My 11 Favorite Blog Posts I’ve Ever Written

My 11 Favorite Blog Posts I've Ever Written

In case you’re snowed in too, here’s some reading. I’m coming up on two years of blogging so I thought a little reflection was in order. Here are my 11 favorite blog posts I’ve ever written. With commentary, of course. And in no particular order:

1. It’s Just a Blog – I wrote this during a week that I felt like the blog world was maybe getting a little too full of itself. What would happen if my blog disappeared? Nothing.

2. Goals I have a 0% Chance of Achieving – A snapshot of the real me.

3. 10 Things College Kids Just Don’t Get – One of the few times I think I was actually funny.

4. How Pinterest Ruined Weddings – Stop it with the burlap and mason jars.

5. Forgive Her, Her Brain Isn’t Fully Developed – I’m not standing up for Miley Cyrus but I think we all needed a reminder that we weren’t all saints at her age. I also shared one of my most ridiculous pictures from a college date dash. Warning: Inappropriate police officer costume ahead.

6. Thoughts on Marriage – Straight from my brain, unfiltered. Why try something that so many others have failed at?  I love the comments and thoughtful discussion this prompted.

7. What the Bloggers You Sponsor Won’t Tell You – I’d been wanting to write this post forever but was worried I would offend people. I don’t think I did and I stand by every word of it. Maybe this will help you get more out of your blog sponsorships.

8. Someday I Will – I wrote this post very spur of the moment. I did little editing and just let it flow. It turned out to be a post that people responded to in an overwhelmingly positive way.

9. It’s a Blessing in the Sky that He’s the Pie – Commentary on being an American and seeing America through an immigrants eyes. Plus a super handsome picture of N.

10. How to Look Like You Have Your Shit Together – I wrote the list I wish someone had given me when I graduated from college. Rainbow planners do not say “responsible grown up.”

11. 10 People Who Are Cooler Than Me – Still true. Still very me.

I also should add that amongst a couple of gems, there was an abundance of crap. I’m stunned if you’ve been with me since way back when. Thank you.

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