecks that rivaled that of Mischa Barton and how we stalked YOU for months and discussed how we would steal you from the OTHER cool kids you used to hang out with (breakfast club??!!) and then once we did there was no turning back… also i miss the cat hospital. that is all. -Becstacy

    • hahaha Meanwhile I had absolutely no idea. I’m sure glad it all worked out the way it did.

    • Wait, is Mischa Barton intimidating?

  • also–> Creamsicle Suite, Bieber, Dusk.

    • Bathtub sleeping, Reggie, Slap Happy Fun Morning Time, Hurricane Irene, Barnabys. Just to name a few others.

  • Great post and great couple! 😉

  • Bahaha this is MUCH better than the mushy stories. And acting like adults 83% of the time sounds pretty legit to me.

    • Right? 83% is just enough. Any more than that and we might just get boring. haha Thanks so much for stopping by.

  • Cheers to you for posting this story! I love it!

  • This is awesome, I love it! Cracking up here. Anywho- My husband and I met on a cruise just after my 21st birthday. Which, yes, is a mushy kind of story, but you can probably do the math and guess how that played out. To this day, we’ll still look at each other and say “How have two people, who met in a cruise ship disco and spent an entire week drinking excessive amounts of alcohol together, made it this far…???” (This far = 8+ years) So hey, sometimes, great things come from “socializing” and “enjoying one another’s company”!!

    • Agreed. And I would bet that more relationships start the way mine did than some fantastic, movie worthy love story. I can’t believe you met your hubby on a cruise ship! That’s crazy!

  • I LOVE this!! I’m glad you shared because I think it’s more “normal” than the normal stories. Everyone always asked my bf and I about our story and its totally lame because we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend for the first year and a half of our relationship, and we don’t have an anniversary even!

    • Everyone makes their on “normal”. Yours sounds great and mine is great too! Go us!

    • Working for an obstetrician would be a very inenttsrieg job. I currently work doing admissions and dispositions as well in my job and one thing I do, is take down all the information on the babies being born. Its amazing how many babies are born in just one month at the hospital, I do a minimum of 20 babies a month, and sometime the unfortunate part of documentation on babies who do not make it. Its a stressful field as well and you really have to practice empathy for those parents who have to deal with things going wrong.

  • THANK YOU for writing a love story that I have not heard eight million times and did not make me want to rip my eyeballs out and put them into a jar.

    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

    The drunken dance floor makeout sesh.


    • Hahaha this comment made me laugh out loud. I’m really glad you didn’t want to rip your eyeballs out while reading this. Hilarious.

  • I adore this…probably because it’s similar to mine and my husband’s story. The first year or so of our relationship was a fun drunken adventure, but I think that makes it more interesting that somehow it all worked out and here we are, a boring old married couple 😉 I love that picture!

    OH, and I also did the guessing game with Arsen’s ethnicity. Mexican? Spanish? Middle Eastern? Oh, Armenian? How on earth did I not guess that first! Hahaha

    • I’d venture to say that a lot of relationships start with a little liquid courage. I failed to mention that Naveed first asked me out on a date as we were drunkenly passing out on a futon together at 3am. Good times. And you gotta love the ethnicity guessing game. I was too embarrassed to ask for at least a month.

  • This IS so much more interesting than a ‘regular’ love story! I might have to redo my ‘in the beginning’ post and make something more fun up! I’m so glad Malo mentioned this post on her blog so that I could find your blog! xoxoxo

    • Thank you! It’s not actually super interesting but it is super honest. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Drunken making out is the most romantic. Cheers to relationships built on liquor, loose morals, and a mutual love of raging.

    • It’s totally romantic. We revisit moments like these about once a month these days. Although then our friends thought it was cute and funny and now they just think it’s gross.

  • okay, you got me on this one. haha.
    i love this story!

  • This is the best love story blog post I’ve ever read. I’m pretty sure you and I would be friends if we met in real life. Awesome, awesome.

  • I adore your love story. and the way you wrote it. [coming from a blogger trying to write hers, & desperately wanting it to not be cheesy, sappy, & blah].

  • Love your blog! New follower here 🙂 It’s fun to hear “unconventional”/not story book love stories! Y’all are a cute couple! Oh, and my hubby is Persian, too 🙂

  • I’m not sure how I found your blog, but I love it! Your voice shines through as funny and sincere (and I love the ridiculous pics of your dog.)

  • haha this is great! Makes me feel a lot better about how I met my boyfriend (I was drunk, just had been dumped, and it wasn’t pretty haha). Love that you’re keeping it real!

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