My Limbs Feel So Heavy

Would it sound silly to tell you that my arms feel heavy? That to type seems challenging? That I am sitting in bed and my memory foam feels like it could just swallow my legs before I’d even be able to lift them? I’d like to become one with my memory foam. To melt into it and never leave. Life feels like it’s pressing down on me. I feel heavy and tired and befuddled. I’d like to stay in bed for a week and not move. I’d like to curl up with a book and distract myself for days. To nap, wake up, read, then nap again.


Some other complainy, mushy, weird things:

  • It would take a great argument (or an important work meeting, I guess) to get me to wear anything other than leggings and N’s sweaters right now.
  • The only song I’ve listened to this week is Daughtry “Waiting for Superman.” All repeat. All the time.
  • My car check engine light has been on for a month. One of these days it isn’t going to start. I just know it.
  • Archie is my best friend. What would we do without him? Dogs are expensive (they actually aren’t that expensive) but they are cheaper than therapy.
  • Recent events have made it clear that you can really never tell someone you love them too often. I love N so much it feels like my heart pulls to find his when we are apart. To quote Hannah Horvath (because if you aren’t watching Girls, you need to be watching Girls) “‘I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me.” Thanks for being my person, N.
  • I spent a whole day in New York City and took zero pictures. If you didn’t instagram it, blog it, or tweet about it, did it really happen? Yes, it did. And it was refreshing and beautiful.
  • The weird thing about losing someone is that you can go a few minutes, even a few hours and not remember it happened. Then suddenly you remember and you’re like, that was real life? The funeral we attended? It happened? How is it possible that we’ll never see this loved one again? It all feels like a fuzzy nightmare.
  • I think I’ve officially transitioned from extrovert to introvert. Can you grow out of being an extrovert? I can work from home all week, just me and Archie, while N works 60+ hour weeks, and not miss human interaction.
  • Tweets about The Bachelor make me hate twitter. And probably you, if you’re the one live tweeting The Bachelor.
  • Now I feel mean. If you are one of those people, just know that I have never unfollowed someone on Twitter. Who does that? Meanies.
  • I started reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and I can’t stop. I needed a read that would pull me in and make me forget life for a bit. It’s doing just that and the title absolutely does not convey that it is about overpopulation and biological terrorism. It’s so good.

Now that I’ve gotten all that weirdness out, maybe I’ll go back to being a normal human/blogger sometime very soon. Mmkay?



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