Nothing is Hotter than a Boy Who Reads Potter

Nothing Is Hotter Than A Boy Who Reads Potter
That is exactly what I said to N last night, as he was attempting to convince me that he was too tired to read a couple of pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It may stand as the cheesiest but most clever saying I’ve ever come up with. If you’ve heard it before, please just let me think this was an original idea.

N and I have been having the same argument for two years. You see, when we met, N had not read Harry Potter or seen any of the movies. I knowRiddikulus. Fellow HP lovers, please marvel at how excellent that joke was. So after 6 months of dating, I made him watch every movie with me (not all in a row, but that would have been awesome – new life goal). In return, I had to suffer through all of the Diehard movies, Face Off (oh God, kill me), and a few other film atrocities. That is not what I call a fair trade.


You would think I was forcing him to do something terrible. The reality is, I’m giving him the worlds greatest gift. I don’t remember who introduced me to Harry Potter, but I owe them big time. N doesn’t quite see it that way.

Since he watched the movies, I’ve been asking him nicely nagging at him to read the books. They’re better than the movies! They have more detail! They are the best books I’ve ever read! I like to serve up the nagging with a heaping side of guilt — Don’t you want to read my favorite books? It would mean so much to me.

In the nearly two years that I’ve had a blog, I think I’ve downplayed my Harry Potter obsession. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have gotten the hint. I’ve re-read all the books twice. On days I work from home, I nearly always have one of the movies on in the background. And I even have a replica Harry Potter wand, framed, front and center in my living room (proof). Some might call it a problem or even an obsession but since it’s one so many of us share, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s normal. Anyone who has appreciated the books holds a minor obsession in their hearts.

So help a girl out, what is the best reason that someone should read Harry Potter? If you had to convince someone to read it, how would you?


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Jackie from Jade and Oak. Jackie is a lawyer living in Pittsburgh with her fiance and two precious pugs, Bowie and Rosie.

Errol? Is that you?

I think today’s post is quite appropriate, as Jackie is a big fan of Harry Potter herself. Jackie is a fellow vegetarian who is nice enough to cook meat occasionally for her fiance. She also taught us how to make Ramen noodles into legit dinners. Easy recipe alert! Jackie’s post on getting old is definitely one to bookmark and re-read every birthday. I also loved her post about 7 reasons why Pugs are the best and the worst. It’s valid for golden retrievers too! Want to find out more about Jackie? Head over to Jade and Oak or follow her on bloglovin to keep up with her on the daily.

  • I knew I had a keeper when for my birthday way back when, my now husband pre-ordered me the last HP book and left the bar with me at midnight to go pick it up. Plus he has read all the books and also bought me the full set of movies on Blu Ray for my birthday last year…and we watched them all in like a week.

    Now that I’m thinking about it…I think it’s time to marathon the movies again…

  • Kay

    I have a replica harry potter wand in my living room too! No shame! The books are movie are also on a pretty display in my living room. 🙂 Love them so much!

  • Oh man! I agree with you. A healthy Harry Potter obsession is a necessity for all dating relationships.

  • I think it only becomes a problem if you have a Harry Potter themed wedding, which you clearly aren’t planning because I follow you on Pinterest & you’re definitely leaning towards a winter wedding. #stalker

  • Did you go to the midnight Harry Potter parties in Davis????? Because I did!

  • I told Tom we couldn’t date unless he had at least seen the movies. And we watched them together. And then started dating

  • Because Harry Potter is awesome…is that not a good enough reason? If I had never read them, I honestly think that I would want to read them to see what all the fuss was about. It’s had such a huge impact on our generation!

  • I thought I was too cool for Potter. I made fun of all my Potterhead friends for wearing the lame ass shirts and going to the midnight shows. Then this summer I had a wild hair up my butt to actually sit and try to read the first book, just to see what all the fuss was about. Holy awesome. I am just about done with the 4th book. I literally sit in the break room for lunch every day that I don’t have lunch plans and read myself some Potter. Why, these books are not lame at all…unless you think that awesome is lame. I am just jealous that I never got a letter to attend Hogwarts, I just know I belong!

