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Sometimes I read a post by a mommy blogger and I relate to everything she says about her child. Scared of having a second one, for fear that the first one will get less attention? Yes. Worried about how much he’s eating constantly? Yes. Debating attachment parenting? Yes. Is it okay for him to sleep in the bed? Yes. Does he feel loved? Stimulated? Nurtured? All concerns that I also have.

So to hell with being a mommy blogger in 5 years. I already am one. And I’ll take puppy pictures over baby pictures any day.

  • Kym

    omg I totally thought this was an announcement! I baby our 85 pound 4 year old like nobodies business. Plus, we buy him baby wipes to clean his wrinkles soooo I’m pretty sure that makes me an official “mommy blogger” as well 😉

    • I didn’t even realize that people might interpret the title that way! lol oops.

  • I was the exact same way before my kids… My boxers were my everything. People kept saying it would all change when I had kids… It didn’t! My heart just grew bigger for all of them!

    • I’m so glad to hear you say that! People tell me all the time that I won’t feel the same way about him when I have kids some day. I’m like, do you know ME?! I’ll always adore him.

  • You’re such a goof, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Team Archie for life, man.

  • So precious. Who needs kids when you have that face?!

  • Truth. I am dying to get another dog but am so worried about how things will change with our first love. I am so happy I am a puppy mom right now and not a human one 🙂

    • We talk about getting a second dog a lot. We won’t do it until we move out of our apartment (which we currently have zero plans to do) but it’s fun to imagine Archie having a brother.

  • I love this post. It’s amazing how many baby photos I see on a daily basis with fellow bloggers, and I agree, give me a sweet puppy dog post any day! 🙂 We lost our dog in late 2012 and I can’t wait to once again hear the pitter patter of puppy paws on the hardwood floors.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. Dogs are family members so that must have been extremely difficult. I love seeing dog pictures on other peoples blogs. Archie is a HUGE part of my life so I could never not include him on here.

  • Cutest dog ever, he’s smiling in the second picture!

  • Precious! I feel the same way about my pup, although he’s a 150 pound Rottweiler, so I don’t know if “pup” is exactly the right term.

    • He’ll always be your puppy! I call Archie a puppy and he’s a year and a half old. He’ll be my baby until forever.

  • Nadine, you are a woman after my own heart!

    Here are my kids – And one looks a bit like yours 😉

    I lost my golden daughter of 10 years, my first dog child ever, 3 years ago.

    Most terribly awful pain ever.

    But, she taught me a love and kindness I had never known.

    A few months before we found out about her impending death, we got a mut for 20 bucks down the street. He’s pretty much an australian cattle herding dog with a spotted tongue. Sooo mean, such a bad attitude. But I have broken him down with love (he was abused poor thing. but I saved him and smother him with love). His name is Matty. 8 Months after we got him our golden girl died tragically from a brain tumor. We had a doggie death facilitator come to our home when it was her time.

    We were so heart broken. Even Matty was sad and lack luster.

    I never thought I could love another baby into our family again.

    One day after Christmas that same year, I felt it was time for a new baby (3 years ago now).

    We brought him home, and he has added so much light to all of our lives. Kindest boy ever, so sweet and charming.

    He is a pure bred golden named Miles. He was only 4 weeks old, but he needed to be adopted, and it was serendipity how it came to be, but I won’t bore you.

    Point? after that long tale….. you will know when the time is right for another baby, and then you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner – and you will be amazed at how your heart will expand like a miracle, and love them both the same but different.

    Dogs are angels.

    Of that I am sure.

    When it comes to dogs I am pure sap.

    And they are the best most loveliest children one can ever hope for.

    I will never have human babies, but dogs are my babies just as much.

    No matter how nutty anyone thinks I am 🙂

    There is my novel posting 😉

    ps: you are a wonderful fur mama!! Those teet, that face, what a baby! Mine sleeps on his back too. They melt us don’t they?

  • OH! I meant teeth 🙂

  • Lan

    Archie is one seriously cuuuute dog! It’d be hard to say no to that face.

  • Aww, absolutely adorable!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • haha 🙂 you are so funny. and having a dog still gives you a mommy status 🙂

  • Lauren Harrelson

    I’m with YOU!

  • HAHA! THAT is perfection! I love the spin you put on it.

    I had a yellow lab for 15 years and she passed 4 years ago. I miss her every day of my life. She was my little girl.

    In other words, I totally get what you’re saying. =)

  • I LIVE for doggy pics!!!!

  • Seriously my dog looks just like yours except a little bit dirtier blonde and mine is tailless. He is my absolute favorite to take photos of too!! Love pics of Archie!

  • This is totally me with my cats. Raising two cats is seriously hard work. They act like toddlers half the time, but the best part is they can’t talk back to me (well the can and they do but we don’t know what the other is saying lol).

  • i love this! your dog reminds me so much of my dog! i miss my dox max. he was the greatest but died when i was 14 🙁 and i am so excited to be a sponsor on your amazing blog! thanks for having me!

  • He is totally modeling in these pictures….his sporty shots, his serious face, happy face, bashful, playful….he really knows how to work the camera 😉

  • This week someone actually added me to a “Mommy Bloggers” list on Twitter, and I”m not quite sure what to do with that. Maybe being a dog mommy counts?

  • Love this! When people talk about their kids, I’m always like “yeah, my cat does that too.” I hope they don’t take it the wrong way!

  • Haha, talk about a plot twist right there. xD I feel you though. Perhaps some of the most honest post about mommy love yet. 😛

  • haha this kills me because this is exactly me. I don’t know if I will even love my child more than my dog… okay maybe I will, but the love will be about even.

  • I totally thought this was an announcement, ha ha! I remember when my son was three months old I had some weird crazy post-pregnancy brain and we got a three month old lab! I don’t know who was needier, ha ha! 😀

  • Haha1 I love this, since I totally believe my pup is like my baby. I think all those things, especially making sure he gets enough attention. I totally worry about how he would react if I were to get a second pup. I will take pups over babies any day!

  • Tiffany Pham

    Hi Nadine,
    I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog. Do you think you could send me an email when you get this?


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