The most useful gifts I’ve ever received

Occasionally I’ve been given a gift that was not only thoughtful, but incredibly useful.

Here are some of those gifts:

This Gap bag is just the perfect size. I use it as a gym bag and as a weekend bag. It will fit a few changes of clothes or a change of clothes and a towel. My mom gave it to me years ago. I bet she never thought I’d use it as much as I do.
Friends box set. I’ve seen every single DVD at least 3 times. Okay, so it might not be useful but it’s certainly the most used, and well-loved.
Last year for Christmas, Santa (cough my Dad and Step-Mom cough) gave me a glass scrubber similar to this one in my stocking. Mine sticks to the bottom of my sink and makes sure every glass and mug is nearly clean before it even goes in the dishwasher. They know (and now you will too) that I am strangely paranoid about glasses being clean. Before I use one, I hold it up to the light and inspect it. Any sign of a lip print, milk ring, or mineral stain will get an instant re-wash.
My Step-Dad bought me this Swiss Army Knife before I studied abroad in Paris. He knew how useful it would be (particularly the corkscrew). What he didn’t know is that almost three years later I would use it every. Single. Day. I keep it in my purse at all times. I use it for cutting flower stalks, trimming my cuticles at red lights (over share, sorry), plucking my eyebrows on the fly (also at red lights), and generally feeling a little safer because I have a weapon on me (ha, as if I would ever use it). Never hesitate to buy a woman one of these as a gift. She’ll love it.
So those are some useful gifts I’ve received. The best part is, I always think of who gave them to me when I use them. It makes me realize how giving useful gifts is probably more thoughtful than novelty items. It makes me want to be a better gift giver.
What are some items you often use?
Have you ever received a super useful gift?

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