The One Where We Move In Together

Thats right, folks. Me and this guy are taking the next step. We’ll be shacking up in November (leases suck). My lease is up in August and his is up in November and after that we’re searching for a place to call home, together.

What happens when no one is around to take your picture for you.

At that point we will have been together for about a year and a half. I’ve read that you are supposed to wait until the 2 year mark but I think it’s different for every couple. We’ve really thoroughly discussed if this is the right move for us and at the end of the day, it is. 

Still, here are some of my concerns:

+We’re both messy. Not filthy dirty. But we’re messy, leave our clothes everywhere, never do dishes the same day we use them, leave hair/skin/shaving/nail products all over the house, can never ever find our keys, kind of people. I’m worried we will live in a pig stye. This worry has merit. 
+The fan in the bathroom better be LOUD. I mean LOUD. Privacy, folks. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

+Finances. How do these work when you live together and aren’t married? Split the rent and then what? If I cook dinner every night, do I pay for groceries? Do we still get our own groceries? Confusion.

+SPACE. Sometimes I want to watch a Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon and not be judged. Meanwhile, he wants to play video games for 3 hours straight. We both know these times won’t always be at the same time, so we’ve got to give each other space. My solution to this: Man Cave. 

So I’ve got my concerns, but more than that, here’s the stuff I’m super excited about:

+He’s my favorite person! And he’ll be around, all the time!

+We’ll be able to act couple-y in any part of the house and won’t be annoying any roommates.

+We’ll be moving in to a house where we can get what I’ve been waiting for for several years now. A golden retriever puppy. Words cannot explain my excitement. Birthday gift, perhaps?

+We’ve already decided how we’re going to split our most hated responsibilities.
Him=Dishes. Her=Laundry. 
Okay, I’m not excited about this but I’m glad that we already came to a compromise.

+Decorating our house to make it our home. Let’s be real, my stuff is super girly. My idea of good decorations is antique china and fresh flowers. I’m going to have to tone it down a bit (even though he insists he doesn’t mind) and make everything a little more gender neutral. I’ll be pinning the crap out of everything that fits into this category until November (follow me here).

+As much as I love cuddling together, I’m really pushing for matching La-Z-Boy recliners. Joey and Chandler style. 

+Apartment/House hunting. While it is stressful, it’s always fun to imagine how we could make the place our own.

+Being able to take better care of him. I like to cook and make sure he is happy and well fed. Packed lunches, anyone?

+Did I mention I really like having him around? Not only is he fun, funny, brilliant, and oh-so-handsome, he’ll be there to kill spiders, replace lightbulbs, and most of all, make me smile. I feel so lucky.

Now tell me, what are your thoughts on shacking up before marriage?
Any advice on how to make the transition smoothly?
Any conversations we should have now, before we move in together?

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