  • it’s like the stars aligned for my feature to be today! i love harry potter too of course (i think i’ve read all of the books twice except for the last one) but know that it’s a lost cause trying to jarrod on board. i’m so happy i sent you the photo with the owl. it was meant to be! 🙂

  • I am equally obsessed… I’ve read them beginning to end twice now (once right before the final book and once before the final movie) but I’ve probably read each book 4 or 5 times randomly. I SO WISH Derek were interested but he won’t even watch the movies or take me to Potterworld. Rude.

  • I am equally obsessed… I’ve read them beginning to end twice now (once right before the final book and once before the final movie) but I’ve probably read each book 4 or 5 times randomly. I SO WISH Derek were interested but he won’t even watch the movies or take me to Potterworld. Rude.

  • Dee

    Potterhead present! I read all the books 3 (or was it 4) times. I stood in line at 5am to get the last book early and finished reading it before 11am of the same day. I have Hermione’s wand in chopsticks form (they were cheaper, and useful too). I bought them from the Harry Potter exhibition where they showcased some movie props and I got to volunteer to be sorted by the sorting hat and I also got to eat real Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and these flavours were yucky – booger, dirt, earthworm, earwax, rotten egg, soap and vomit.

    (Oops sorry for the novel. I just really get super excited by this stuff.)

  • Don’t kill me…never read it…never watched the movies! Eek!

  • Basically is he doesn’t love HP, the relationship is doomed. Kidding. It might be hard to read the books after watching the movies, maybe that’s why he can’t get into them? Loved the Potter puns though!

  • I want to hug you. You are a woman after my own heart. I just did a Sunday School lesson this week on the Sorcerer’s Stone (used the clip from the chess game and we talked about friendship and loyalty) THEN yesterday led chapel on Sorcerer’s Stone only this time I used the sorting hat and talked about being individuals as well as working together the way the four Hogwarts houses (should) do. Harry is the other man in my life forever and always.

  • I’m a 7th grade teacher, and it (siriusly) KILLS me that not even half of my students are familiar with HP (books OR movies). I mean, whaaaaa???? How can they not know what it was like waiting for the 7th book to come out, hugging the mailman when he came with my pre-ordered copy, talking for months beforehand about all the theories about Snape???

    It’s sad that they don’t want to be a part of that world, because that’s the only world half the time I DO want to be a part of.

    (Just kidding. kind of.)

    And don’t feel bad about the obsession—I’ve read the first four books almost 20 times apiece (!) and the last three books a few times apiece. Plus right now I’m listening to all the books on audio c.d. on my way to and from work.

    Come to think of it, you could try that—if N isn’t much of a reader, have him listen to them on audiobook. It might not be the “full HP” experience, but it’s about as close as you could get.

    Glad to meet another Potter fan! (And I’m totally pinning that awesome little saying of yours!)

  • I’m with ya girl! My husband watched the movies but like you, I told him he just HAD TO read the books they are so much better. He is not a reader so he never even tried… BUT on a road trip I got the first HP on cd and we listened to it. He now gets my HP obsession and loves the “books” too. We are book #5 on cd and I am soooo relieved

    • Ps–I NEED a wand in my house!

  • Umm I have the same exact problem. My bf hasn’t read or seen them either. Except for “watch all eight HP movies in one weekend” is on my 2013 bucket list so guess what, the boyfriend will be doing it with me.

  • Yes, just yes. I am so envious that you have a wand, I need one!!
    One of my awesome friends and I watched all of the Harry Potter movies again, it took us a couple days (because of conflicting work schedules) but it was awesome 😀

  • Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I love Harry Potter too. Harry Potter marathon weekends are my favorite weekends. So sad they are over 🙁

  • Okay no but really… Harry Potter could probably solve world hunger and end war. Like that’s how strongly I believe in the magic that is JK Rowling’s brilliant mind. I have legit read those books 3 times each or more. OBSESSED. I’ve had a hard time trying to convince boyfriends to read them…. One day I’ll find the perfect man.

