This post was inspired by Kaylin’s post Sunday about dressing like your man.

Like Kaylin, I’m not in to being matchy matchy with my man. It happens, but I like to avoid it.
But what about when your style evolves to look more like your man?
Or when your style changes drastically because of a man?
It’s not matching, exactly. It’s more of an influence.
Manfluence, if you will…

We’ve seen it happen time and time again with celebrities.
Take my birthday buddy, Jennifer Aniston, for instance.
Since she started dating Justin Whats-his-face her style has become dramatically different.
More black, more slouchy, more motorcycle chic.
It’s not the California beach girl we know and love but she’s rockin it.


And what about Katy Perry? Pre-John Mayer, she’s a bubble gum pop, blue/purple/pink haired girly girl. But after? Hipster centric.


And let’s not forget the most bold of them all, Kimye. Yes, we all watched in slight horror as Kanye nit picked over every little piece of Kim’s wardrobe as Kim said “Kanye has inspired me to be more of an individual.” But somehow at the end of it, wound up dressing exactly like him.

I mean, she did need a bit of direction following this horrific choice:

But they definitely didn’t have to take it this far:

Google Kimye. I dare you to tell me she wears anything but black and white these days. What happen to color, Kim? I liked you a little ghetto-fab.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a bit guilty of this too

My mister is quite preppy and his closet is overrun with button downs, plaid, and boat shoes (that’s what college in the south will do to a guy). Since we began dating, I’d say my style has become a bit preppier. I like to think the east coast in general influenced me but who can really say? 

Has a guy ever influenced your style? 
Do you, like me, judge celebs a bit for changing theirs so drastically?

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