Life Lessons from the Dog

We have a visitor this week. Our dog niece, Posey is staying with us while her parents (N’s brother + girlfriend) are on vacation. We’re thrilled to have her but adjusting from life with one dog to life with two has been a little more challenging than expected.

Meet Posey
Meet Posey

You see, Archie is the nicest dog in the world. Sure, I’m biased, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. I’ve never seen him growl and I’m not sure he knows how. He likes every person and every dog he’s ever seen. I have actually watched him kill a moth by swatting at it and then act super sad that it wouldn’t play with him. I feel like I’ve proved my point. He’s the nicest.

Archie Portrait
The. Freaking. Nicest.

And yet, Posey isn’t his biggest fan. She is a sweet dog and she’s dang cute (a little Dobby-ish, no?). But when he gets too rambuctious, she snaps at him. Normally this would freak me out a lot but he’s got 15 lbs. on her and she really couldn’t do any damage, even if she tried. Every time this happens Archie is clearly completely shocked and if he could talk he’d be yelling “BUT I’M SO NICE!” or “BUT EVERYONE LIKES ME!”. I know this because I’m his translator.

So while Archie has learned a life lesson, we’ve gotten a reminder also.

Not everyone is going to like you.

But I don't understand. I'm so nice!
But I don’t understand. I’m so nice!

This is definitely something I struggle with, in life and in blog world. It’s hard to accept. It may be harder in blog world because the person that someone doesn’t like might just be your online persona. They don’t know the real you. You can never convey the real you completely in 100 or even 500 blog posts.

This has also lead my to ponder all of the things that my sweet dog child has taught me.

The people who cleaned up your poo are the ones who love you most in the world. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Taking a walk is never a bad idea.

Sometimes good looks and charm can get you out of stuff. Archie is really cute when he misbehaves (examples here and here).

It’s perfectly acceptable to get really really excited about every meal. 

When you’re happy, show it. 

I’m so grateful to Archie for all that he’s brought to our lives. If anything, seeing Archie work so tirelessly for Posey’s affection has just made me love him more. He’s just so good-hearted.

We’ve also gotten some solid parenting experience. I feel like a Mom who just brought home her second child and is terrified that the first child will feel left out or neglected. I desperately try to give them both love and attention while reminding Archie that he’s still my baby boy. I’m relating to mommy bloggers on a whole new level.

Archie and Posey

I think it’s now pretty clear that this entire post was just an excuse to publish a crap ton of pictures of cute dogs. Sorry I’m not sorry.

  • I love how you turned poor, sweet Archie’s lady friend woes in to such a great life lesson. I think we all struggle with wanting to be liked, and when we aren’t it’s so hard to accept.

    Also? Warner loves people but not other dogs. So I guess that doesn’t bode well for any puppy play dates.

  • This adorable. Any excuse to put up pictures of cute dogs is a good excuse 🙂

  • Sorry I’m not sorry you posted so many cute puppy pictures either! You’re always welcome to do that.

  • Oh poor Archie! That sweet little face.

  • I love this! An excuse to post a bunch of cute puppy pictures is never something to be sorry about! 😉

  • Laura

    I go back and forth all the time with getting another dog. I’d love one but legitimately worry my current dog would think I love her less if I brought a new one home. I think she’s the most perfect dog alive too so I’m worried a second dog wouldn’t measure up. Dog owner problems! 🙂

  • I’m not sorry about this post either, those dogs are ADORABLE. The last picture is the best! And your dog is beyond cute, and looks incredibly sweet. Thanks for all the sweet pictures this morning!

  • Must love dogs, lovely post xx

  • I’ve always wanted a dog but am not in a financial situation right now to have one – that and I wouldn’t be able to dedicate the time since I live on my own.

    I agree with these “lessons from dog” 🙂 One I especially like is, “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”.

  • Molly Cook

    It must be a golden retriever thing, because mine is exactly the same way! They love every dog and human they meet! It is in their nature to please us, and I think they do a damn good job at that! Give Archie a squeeze for me 🙂

    Molly Cook

  • Poor Archie. I hope Posey figures out that Archie is just a sweetheart and all he wants to do is play.

  • aww I love it! They look like they get along pretty well in that last photo. 🙂 I totally understand though. My husband and I just got a dog a year ago and my parents have a dog who just turned 15. My little puppy loves my parents dog and just wants to try and get her to play. Well, since the only dog is freaking 15 she wants nothing to do with the baby. She just snaps at her to leave her alone. I feel so bad for my baby…she always looks so dejected afterwards lol

  • omg Nadine I love this post! dogs are the best. and youre’ so right, not everyone is going to like you. but it is acceptable to get excited about food!

  • Elizabeth

    Well, that last picture looks like they are getting along okay! I’m on board the “my dog is so nice” boat! My dog loves all people/dogs (I truly believe in socializing your dogs when they’re young) and it’s usually the other dogs that freak out and start growling or barking at him and I can see on his face “but…I was just saying hi”. Ah, I love that I can relate to another girl who has a dog baby and not a real baby! We react the same way we will when we have human kids.

  • JC

    Dogs pictures always make a good post.

  • Gah! I love it. I wish Finley would chill and lay on the couch with me like that for more than 27 seconds.


  • Lex

    you can totally tell from the pictures that archie has a heart of gold!

  • All fantastic points- and any excuse to post pictures of cute dogs is fine in my book.

  • Goldens really are such nice dogs. How could anyone NOT love Archie??

  • Jessa

    I love the pictures! You learn so much from dogs.. Heimsan gets along with other dogs too. It took him awhile to get that fact that dogs sniff butts as a way of saying hello and getting to know you. At first he didn’t like it at all.

  • As a dog mom of three furry babies, i completely get this! Great lessons for life!

  • My heart just melted. I can’t get enough of dogs, maybe it’s because I’ve spent my whole life without them – just one would do but I definitely want two!

  • maybe Posey is just intimated by Archie’s good looks? Don’t get me wrong, Posey is adorable, but let’s just be honest here – Archie is a total lady-killer.

  • They are so darn cute!! Archie sounds like our Sam (yellow lab), he is the most non-aggressive dog. He will even let the cat take his food. Though he kind of prefers people over other dogs. When we go to the dog park he wants all the people to pet him, not play with the other dogs. You can tell he is upset when the other dogs rush for the ball we throw at him and he gets tired of it and goes and watches the small dogs in their separate area 🙂

  • What an interesting approach to this comparison. I never thought of it like that, but everything makes sense! And because of this my love for dogs skyrocketed. 😛

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