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 This Saturday was spent at a local brewery, enjoying their annual Harvestfest. I highly suggest wearing a flowy top or slouchy sweater when drinking massive amounts of beer. No sucking in required! The slouchy sweater look is one of my favorite looks this fall/winter, although it’s a lot more flattering on the skinny minnies on Pinterest.

But these boots, these are the biggest stretch outside my comfort zone. They are from UrbanOG, a company I had never ordered from but found via Pinterest. They were $34.99 and I wasn’t convinced that I could pull them off (though a couple of you kind folks convinced me I could). I’m impressed with the quality and I’ll probably order from them again. I feel a little too badass in them so I paired them with some rosey, girly pants. They’ll be great for snow and I’ll be wearing them all winter long with my fluffiest socks. Here are some other shots from our weekend:

ArchiePuppy CutenessPuppy Cuteness

Happy Monday!

  • I love the tartan plaid detail on your boots … Great boots for kicking about during the autumn!!

    Love your dog … very cute!!

    Laura xx

    P.s. I am hosting a Michael Kors watch giveaway on the blog this week. If you are feeling lucky, check it out:

    • Nadine

      I never would have know that was what the plaid was called. Thanks!

  • Love the boots!! Ordering shoes online usually gives me anxiety, but I’m starting to come around because there are so many more choices and trying boots on in the store is actually the worst. Happy Monday!

    • Nadine

      I have ordered boots from many times and have always loved what I’ve ordered. This was my first time using I just like that you can get like 2 or 3 pairs of boots online for what you would pay for one pair in the store.

  • I’m loving the slouchy/flowy sweater trend! I just ordered two new flowy shirts from Gap for 40% off yesterday & can’t wait for them to arrive…

    • Nadine

      I’m loving the flowy shirt trend but every time I see pictures of myself, I never think they are flattering. I’ve decided that comfort trumps all of that and I’m going to wear them anyway.

  • I have never heard of UrbanOg before Pinterest either, but I ordered a few pairs of boots there this year for Fall and love them all so far! They fit the budget and I can’t complain!

    • Nadine

      Exactly! Plus with the harsh winters of the east coast, I know my boots will get pretty banged up so it’s nice to not feel too bad since they weren’t horribly expensive.

  • I love that there’s a million, or 6, pictures of that sweet baby of yours from this weekend and one of your man hahaha. but i mean, how could you not. his little face. i just die.

    • Nadine

      To be fair, he is a lot more agreeable about having his picture taken than N is. haha

  • My doggies have that exact same ball! Well – actually we have two because what one has the other seems to desperately need – ALL THE TIME. And you look great in those boots – Good for you being brave and giving them a try! Have a great Monday!

    • Nadine

      So maybe you can understand my pain…Archie constantly has that ball and brings it to me and will push it against my legs to get me to throw it. The nasty rubber feeling gives me hard core heebie jeebies. Like I cannot handle it. So it’s my least favorite ball but is still his favorite.

  • Steph

    I love your outfit, you pull off those boots so well!!! But you’re so gorgeous, you could pull of a brown paper sack.

    • Nadine

      Blushing over here! Thank you.

  • I love those boots!!! They are so cute!

    • Nadine

      Thanks! I’m a big collector of cheap boots.

  • My roommate has boots like that and I’m obsessed with them! I’m not going to lie, you’re just convincing me I need a pair myself!

    • Nadine

      I was convinced when I saw my coworker wearing them. Before that, I was like, eh I can’t pull them off at all. Once she did it, I was convinced. You should go for it!

  • i love your outfit, it looks very comfortable! your dog is adorable!

    • Nadine

      Archie sends you his whole hearted thanks. He has no idea he’s so popular on the interwebs.

  • what a perfect cozy falll outfit! you are so cute!

    • Nadine

      Blushing. Thanks!

  • You do rock the boots well. Thanks for the Monday dose of Archie. I especially love the clothes hanger one and the latter sofa one 😀

    • Nadine

      Sometimes I try to limit the number of pictures of Archie I post, for fear of overdoing it. But people like you convince me that I’m not and that if anything, I should post more! He’s my favorite thing to photograph.

  • The boots are my favourite piece of your outfit! Such a great detail and perfect for fall. So hard core Nadine 😉

    • Nadine

      Well thanks! I’m quite glad I went for it and purchased them.

  • You can totally pull those boots off (which makes me think I can too!). Love you sweet pup he is so adorable!!

    • Nadine

      You can! I totally thought I couldn’t but I wear kind of girly stuff with them and they feel “me” enough.

  • I love those boots! I’m glad you went for the purchase. And $35? Deal!

  • Such a cute Fall-time outfit!

  • I hope you know how cute that outfit is!! Your boys look adorable too!

  • i love this outfit. and i love that i don’t have to suck in. i also think i need these boots. could your dog be more beautiful?!

  • Your outfit is so adorable and reminds me that I need to do a wardrobe overhaul…so freaking cute!

  • most photogenic dog ever.

    and, i love urbanog! i also found the company via pinterest and loooove the boots i got from them. i stepped on something that caused my left boot to have a major hole, or else they definitely would have lasted longer than the year they did. oh well, just means i get to buy a new pair!

  • most photogenic dog ever!

  • Cutest boots ever! I like all your pictures, so cute!

  • I love this idea – great for bottomless brunch too!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I love your boots! I am on the hunt for the perfect pair for the winter!

  • I love the look! I think it’s always important to step out of our comfort zones 🙂 Glad it worked out well for you!

    x Nats

  • LOVE THOSE BOOTS.. I’ve been looking for a good pair!!!!

  • I cant agree more with the fact that with beer tasting you need slouchy clothes!
    And your dog is to freakin cute, I just found your blog and I love it!

  • You totes pull off those boots… better than most I would say!


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