My Religion

Most people reading this who know me in real life just went…huh? Out of total confusion.
Let’s be clear. I don’t really have one.
I was baptized Episcopalian and it just about ended there. Any services I go to these days (limited to Christmas and Easter) are Catholic, as my Dad, Stepmom, and two youngest siblings are Catholic.
Recently I took an online quiz about which religion I should be.
Cause ya know, that’s the best way to figure out these major life things. 
Online quizzes and such.
Any-hoo, the results came in and it was a resounding:
Evidently I love everyone!
I mostly try to operate my life under a few simple principles, which happen to align with the principles of most religions.
Be a good person.
Do your best.
Have compassion.
Learn patience.
Be open-minded.
(Alright, I sounded a little bit like a raging hippie there)
That being said, I love reading blogs written by religious women.
Has anyone else noticed the abundance of LDS bloggers? I sure have. And you know what? I really enjoy reading about their views and beliefs. In fact, I think I probably enjoy it more simply because it is different from what I believe. And I always enjoy the abundance of modest fashion they contribute to the blogosphere.
I’ve also read a lot about Islam. I was one of the few avid viewers of the show All-American Muslim. Previously it was definitely the religion I knew the least about but I figured, if this is what 22% of the world believes, I should know a little bit about it. Note: It’s about the same number of people as Buddism and Hinduism combined.
And boy do I love me some Sister Wives. Funny thing is, their lifestyle doesn’t bother me one bit. 
To each their own, you know? If it makes you happy, go for it. 
Chances are, it doesn’t affect my life in any way.
And really, don’t most human beings want the same thing?
To love and be loved.
To live happy and fulfilling lives.
So there you go.
My views on religion.
Do you have strong religious views? I’d love to read about them. 
Leave a link to a post if you have one.

  • ah you are basically me. 🙂 Though I was raised baptist and I still hold a non denominational christian view on most things, I love learning and hearing about different religions. I also watched AAM and loved it. I could write and write about this but I will keep it short…If there were MORE people who just wanted others to be happy and content…we wouldnt be battling HALF of the stuff we are right now. 🙁 It sucks. People are still so intolerant. xoxo

  • I’m kind of opposite as you! I wasn’t raised with any religion, I was never baptized, but then in high school I had some trying times and came to know God. I actually wrote a post about my testimony on Sunday. If you want to check it out you can!

    I think it is really amazing that you are so open minded and interested in learning about other religions especially since the world is becoming so diverse! I really appreciate you opinions and being so kind to others. If only there were more people so open minded in the world! Have a fabulous day 🙂

  • YES! I have so had these same thoughts… and your POV sounds a lot like mine. It fascinates me how many, not only LDS, but Christian/preachers wife bloggers are out there. I’m just a regular ole Christian that doesnt go to church very much… but I really appreciate reading about all sides! 🙂
    xo, Katie

  • yes!!!! whenever anyone asks me what my religion is, i always just say i belong to The Church Of Be A Good Person. that pretty much sums it up just fine for me. live and let live, you know 🙂 xo

  • Love this! I wasn’t really raised in church, although being from Oklahoma (right in the middle of the bible-belt), I just always aligned with Christianity. I got pretty heavily involved in an Assemblies of God church throughout high school (they believe in “being filled with the spirit” like speaking in tongues and whatnot), but after seeing an abundance of hypocritical things there I became super bitter and hardened and pretty much turned my back. 10 years later I’m pretty much where you are: I try to be a good person, and I love people and want everyone to be treated with love and acceptance and be free to do what they want. I feel like that’s enough for me. I still consider myself to be a Christian, but I’m fascinated by other religions AND I can’t stand the majority of what modern day “Christian” people stand for. I could go on a huge rant here, but I’ll leave it at that 😉 You may have just inspired a blog post for me lady!

  • Similar here as well! I don’t really agree with a lot of things that organized religion entails, however I do believe in God. I also LOVE Sister Wives. Obsessed with the show may be an understatement. I am fascinated by their lifestyle, although I wouldn’t want to practice it. To each their own. If that’s what they believe and how they choose to live, who am I to tell them they are right or wrong?! 🙂

  • totally with you girl. I was raised Christian but slowly realized that it wasn’t for me. Now I simply strive to be a good person.

  • I came across your blog from your guest post on “Left brain, right brain, pug brain,” and as soon as I saw this, I knew I’d be frequenting your blog often. I totally agree with this entire post. I grew Catholic, like holy Roman Catholic. The best way I could describe being Filipino/Irish is that it was a holy sandwich with a mixture of a lot of rules. As I got older, I realized my relationship with God was going to be a vastly different spiritual journey than what the Catholic religion would provide. I still enjoy aspects of Christianity but like I say in my religion post still in draft form, I take it all with a grain of salt.

  • I’ve been raised in church and still attend, but am really turned off by “churchy” and “religious” things. I wrote a post recently about what I believe.
    And that about sums it up!

  • I’m definitely one of those LDS bloggers you talked about! But honestly, I LOVE reading other Christian blogs that aren’t necessarily LDS. I love finding other people who share my passion for loving every one. Very well written post. New follower 🙂

  • Okay, you are the sweetest girl EVER! So happy I found your blog 🙂
    I LOVE my religion but I also love learning about other religions. Blog land opens so many doors for learning about other cultures, religions, and beliefs! It’s amazing to see how girls (and some men) of such different backgrounds can come together on the internet and learn from each other, and create amazing friendships!

  • obviously, I’m a little late to the party regarding this post, but I just found your blog, and girlfriend we are RELIGION TWINS. Except that I also have Jewish in me, but seriously, that is EXACTLY how I feel about religion. And also, I love learning about other people and their beliefs. I think in the end everyone sort of believes in the same thing though – they just call it different names. Which is why I actually really like being in a serious relationship with someone that grew up in a different culture/religion 🙂

  • Just found your blog and so glad that I did! First off, I think it’s brave of you to even say this. I feel that in the blog world if you aren’t really religious you just don’t talk about it because so many people are. Or maybe that’s just my own fears?? I basically live by those exact principles and can’t see that if there was a god out there, that that wouldn’t be what he’d want. At least I hope…

    And Sister Wives?? Totally to each their own. In fact, I think it sounds kind of nice to have a few other ladies around to balance the kids and cleaning and cooking with. It’s just the other things that might make me a bit jealous. So maybe I just need some maids? 🙂

    Anyhoo, thanks for opening up and I’m excited to learn more about ya!

  • Wow, so glad I’m not alone! I primarily read blogs that are written by very religious (especially LDS) women. I do find, though, that my very, very favorite blogs (the one’s where I wish the writers were my real life friends or family) are written by people who share my own strong convictions.

  • Wow, very well said. Im a Christian and blog (not necessarily about Jesus ) but as an avenue to escape. My best friend is a Hindu and she talks about karma and being at peace all the time. It so beautiful how our heart works; We are all willing to listen and relate to one another. Bottom line = LOVE.

  • I’m a nondenominational Christian/to-each-their-own/amateur blogger who loves those shows as well! My husband makes fun on my obsession with 19 Kids & Counting and Amish Culture…I love the verbiage Michelle uses with their children and I’ve found no one respects or depicts Amish lifestyle quite a Beverly Lewis book. The most recent post on my blog talks about finding purpose, although it isn’t a composite of my beliefs, if my entire life purpose is wrapped in serving His will…then I guess this post is pretty close. Enjoy!

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