How I Organize My Blog – And My Life!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC 4-Color pen for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The biggest lie that I tell myself is this: Oh you don’t need to write that down. You’ll remember. NO. YOU. WON’T.

So after many blog post ideas lost and too many oops-I-forgots at work and in life, I created a system. No, I don’t use a fancy $70 planner with stickers, inspirational quotes, or any other non-sense. I’m too cheap for that, obviously. I use a simple, lined notebook that I got at Marshall’s for $4.99. I take it everywhere with me.

Then, on each page, I write the date at the top in blue and create 4 sections down the page in lime green:

  • Done & Done / Accomplished
  • Don’t Forget / Remember
  • Ideas
  • Post

I keep each page color-coded with fun colors for each area of my life. Because I’m a girly-girl and I’m also somehow not responsible enough to keep track of several different colored pens, I use the BIC ® 4-Color Pen because its 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen. That, I can keep track of.

Throughout the day as things come up for my work or blog, I add them to the appropriate section of my page.

Each color of the BIC® 4-Color pen has its own distinct personality. Those personalities help me remember which to use for what area of my life AND keep my planner nice and colorful.

Blue – Blue is easy-going and confident. He wants to be at the head of the class. That’s why I use blue for the dates at the top of each page.

Purple – Purple is catchy and wants to be royal (i.e. important). She’s different enough that she stands out, but not so obnoxious that she’s inappropriate. That’s why I let her handle all the work stuff. If I do something work related, I write it in purple.

Lime Green – Lime is silly and laid-back. Lime doesn’t beg to be noticed. I use Lime for each header of the different sections down the page (and sometimes for doodling).

Pink – Pink is fun and not afraid to be herself. She’s girly and confident and guess what? She’s perfect for blogging. Since I feel most “pink”, I use pink for blog stuff. My blog is very “me” and pink is definitely the most “me”.

I like being able to look back on my week and see what I’ve accomplished and this has truly helped me to remember little things that I would normally forget.

Want to start your own inexpensive, color-coded notebook? Check out the BIC® 4-Color Pen on Facebook and Twitter. You can pick one up from Amazon or Staples. While you’re there, you can pick up a fun notebook of your own or head to Marshalls, like I did. Need a little laugh? Check out their commercials:


How do you keep your life organized?

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