Not Girlfriend Material

I’d like to take a moment today to reflect on the crazy idiot I used to be.
I’ve chosen to title this, not girlfriend material because 
that is exactly what a guy told me I was (or wasn’t) Junior year of college.
Not. Girlfriend. Material.

I like to think it was because he had really old fashioned values.
He said if we were to date, I’d need to dial back the drinking.
And the going out.
And generally act like someone who could be an Engineer’s wife.

Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

Whatever, we all know that the person I was really dating in college was Kaylin.
If dating means that you spend all your time together, enjoy each others company more than anyone else, and often sleep in the same bed. Then yes, we were basically dating.

An event called Mafia Wedding. So many things wrong right with this picture.
It’s funny that now, just three years (cringe) out of college,  
I’ve been dating “the guy” for almost 2 years. 
He thinks I’m a good cook (or pretends to).
He won’t get mad if I change the channel away from ESPN.
I don’t really drink anymore.
And I’m pretty sure  I know damn right well he thinks I’ll be a good wife.

But man, do I have some memories.
Like the time Kaylin and I partied on 6th street in Austin in the middle of a hurricane.
Or the time I got stuck in an elevator in Paris. Drunk. On Bastille Day.
Or all those times I did karaoke at a crowded bar and picked “Don’t Stop Believin” every single time.
Or even that last night of college that I don’t quite remember.

So I’d like to thank that guy who said I wasn’t girlfriend material.
Maybe I wasn’t. But because he didn’t want to date me,
I did my own thing and was single for another 2 years.
When I look back, I’m so grateful for that time that I had to myself.
Growing up the stupid way.

  • Don’t quite remember is right….did we actually make it out that night. I guess that was three too many shots.

    Love this post, and love you more!

  • That guy was clearly not Nadine boyfriend material so no worries there!

    • You’re right, he wasn’t. I would have been bored out of my mind if I had dated him.

  • the very first line of your post made me LOL so loud.

    • Aw good, I’m glad. When I look back I laugh at my own behavior.

  • Ohhhh college. Who is actually girlfriend material in college? Not I. Thankfully, when I met Arsen he was very much not boyfriend material and somehow the two of us combined into a very unlikely couple that are now married with a babe on the way. I’m thinking that guy was just an idiot and missed out on what would have been a lot of fun 🙂

  • Fuck that dude. So what I’m hearing is, you weren’t boring enough for him?

  • Too many women in their mind set think this way. Stay virgin, get mairred and have a baby on the first night. However there are no ferries in this world. Wen it comes to a real couple many ladies don’t realize that sex for men is important and if there is no sex there might be problems like not enough satisfaction, stress in men and it all leads to one thing and it is to cheat . A lot of yang girls burn on this one how ever it doesn’t mean you must do it with everyone, just keep men out until u

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