The Trick to Reheating Pizza


pizzaWhile filling out the my version of Erin’s Blogmopolitan quiz, I came to the prompt “the best advice I’ve ever given” and stalled. My best advice? I’m 25! Certainly you should look elsewhere for advice. I’m not old enough or wise enough. I haven’t lived long enough to have worthy words of wisdom! So I went with “wear sunscreen” as my best advice. It certainly is fantastic advice but not nearly epic or life-changing.

And then in one twitter conversation, I realized what my very best advice is. Are you ready?

Put a cup of hot water in the microwave when re-heating pizza. It will keep the crusts from getting all dry and crunchy.

I know. Mind = Blown. I discovered this somewhere several months ago (pinterest or lifehacks or somewhere) and it has changed my life. And now, perhaps, I’ve changed yours. After I shared this on Twitter, Princess Burlap dubbed it the Back East Reheat. Some people have buildings, museums, or streets named after them. I have a pizza reheat method. Talk about winning at life.

So to continue on the excellent advice train today, I’ve got Laura here from Mice in the Kitchen to share a couple of other brilliant tidbits.

So Laura, what is something people don’t usually tell you about parenthood?

I think when you are expecting your first child the thing that everyone tells you over and over again is…”get some sleep now because when the baby is here you’re not going to get much.”..which I find so funny.  I mean if I could have stored up sleep I think I would still be good from when I was a teenager.  Really what they should tell you when you are expecting a baby is that there will come a day when  your new bundle of joy has a diaper blow out and you sit there for a second and wonder…do I clean the baby first or me.  Having four children and one turning 13 this past summer I cherish when my little people tell me they love me…because once they hit that magical number 13 they no longer think you are cool anymore.  Also, I apparently on her birthday I lost complete use of my brain because she tells me all the time I don’t know anything. 🙂

What book did you read most recently? Would you recommend it?

I would love to read more but don’t get much time.  Everyday I read my devotional that is emailed to me.  It sometimes shocks me how it speaks to exactly what is going on in my life.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Hmmmm…that’s a hard one.  There are so many good Christmas movies.  First, I don’t like to watch movies that make me cry…I love to laugh!  So I might cheat here a bit and say my favorite(s) happen to be  Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty The Snowman. I  remember watching them as a kid and still love watching them with my kids.  I don’t know why but there seems to be something so magical about them.

I’ve recently shared some of my own thoughts on marriage.  What is your best marriage advice? 

Having God as the center of our marriage I would say has made a world of difference. Know that marriage, like life, is seasonal. If you expect that the whole time you are married things will always remain the same you are in for a hard road.  Allow yourselves to grow together and  make sure that you always remain best friends by putting the other person first in your life.  I can’t imagine my life without my Tim.  We will be married for 17 years soon and have been together 22 years.  He is my rock when I am weak and I do the same for him.  Believe that your love is worth fighting for because there are times when you will have to dig in deep and work hard.

What would the title of your memoir be?

First, it would be a comedy….I don’t think there is another way you could write it really. I think the title would be something along the lines of “Because I said so” or maybe “Mother doesn’t always know what’s best.”  It would come with a warning inside the front cover that reading the book may cause uncontrollable laughter and leave you feeling more sane.

Laura also wrote a super interesting post today about bitcoins, a new type of currency. It sounds like a crazy sci-fi novel and will give you an interesting story to share at your next holiday party  so hop on over to Mice in the Kitchen and learn more or follow Laura on Bloglovin.

  • I am very excited about this! My pizza is always sad after a reheat. Definitely the best advice 😛

  • After all these years of reheating pizza….I thought I was on the right track with heating it in a skillet….but you are right total mind blown after hearing this one! 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

    • Nadine

      The skillet might be a good idea but I bet it takes longer. The oven is really the way to go but I’m usually way too hungry to wait for that.

  • Cat

    oh my gosh, ive never heard o that! thanks! x

  • I will be implementing the Back East Reheat very, very, very soon. You genius.

    The best advice I’ve ever been given has been 1) if you ever get rejected or if you fail at something and are feeling like it was unfair, think “what makes me so entitled to ____?” Because that really changes your strategy and your perspective, and makes you work a hell of a lot harder! And 2) use the word “hate” sparingly – because at the end of the day, how many things to you REALLY hate?

    • Nadine

      I definitely agree to use the word hate sparingly. I rarely use the word because I don’t know that I truly hate anyone or anything. I strongly dislike olives but I don’t hate them.

  • I have some leftover pizza I was planning on eating tonight so I am definitely going to have to try the Back East Reheat.

  • I was wearing bitchface, but your post made me smile. Thanks for the reheating advice 🙂

  • I think you need to start selling t-shirts that read Back East Reheat. I would totally buy one. Speaking of buying, I want to buy a pizza, and have leftovers, so that I TOO can implement the Back East Reheat. I’ve yet to take the pie plunge. Wedding dress and all…

  • Having a reheat named after you is still pretty cool! I always flick a little bit of water on my pasta and rice when I reheat it for the same reason.

  • YES! I actually put a wet paper towel on top of the pizza but this sounds awesome too 🙂

  • I’m definitely trying this the next time I re-heat pizza. And there is no advice better than that which is food related.

  • Seriously?! That is so cool. I’m going to try it next time I reheat pizza. Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome advice on the pizza reheat!!

  • What a great trick!

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