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Do your parents read your blog? Do they comment? My Mom reads my blog but never comments (for fear of embarrassing me). She subscribes to my blog via email and frequently sends me emails after a post with her comments/encouragement.

Oh, Nadine, you’re afraid of heights? Knock it off. We’re going parasailing.

On Thursday, I posted about the kind of woman I want to be. Soon after I posted, I received this email from my mom. With her permission, I’m publishing it here.

Everyone, especially women, swing wildly between the type of people they want to be. This is not age specific and frankly, while it does get better with age, it isn’t a case of “improving” it is a case of getting used to the swings from persona to persona. As you get older you develop more personas. For now, you have girlfriend, best friend, daughter/sister, and employee perhaps. In a decade that will include at least a dozen more. The personas you become comfortable with will be a variety of traits from each of the different worlds you find yourself navigating.

The bold woman is always there. The quiet, confident intellectual is always there. The amazing thing about being a woman in today’s world is that you can be a blend of all these wonderful “images” all in one. You can sway with grace from one to another and you don’t have to choose or settle for any one specific type. That is the glory of living. As you amass life experience you become more comfortable in your own skin and the woman you want to be evolves and takes shape, constantly changing, hopefully for the better. (although not always – haha)

The most important part to remember is that you never finish that pursuit. There isn’t a finish line. You don’t become the woman you want to be because until the day you leave this earth, you will be evolving into the woman you want to be. It’s a process. It’s an evolution, without end, and it is one that doesn’t need labels.

Thanks, Momma, for this wonderful reminder and for always being my biggest fan!

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