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You know, the many times I visited LA, I didn’t love it (that’s a nice way of putting it). So it startled me when I came across a blogger who not only lives in LA but makes it sound like a fabulous place. It makes me wonder, did I judge LA to harshly?

Jillian is a writer, a real writer (cause most days, I don’t feel like a real writer). She’s currently finishing up her MFA in Writing for Screen and Television. I know, WOW. Which explains exactly why her posts are so phenomenal. Why every story is so easy to read. Why I keep coming back for more. And she recently said “LA is an effing rock star a lot lately.” Perhaps she’ll convince you to love LA. She’ll definitely convince you to love her.

Take it away, Jillian.

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Nearly two years ago I up and packed my bags and moved to LA, my heart full of dreams, my head full of imagined celebrity run-ins.

I’m a bit of a romantic (read: I place such crazy expectations on my life I am often crippled by reality) and my ideas of La La Land and famous people were a bit naive…to say the least.

I was sure that by living in Malibu my life would be a whirlwind of “Hey Portia, tell Ellen I said hello” and exchanging knowing smiles with Tom Hanks when a super-fan at Starbucks boomed “TALL, DECAF, CAPPUCCINO!”

I was sure I would at least once talk to Julia Roberts about knitting and smiling and Richard Gere’s wishy washy accent.

I was sure of so many things.

Last week I finished up classes for my MFA in Writing for Screen and Television from Pepperdine University. This beautiful little chapter in my life devoted to full-time writing and TV watching is rapidly drawing to a close, and as I reflect on the possibility of leaving LA I can’t help but imagine all the celebrity encounters that might have been.

And so, for your entertainment, and my deep desire to make up stories, I present, my top four “I wish I had run into them in LA” celebrities and how I imagine those meetings would have gone.

Read: LA is kind of the greatest.

1. David Beckham

David is obviously at the top of this list as David is obviously at the top of life. One of my professors recently said she wanted David to decorate her living room and now I just can’t that glorious visual out of my head. What a living room!

I imagine I would run into David on the beach. He, holding a surfboard, me wearing a non-pretentious cover-up that conveyed both personality and sass. He would smile, sensing a connection, but things wouldn’t go too far. WE BOTH RESPECT VICTORIA. We would lock eyes, wistfully thinking about what might have been in another life under other circumstances. On my deathbed I would yell, “It was always David!”

2. Stevie Nicks

My meeting with Stevie would take place in some ultra-hippy, possibly communal restaurant where we sat on the floor and vibed with the universe. (Obviously.) Stevie and I would discuss life, love, and the pursuit of proper hair products. (There has to be a secret to those curls, there just has to be.)

We would also get down to business—what’s her favorite line in Dreams? When did the “witch” label come about? Exactly how much is she in love with Lindsey Buckingham this very minute? Sigh. I get excited just thinking about it.

3. Scott Disick

I would meet Scott at Duke’s in Malibu. He would be drunk (Scott!) and at the bar, holding court. “Let me buy you a drink! Join us!” he would say, in that thick New York accent of his. I would spend the afternoon listening to Scott tell increasingly outlandish stories. At the end of brunch we would go our separate ways, he to a scolding Kourtney, me to my computer, where I would create a new blog entitled “My encounter with Scott Disick. One post per minute in his presence.” The blog would be a runaway hit. I would quit my day job and move to Prince Edward Island. Scott would have another baby with Kourtney.

4. Oprah

I would glimpse Oprah at a gas station in Hollywood. She would be in a limousine (obviously) and someone else would be filling it up (obviously). I would pay attention to the car only because of the intimidating security guards and the general aura of self-fulfillment coming from its very core. Just as I was getting curious enough to try to sneak a peek in the car, Oprah would roll her window down and give me a small wave. I would take that moment and turn it into a new life for myself, a life of fulfillment and inner peace and chai tea. When people asked me what changed, why I was a drastically different person, I would just say, “Oprah” and leave it at that.


For more of Jillian, pop over to her blog, Jillian Lorraine, or follow her on Bloglovin or Twitter.

  • Im so glad in this imaginary scenario you asked Stevie about Mr Buckingham. I don’t care that he’s married, they’ll end up together again!

  • So even though I don’t dream about LA, I DO get crushed by reality every once in awhile. And your encounter with David Beckham? Perfection: “He would smile, sensing a connection, but things wouldn’t go too far.”

  • Ha Ive never really romanticized LA, for some reason its not really a place I have any desire to visit but she did have a fun imagined story!

  • I used to not love LA at all, but my roommate’s from Orange County and each time I go down there, I get to see LA through her eyes and she shows me some awesome parts of the city that I now love as well. And speaking of my roommate, I need to go forward Jillian’s blog to her right now. It’s basically her dream life! 🙂

  • I hate LA, too, but love it at the same time. I’m originally from Orange County, and I love it so much more there, but there is just something about LA that makes me want to stay. It definitely has its sketchy areas, just as any other city would, but it also has it’s nice areas. When I go home to Orange County for a weekend, I feel like I miss out on so many things over in LA, because there is always so much happening here. It really is a place filled with dreamers and go-getters, and I think that’s what it is that draws me in so much. Hopefully you didn’t visit the crappy parts of the city while you were here! It’s so easy to miss the great parts because of how huge the area is!

  • David Beckham is definitely top of my list too! Every time we have celebs come to SA to shoot a movie or video or whatever, I swear I play out exactly how it would all go down .. still waiting for that to happen but who knows, the likes of Becks is only getting better with age!

  • These are phenomenal – a great imagination and each sound so plausible!

  • brittney

    omg!! i live in LA (arizona transplant) and i love every minute of it.. it just has this incredible life & energy! but the biggest omg moment of this post? jill is my real-life friend! i have been reading your blog for awhile now, and i love your writing, btw. but i was literally just telling jill this weekend how much i love listening to her stories bc she is so real; she has this incredible voice to her writing. small world! xo

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