My 7 Best Pieces of Puppy Advice

1 || Not all dogs like the same toys. Archie is a retriever and we pretty much assumed he would love rope toys. We bought twelve gagillion toys of all kinds before we even brought him home and turns out, the kid couldn’t care less about rope toys. Zero interest. Buy a toy or two of each variety (a ball, stuffy, rope toy, bone) and see which they like most before investing.

2 || Never buy toys at the pet store. You’ll love T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for a whole new reason. Cheap dog toys! What you’d pay $8.99 for at Petsmart you can get for $3.99 at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. Plus you pretty much have to walk through the clothes section to get to the dog toys. You’re welcome.

3 || Think of some items as an investment. Okay, okay, there are a few things we do buy at the pet store. Like antlers. Yes, antlers. They run between $19-$26 but provide hours of entertainment (they’re cheapest on Amazon). Listen, an antler beats a bully stick any day. Google what’s in a bully stick, I dare you. We also invested in a slow feeder bowl to keep Archie from inhaling his food and then barfing. Worth it.

4 || The stuff that’s cute when they’re little is bad when they’re big. Archie jumped when he was 6lbs. now he’s 50lbs. He also had a fascination with our coffee table and evidently, still does.

He always loved to curl up on our pillows. Again, fine when he took up 10% of the bed space but he now takes up 50% and sleeps there every night. I wish I was kidding.

Side story: Me and Archie combined weigh what N weighs. He thinks bed space should be based off of that and therefore Archie and I should get half the bed and he gets the other half. Ahem…NOPE.

5 || Buy the 32GB iPhone. You’d think this would be unrelated but I have over 3,200 pictures and 2,500 (easily) are of Archie. I have the 16GB and I’m always having to delete pictures.

6 || Be creative with your punishment. Archie thinks all attention is good attention. Plus I’m not super convincing as a disciplinarian. We do know that he still hates his cone because every time we get it out he acts like it’s a torture device. He also could not figure out what the hell my sports bra was doing on him but that’s what he gets for chewing on it. If all else fails, it just might be time to vacuum.

7 || It’ll all be worth it. Puppies are great for entertainment, practicing your DSLR photography, providing you with blog post topics, getting more exercise, inspiring you to keep your house picked up, warning you about what you’ll be like as a parent, and more importantly, learning what you’re significant other will be like as a parent. Turns out, we’re both pushovers. But with that face, how could you not be?

What is your best puppy advice?

This post is inspired by Heather, who brought home a pup a few weeks ago and now I stalk her on instagram like it’s my job.


Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Gayle from Grace for Gayle.

Gayle is a previvor and has been brave enough to share her story of finding out she was BRCA positive and her experience with getting a preventative double mastectomy. You can read more about Gayle’s story here. Gayle also has some crazy informative posts, like when she taught us how to blur your house on google maps. Whoa! She is also very candid about her faith, posts that are always so personal to read.

What I love about Gayle’s blog is that she doesn’t post crap. When Gayle posts, it’s quality. She’s got strong opinions but whether you agree with them or not, her posts are always worth reading. In blog world, I can’t imagine a higher compliment. Visit Grace for Gayle or follow her on Bloglovin.

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