Happy New Year

Happy New Year! What? Huh? Didn’t the New Year happen already?

The Haft Seen

This weekend we went to New York to celebrate the Persian New Year – Nowruz – with N’s family. Nowruz (Norooz?) marks the first day of spring. Let’s stop for a minute and think about how much sense this makes – the New Year is at the start of spring. I have no idea why everyone doesn’t do it this way. I’m exponentially more likely to keep my resolutions at the end of March than I am at the beginning of January, which tradition tells us is for binge watching tv shows and ordering takeout.

Plus, I can completely get behind any holiday or celebration that revolves almost entirely around eating. We ate a lot of stuff like this. N’s aunt’s were pretty excellent at convincing us that the more sweets we ate, the sweeter our year would be. I’ll be in a minor food coma for the next week or so. We washed everything down with loose leaf tea, an after meal tradition that I absolutely love.

I woke up today feeling really positive about life. It was bitter cold this morning but the sun was shining and I couldn’t help but feel like a fresh start was upon us. Happy New Year. Happy Spring. Let’s make it a good one.


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