On Bachelor Parties


One of Naveed’s good guy friends was the first out of their group to get engaged. Naturally, the rest of the guys in their friend group have been waiting over a year to throw him an elaborate bachelor party. 

Now me being naiive, I figure they’ll hit Atlantic City or maybe even Vegas. I know they like to “do it big.Boy, was I wrong. 

Because right now, my main squeeze is sippin’ a pina coloada (or something more manly, but I wouldn’t put it past him to have some blended girly drink), on the sandy white beaches of MEXICO.

Don’t you hate him just a little? 

Bachelor parties are a funny thing, aren’t they. You can either be the cool girlfriend who is like “sure, have fun!” or you’re a controlling psycho who is like “absolutely not.” Trying to fall somewhere in between is a delicate balance.

Naveed solved this whole problem perfectly. You see, with them going to Mexico, I’m a lot more worried about them getting too drunk and being captured and decapitated by drug lords. 
Or winding up in Mexican jail and having to bribe the police. 
Or even just drinking the water. 
(Bottled beverages only Nav!)

Naturally, those other bachelor party activities have been the last thing on my mind. I know they’ll have a great time. And I also know that Naveed has too much respect (and love, ya know, cause that’s important too) for me to do anything I wouldn’t approve of. 

So at this point, my sense of unease just stems from the fact that I want him to come back with his head attached. Is that too much to ask? 

What are your feelings about bachelor parties? Did you opt for the “cool girlfriend/fiance” route? Did your man have one?


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