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+ I made the cookies from the recipe mentioned here again. It is perfection. Also I prefer to make my cookies huge so that I can think to myself “well I only ate two” when really those two were the size of four.

+ I read Megan’s birth story and I loved it. I love birth stories, I really do. Read Ben’s birth story here. Always have, even pre-kid. That said, reading about a natural birth always makes me a little envious. I had a baby and I never went in to labor, never experienced a single contraction. My water didn’t break. I didn’t get to feel my body doing all the thing it’s supposed to do. But then also, I didn’t have to feel a single contraction! Ben’s entry into the world involved maximum fear/panic but minimal actual physical pain. So I guess there’s that.

+ She mentioned in her post that she’d read some birth stories while pregnant that made her anxious and I was like GAH! I hope that wasn’t mine! I want to stress to the mamas out there, yes my birth story sounds scary (and it was!) but it also brought us our beautiful boy. You do what you gotta do in the moment and thanks to modern medicine, it’ll probably all be okay no matter what. Ben’s birth and the time spent in the NICU is already such a small percentage of his life and of our time together.

+ I’ve been really in to buying things in bulk since we had Ben. This was never ever something I did before but now I’m always so happy to have extra of everything on hand. After years of being a “buys 4 rolls at a time” kind of gal, I feel like such an adult having a stash of toilet paper and paper towels in our basement.

+ We’re moving at the end of April. Just a few blocks over (basically I never want to leave my current neighborhood ever). We’re still renting – here’s why we didn’t buy a house. Usually I’d be so antsy and ecstatic to get the moving started and I’d be begging to just be done but right now, nope. I don’t want Ben to be a month older. Is that weird? I’m actually doing a better job of living in the moment because I can’t stand the thought of it being a month from now and him being that much closer to the end of babyhood.

+ Okay but on the moving note, our new house has a DISHWASHER. That’s right folks, we’re movin’ on up. It has a dishwasher, a microwave (also something we don’t have), and a sink that is not half-sized (true story, we have a bar sink in our kitchen). We’re about to get back at least 30 minutes of our day by not having to do all dishes (and breast pump parts) by hand.

+ I finally get to put together a nursery for Ben. I know, 6 months late. But he finally gets his own room! I’m so excited to do it and to make it the perfect little space for him. You can see some of my nursery inspiration on my Pinterest here. We’re doing one wall navy blue and we’ll have a pretty Persian rug in there (naturally).

+ I went to Old Navy yesterday (I had a return) and tried on a bunch of stuff. I texted pics of everything to my best friend from the dressing room (as one does). And you know what she said? This is the kind of thing you should put in your Insta Story. I mean, I guess it is but I never really think people would want to see that from me. Maybe they do?

+ Bloglovin is not publishing my blog posts when they are posted (they show up wayyy down the feed 12+ hours after I post) and it’s kind of killing my motivation to blog. I’ve emailed support about it numerous times and they’ve given me a variety of answers (including that Bloglovin stops checking your RSS feed when you don’t blog every day…?) and have not fixed the problem. I’ve basically gone through the stages of grief about it and I think I’m on acceptance now.

+ I’ve watched a bunch of the Best Picture nominees and Ladybird is my favorite. I spent a lot of time in Sacramento so it was cool to see places that I’ve been hundreds of times. Every time she made some sassy comment about leaving California for the east coast I totally heard myself as a teenager. Spoiler: I DID move to the east coast and it turned out awesome. N noted (he always notices the most interesting things about movies) that the pacing of the movie was very quick. It swiftly moved from scene to scene so you were never bored.

+ I finally put myself out there and joined a Mom group at a local children’s activity center. It’s been awesome to meet women, many of whom live in my neighborhood, who have babies the same age. Honestly, I wish I’d done this sooner. Ben is the oldest baby in class (of 6). We’ve started doing things outside of group, like going to lunch and meeting up at the library and sometimes I’m just like, holy sh*t, I have Mom friends!

+ I have baby fever. You know how some people have a baby and then they’re like, no we’ll let this one settle in for a bit. Not me. My siblings are some of my favorite people and I can’t imagine giving Ben a greater gift than a sibling. Thank goodness they told me I have to wait at least a year after my c-section because sometimes I’m like…but this one turned out so good! A little undercooked, but good! Let’s have another! #delusional N calls him a trap baby because “this one is so good he’ll make us think the next one will be too and then that one will keep us up all night and be a total nightmare”.

+ I haven’t been reading much lately because I always used to read before bed but now Ben is snoozin’ in there hours before I turn in so I have no light to read by. I need to start making it a priority to fit it in to my day but when Ben’s awake, I try to be as engaged as possible and when he’s asleep or content and entertaining himself, I try to work. Here’s how I get stuff done with a baby and here’s why I didn’t go back to work (full-time).

+ On the going back to work front, I realized maybe 2 weeks ago that if we had to put Ben in daycare now, I’d feel a lot better about it. In January when I would have had to put him in daycare, he was just so little and he didn’t seem sturdy enough (I realize this isn’t a thing, but that’s how it felt). These days he feels more hearty and less breakable.

+ Thank you to those of you who attended March for Our Lives this weekend. We were unable to attend but are so grateful to those who did.

If you’re still here after all that rambling, thank you. Have a wonderful Monday!


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