Note to Self

Lessons learned (or reaffirmed) this weekend:

>>> If N isn’t around one weekend, report directly to your parents house. Your parents house is the only place you can get yourself a drink, eat someone else’s food with no shame, and get someone to check your oil and tires just because they love you. Kickin it with the folks is a damn good time.

>>> The easiest way to make money is to throw all your unused junk in the front yard and then pop open a beach chair, get yourself some sweet tea, and wait. They will come. 

>>> Moving makes you crazy. You’re moving Thursday. Take a deep breath and try not to be a  raging beyotch to N. You don’t have to unpack everything at the new place by Thursday night (but you will).

>>> When you are sitting your pasty white self in the shade at the pool, covered in SPF 50, you’ll be a little jealous of the tan people. Just keep telling yourself that you won’t be a wrinkly mess later in life because of it.

>>> Archie thinks your replica Harry Potter wand is a dog toy. He only wants to chew it because he’s upset that he hasn’t gotten his acceptance letter to Hogwarts yet. 

>>> Think over Pinterest projects before you do them. Then don’t do them. You suck at crafts.

>>> If you wind up spending at least 10% of your life sitting in the backyard, chatting for hours on end with the people you love, consider it a success.
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  • Lol , I love to mess around my aunt’s . She’s always kind to let me eat all the tasty stuff in fridge , umm for free 😉 Love your dog !
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  • I agree, moving is VERY stressful!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Moving is no fun at all. The only good thing is that it forces you to clean/organize and get rid of stuff that you don’t use. Good luck on Thur. I hope it isn’t too hot.

  • I agree Nadine, I enjoy raiding my parents fridge! Its the only place you can do it 🙂

    Pinterest projects are just for show. LOOK but don’t touch! Don’t dare touch or you will drink way more wine that night than previously planned….TRUST ME:) You will also have no more money left in the bank account. Tip: Stay far as hell away from Michael’s 🙂


  • Haha, I can almost hear you saying so confidently like a wise old sage “They will come.”
    Love this sort of blog post!!

  • Hahaha these lessons are awesome. I’ve never tried a garage sale before (I guess I need a garage first?!) but I’d probably be amazed at the things people will pay money for.

  • I need a replica Harry Potter wand… It would just make me drinking a whole bunch of whine and shouting “alohamora” over and over again that much more cooler.

  • Oh no! Not the wand! Maybe Hedwig will be stopping by soon?

  • the same happens for me when i go over to my parents house! dont ya love it?!

  • but for reals say no to the pinterest crafts they never end well.

  • I love moving! And yes, I realize that statement makes me an anomoly.

  • That last one is an excellent life lesson! Nothin at all wrong with that!

  • Going to the parents is always a good idea! Love that. And moving is so stressful, good luck this week!

  • I seriously need to take note of the pinterest crafts one, because I make a mess of some of them lol

  • Moving MAKES me crazy too!! It’s been 3 years since the last and I don’t plan on doing it again anytime soon. Hang in there!! Mom and dad’s is the best. It kinda makes you feel like a kid again which is nice sometimes.

  • I stink at crafts too!! the only interests pins i copy or attempt to do is the food ones and the clothign ones hahah

  • Lol! There is a website called Pinterest, you are drunk and it catalogs all the crazy shit people post and are like “oh this took me 6 seconds”. No, no it did not.

  • I love this! 🙂

  • Parent’s house? Best place ever. Also, it has become my favorite grocery store. I call it the buy one get one store. They buy one, I get one. Perfect. And Pinterest projects? They are mainly good for repining only. Besides, if you’re like me, by the time you’re done pinning there is no time left to actually DO anything you pinned!

  • Love the last one. Words to live by!

  • I am the same way, if I have nothing to do I head over to my parents and hang out 😀
    These are great little notes!

  • i really sincerely wish that they had yard sales here. every once in a while the foreigners will get together and have one…and all the koreans stare.

  • Moving legitimately makes me nuts too! I’m pretty sure relationships are never truly tested until you’ve gone through a move together.

  • “Archie thinks your replica Harry Potter wand is a dog toy. He only wants to chew it because he’s upset that he hasn’t gotten his acceptance letter to Hogwarts yet.” This is why I love your blog. 🙂

  • I LOVE going to my parent’s house. We spend every Wednesday night with my mom, and it’s incredible because it’s free dinner one night every week. What gets better than that? Also, good luck moving! I’m so jealous. I hate my tiny apartment and cannot WAIT until we can either get something bigger or move into a house!

  • You crack me up!

  • Moving is seriously hell on earth. But i really need to set up a garage sale, my house is already looking straight out of hoarders.

  • Gosh that pasty one…I agree. Pale power!!!

  • I love all of this! I am in the works of a garage sale but I don’t want to label anything, do you think a “name your own price” sale would make me lots of money?

  • I love you Nadine! Maybe I need to pop out a lawn chair in my yard with my junk since I’m moving too! My house totally looks like picture 3 (and my legs like picture 2!!)

  • these are great lessons. i need to put some of my crap outside and hope that someone takes/buys it. and love archie’s face, like he is very patiently waiting for that wand to be his haha.
    — jackie @ jade and oak
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