  • I had no idea you were a huge harry potter fan!! That makes me like you even more my dear.

  • Jen

    I can’t. I used to get into heated arguments over Potter when people made fun of it when the movies and books were still coming out. The books are incredible, they truly take you into another world. I hate that the kids growing up now will never experience that excitement and will more than likely never appreciate the story.

  • I am 1000% with you.

    The best reason to make someone read the books is that it expands your ability to comprehend the world and different viewpoints. I recently bought a book called “Harry Potter and the Millenials” and its a research book on how the Harry Potter books have influenced the policitcal views of our generation. To read the books (which I am on my third go-round) and then this book makes you realize they are not just stories, they shape our perceptions of society…in a totally badass way.

  • Say wha?! Potter is one of the biggest loves the hubs and I share…we started a Christmas tradition of watching each Harry Potter the week of.

  • My husband knew nothing about Harry Potter before we met either. He has since seen all the movies a billion times (and I also had to watch all of the Die Hard movies…) but he will not read the books. He’s a huge history buff and prefers to read civil war books than anything else.

    But, I think I shut him up the other day. I was re-reading The Prisoner of Azkaban, and he picked it up and saw where I was in the book and was like “oh yeah, I remember that from the movies. See? I don’t need to read the books.”

    I LOST IT. I was like “oh yeah, i’ve seen Gettysburg so I totally get the Civil War, right?” and walked away.


  • I don’t talk about my Harry Potter obsession much, either, but I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter. I was full of glee when I heard about the Newt Scamander movie.

  • I started reading Harry Potter when I was in third grade. That seems so long ago…
    but it’s an amazing series. JK Rowling does a great job with detail, character development, everything.
    I’m not too fond of the movies, but that’s only because I LOVE the books so much that it frustrates me to watch them.

    Also, Nothing is hotter than a boy who reads potter is super catchy! I love it :]

  • Based on your Harry Potter and golden retriever obsession (I re-pin all of your stuff on Pinterest), I’m pretty convinced we’d be best friends in real life 😉

  • I feel you! My boyfriend has never read a single Harry Potter book. Thankfully, he has seen the movies but he makes me watch his movies, too. (I guess that’s compromising.)

    How to convince him? That’s tough. I would say: just read it!

  • I’ve watched all the movies but haven’t read the books. I know I know. I’m going to the corner now..

  • Okay, so I started reading the Harry Potter books for a great reason. I had just moved to Indianapolis, and all of my friends were obsessed with them and wouldn’t stop talking about it. Peer pressure. Half-Blood Prince had just come out. It was so annoying that I decided to read them to be able to talk to them! My boyfriend (now husband) read them at the same time. I was interested pretty early but officially became a fan after book 3. Then I was even worse than my friends! They are just so darn good. When I finished reading Half-Blood Prince (my favorite), I just walked into my roommate’s room where her boyfriend and she were hanging out, and they just looked at me and said you finished it right? And immediately gave me hugs and then jumped into discussion.

    Waiting for book 7 was like Christmas Eve. When it was delivered that morning (one copy for my boyfriend, one for me), I was so giddy. I stayed up all night finishing it, and then immediately re-read it. So yeah, I have the obsession. There’s no good reason to not read it. I would just tell him to make it to the 3rd book. The first two really seem like children’s books although great ones. Sorry to write a novel!

  • Totally agree. I was quite obsessed with Harry Potter and I cant count the number of times I have read and re-read all the seven books. 🙂 (and watched the movies) Now let me try answering your question on how to convince somebody to read it. If one loves to read, they can’t miss this. 1.It’s incredibly well-written. They will enjoy reading it and the user of words. 2. The emphasis is not really on magic at all but on love. 3. Characterizations. Good luck!

    • sorry that was uses* of words.

  • My BF is not a big reader but I have been making him watch all of the movies with me. We just finished Goblet of Fire last night, which I think was my favorite book. I can’t tell if he’s into them or just humoring me lol.

  • I think we just became best friends because of that framed wand.

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