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Today I’m going to take us back to 2013 and do a blog post just about my life. Remember those? Ah, the good old days. Life has been good to us recently and I want to share that. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Tried Blue Apron. Way more involved than anything I’d ever make on a regular day but hell, now I know how to blanch and shock asparagus and I feel fancy AF. Also fun to find out that “roughly chop” means “finely dice into microscopic pieces” to your husband. Delicious results either way. Nav also noted that this would be really great to do with kids because the instructions are easy to follow and you learn a lot of basic cooking skills.

Watching Tyrant and 12 Monkeys. Got hooked on two new (old) shows with multiple seasons available on Hulu. Is that not the millennial jackpot?

Tyrant has three seasons and is about an American man from a fictional middle eastern country who returns to his home and powerful family. It is loosely based on the rise of Assad in Syria. The show creator is the same guy who created the Israeli show that Homeland is based on.

Of note, I find it to be irresponsible and inappropriate that a white man was cast as the lead playing a half middle eastern man. This happens frequently in Hollywood, particularly when casting middle eastern characters. It’s something I notice because I always joke that Nav should have become an actor since they always cast the same three middle eastern actors or just cast a white guy. Casting directors: do better.

I’m also really in to the show 12 Monkeys. It’s a SyFy show that involves my two favorite plot devices – time travel and virus based apocalyptic future scenarios. It’s scarier than I thought it would be but also really good. Neither of these shows are ones you can watch while scrolling through Instagram or Twitter. You’ve gotta pay attention or you’ll miss something.

The Bachelorette. I didn’t watch anything from this franchise for like 20 seasons and somehow got hooked on Jojo’s season. Rachel is clearly one of the most likeable leads in franchise history. Peter is my favorite and I like that Rachel got to bring her dog on the show because of course I would demand that if I were her. It just made me like her more. Also I always debate ruining this for myself by reading the Reality Steve spoilers. Anyone else?

ClassPass. I was looking to mix up my fitness routine since I ran a half-marathon last month and am no longer training (also, it’s too hot to run outside). I finally tried ClassPass and since have tried all kinds of fun new fitness classes. Favorites so far include RowZone (a rowing machine based class) and BollyX (like Zumba but harder and set to Bollywood music). If you’re bored with your workouts, see if ClassPass is available in your area. If you use this link, you’ll get a $30 account credit (and so will I!).

Summer bronze. I’ve used up a whole bottle of St. Tropez Gradual Tanning Lotion in Light/Medium. I like the product but unfortunately I just blew through a $25 bottle in like 3 weeks so now I’m looking for a cheaper option. Next up on my “to try” list is Nkd Skn gradual tan lotion.

Sweet Tea. I’ve been making a knock off of Sweat Leaf Mint and Honey Tea (my absolute favorite). I make a big pot of tea and use half green tea, half mint medley tea. Then I sweeten with honey. I’ve got a whole pitcher in my fridge and it is divine. It also keeps me from walking to the market around the corner every day to buy a Sweet Leaf tea for nearly $3.

Archie. This guy got his teeth cleaned at the vet recently. It was terrifying knowing he was being knocked out and I hated leaving him at the vet. I may have told the vet tech (while holding back tears) that “he’s the love of our lives and I’m just really scared”. Life rewarded me later with the cuddliest post-anesthesia puppy on the planet who just wanted to lay on me while snoring loudly.

Recent Philly eats. Skip this if you aren’t local. I recently tried Wm. Mulherin’s Sons in Fishtown for brunch and it was They’re making a play for the best brunch in the city. We also had dinner at Audrey Claire which is always solid (and extra lovely if you can get outdoor seating). I’ve been loving Lil Pop Shop on these hot days. I’ve also wandered over to Fortune Chinese on South Street for bubble tea more times than I’d like to admit. And finally, I ordered little desserts for a friend’s baby shower from Miel on 17th and Chestnut and they were heaven. Because I am not crazy (and have no self-control), while I was picking up the little desserts I bought a chocolate croissant and I must say, it was the most French tasting croissant I’ve had in America. Flakey perfection. I may not Instagram my food frequently but the food scene is one of the best parts of living in Philly and we definitely take advantage.

Blending. My Mom got me a Magic Bullet Nutribullet blender and now I’m one of those people who makes smoothies all the time. Except when I said smoothies I meant milkshakes with frozen fruit in them. Or sometimes just milkshakes. Either way, this blender changed my life.

Deep Cleaning. I bought a Bissell little green pro heat deep cleaner and am way too excited about it. Is this what adulthood is? Being totally jazzed about a deep cleaner? I used it to deep clean a chair I found at the side of the road on trash day. In case you were wondering, yeah, that’s the kind of thing I do.

Insta Stories. It seems that most of my favorites (The Daily Tay and @k8h_Small Things) have transitioned from using Snapchat to using Insta Stories more frequently. I really prefer watching stories where the person talks directly to the camera like they’re talking to a friend. I debate doing this for my own story but am too intimidated or maybe worry that I’m awkward and also hate the way my voice sounds when played back. I should give it a shot though. What Insta Stories are your favorites?

Short summer hair. I chopped my hair off. I hate it but after a run in with some bleach around December, I had some major damage that just wasn’t gonna let long hair happen. And so for the 12th time in my life, I chopped it to start over. My hair isn’t strong enough to be platinum. Let’s hope I learn my lesson this time.

So that’s most of what’s new in the world of Nadine. Except for the mention of Snapchat, it almost felt like 2013 again for a minute. Thanks for indulging me.

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