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Kaylin has been telling me to curl my hair since I cut it. In my first attempt with a 1″ curling iron, I looked full-blown Shirley Temple. In the words of my very sweet boyfriend, “Um, you know how I loved your hair curly when it was long? Yeah, now that it’s short, I think I like it straight better.” And that, friends, is the N version of an insult. Note taken.

I shied away from the curling iron for a bit until I got up the guts to try again with the 1.5″. I can tell you three things about curling short hair:

1. You will burn yourself more.

2. It will somehow take longer (wtf).

3. You’ll almost always curl it on days that it starts off sunny and then later decides to rain. Oh wait, that happened when I had long hair too.

It’s a work in progress. In other news, maybe it’s time to grow it out?

  • Haha, I’ve burned my neck so many times curling my hair… they always end up looking like gross hickies when they are healing too! It took a while for me to get the hang of curling my shorter hair, but once I got it, I loved it! It even worked with a 1 inch.

  • I went to hair school and I still cannot curl my own hair… LOL

  • It’s cute! shorter hair is much harder to curl and manipulate, I think. This is called a long bob, right? Don’t worry, it will grow out!

  • It looks like it’s worth the effort though. I wish I could have pulled off short hair as well as you do!

  • Yeah, definitely more difficult to get the hang of curling shorter hair. But it looks great! Totally “oh this? yeah, this is just my hair’s gorgeous natural wave” *hair flip* like. 🙂

  • I burn myself ALL the time with my wand, but I really do love the look it achieves — your haircut looks awesome, lady!

  • Love this look on you! Whenever I had short hair, I also had a hard time avoiding the Shirley Temple look. Also, I always manage to somehow burn myself regardless of hair length. Sigh. Wands are dangerous. Haha!

  • I think this length looks gorgeous on you! My hair is a little longer than yours was before you cut it and after seeing your before and after pics, I’m so inspired to make the big chop. Even though it’s taken so long to grow out, I have to just throw caution to the wind and do it!

  • I cut my hair short as well and said the exact same thing about looking all shirley temple when i tried to curl it! i still can’t curl it correctly yet! i need help too haha

  • i genuinely like your hair and would not leave a comment if I didn’t. i love the curled look!

  • I think we have the same hair! I’m always doing loose waves. I think you look beautiful! Tammy

  • Samantha

    I love this cut and color! I cut mine months ago and hated it and now I’m trying to find a stylist I like down here. Oh the horror of a bad haircut/color…

    Oh and love the curls too!

  • OK, but this style turned out so well!! I’ve always loved it when celebrities shorten their hair and do a casual wave. REAL cute!

  • Just keep practicing… When my hair was short it looked great in curls plus you’re going into Summer so shorter hair should be fun 🙂

  • Amanda

    I love it! The cut, color, styling– it all looks fantastic!

  • My hair is the same length and I actually curl mine with my flat iron. It gives me loose waves instead of tight curls. Also, hair products are your friend! 🙂

  • Ain’t that the truth! I’ve had the itch to cop mine for about a month, finally did it, and already regret it. My choices are cut it shorter or grow it out ….I think I’m choosing the latter. (though I burn my neck regardless of length!) Glad you figured the wave thing out – you should post a tutorial!

  • Lix

    I think it looks super cute!

  • So pretty!

  • I’ve been really thinking about taking a couple more inches off of my hair.. and I really love that curled look!

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