Your Life Is Boring

A few months ago, on a normal phone chat with my brother he informed me that  “we think your life is boring” (the we in that statement being him and my parents). I was probably complaining about something or basically had no updates about new things in my life because nothing is new, so just know that his comment kind of fit in the conversation.

Still, my feelings were hurt. It actually hurt my feelings way more than it should have and definitely more than he intended it to. He had no idea that I’d be so sensitive to something he said off-the-cuff.

Does Archie look bored of me? He probably is.
Does Archie look bored of me? He probably is.

My brother one of my favorite people in the world and he is my best friend. I can’t tell you when the last time he hurt my feelings was because it’s a rare occurence. We’ve always gotten along. We’ve always been close. So maybe that’s why it stung so much. Or maybe it’s because he was a little bit right.

The thing is, I’m not bored of my life. Inside I felt like screaming – I’m happy! I go places! I do things!

And honestly, I could see my fun-loving, 24-year-old brother finding me boring. My alcohol tolerance is much less than it used to be and I regularly fall asleep on the couch before 11pm. I’m in a stable relationship and nearly every conversation I have at some point includes my dog. So sure, to him, I’m boring.

But I freaked a little. It was hard to not take a look at my life and wonder, is this it?

Some days it feels like I’m in Groundhog Day. Wake, work, home, cook, eat, walk Archie, workout, shower, watch TV with N, read, sleep. Repeat. Repeat again. Our life in the suburbs is comfortable. It almost pains me to say that I’m content with it. Should I be content with a life so ordinary? I’m in my twenties. I should be doing more! Shouldn’t I? Exploring the world, adventuring, doing all the things that we won’t be able to do once kids are in the picture. Maybe that is just the pressure put on people my age. But for the most part, that just isn’t the way real life works.

Since my brother told me this, I’ve felt an overwhelming need to prove that my life is, in fact, not boring at all. Not just to them, but to myself. I began actively filling our weekends with fun things. Suddenly we had our weekends booked up through October with trips to California (two!), time spent it Philly, DC, and New York, a music festival, a broadway show, and then the big one – moving to the city.

I know in some part, that one little statement played a role in us moving to the city. It’s definitely a part of why I want to move to the city – so I’m not boring Nadine in the suburbs with her totally regular, boring life. Perhaps he hit a nerve, uncovered my ultimate fear. What if I die and everything about my entire life was completely regular? Would that be the ultimate failure? It feels like it.

Maybe his words were a weird blessing. They’ve forced me to not only do more exciting things, but to share the things I do with my family more. I was certainly guilty of not sharing some of the cool things I do with them. Although now I’m sure I’m braggy mcbraggy pants like – LOOK AT ME DOING ALL THE COOL THINGS. I guess it’s also a testament to the power of words, especially the power of your words to the people you care about.

So maybe that one statement changed the course of my life a bit; changed how I view my life. I’m not boring. And if I am, I’m trying really hard not to be.

  • Jae

    Aww, Nadine. I’m sure my life is lot more boring than yours (if it were at any case). It’s been a month since I quit my job in the hopes of getting more good news on my immigration process to the US, but I was wrong. I stayed at home 95% of the time, and did the things I couldn’t do when I was still employed. I read books one after the other, caught up with my favorite TV series as well as movies I failed to see. People may see my life as boring, but I really don’t mind. I’m actually having the time of my life in the comforts of our home.

    I bet your life is more fun than mine! 🙂


  • JC

    Even if you are the most boring person in the world, what matters is that you are happy. Though taking a few risks while your young and have less to loose isn’t a bad thing either. Sometimes we just need a kick in the pants. And if you were so boring how would youhave gotten so many people to come to your blog every day. I mean really doesnt he know how important you are?

  • Hey, if you’re boring – so am I. I’m just about 23, and the other day my dad told me that “you need to expand your social circle” because I spend my weekends with the same few people, and we don’t spend our nights in bars or clubs or anything of the sort. It frustrates me sometimes, to know that I’m young, and I’m not doing anything BIG and exciting – but I like this. I enjoy relaxing Saturdays with my best friends, going to the farmers’ market or into the city for the day. I don’t think “exciting” means the same thing for everyone – because I’m so introverted, I love what I usually spend my weekends doing. For other people, that wouldn’t be enjoyable.

  • Hi Nadine! I’m a new reader of your blog. I feel you in this. Sometimes I think my life is boring but it hurts a lot when other people points it out. I don’t think your life is boring get to do all the things you love! 🙂 Maybe we just need a little getaway sometimes and I can see you’re doing just that. Cheers!

  • I definitely sometimes feel like my life is boring. I hardly go out during the work week because I have a 4 hour round trip commute for work and it takes everything out of me. WHICH IS WHY I’M ALSO MOVING TO THE CITY! But I’m moving to NYC. Not sure which one you’re moving to.

    Hit me up when you’re in NY! I’d love to show you and N around 🙂

  • I have an 18 year old little brother who has made the same type of off the cuff comments, and it’s sent me in the same spiral. Like, is this it? Am I only going to get more boring from here? For me, I think it’s a balance of loving I have but not getting too comfortable with the mundane.

  • I think we all go through points that are a bit stagnant/boring even if we are happy and enjoying the routine of it. While I think it is best not to get stuck in these stagnant periods I think it is necessary to remain in one place for a little while sometimes in order to move forward.

  • Sometimes I joke about how boring my life is, but honestly, what really matters is if you’re happy with it. If you aren’t bored, who cares what other people think?? Do what makes you happy, and you’ll have no regrets.

    xo Julie

  • If you’re not bored, then who cares? If you’re happy, then you’re doing something RIGHT!

    I think a lot of times, people judge other people based on their own values and how they see the world. What’s boring to one person is extremely interesting to the next. What’s wrong for one person could be right for another. It’s all too easy to pass judgment based on our own views, but honestly, we’re all on different paths.

    I don’t think life is about proving anything to anyone else, even though I can get caught up in that, too. I think life is about finding a way to be happy — and it sounds like you’re already doing a great job with that. 🙂

    • V

      Sing it Erika!! “We’re all on different paths”….yes! Well put.


  • You are not alone in your so called boring life. Mine is too. I don’t even know why I have an Instagram account!!

    • You are not alone in your so called boring life. Mine is too. I don’t even know why I have an Instagram account!!

  • You stay awake until 11:00? Uh oh. I’m boring to the ENTH degree because 930 is something I rarely see. SERIOUSLY.

    Sometimes I wonder if my life’s too predictable, too bleh, too boring. And then I scroll through my Instagram feed and realize that I REALLY love my life and that it’s full of exactly what I want it to be full of (though I’d opt for another dog and maybe a baby) and, well, boring to others or not, it’s just right by me. BOOM social media for the win.

  • Oh, little brothers. I’m sure mine thinks my life is boring too. I think as long as you are content, that’s what matters. I’m in a weird stage of life where my husband is in medical school and doesn’t get weekends so I am sure that our days are much more boring than what others do.

  • I think there’s a lot of pressure of “lifestyle” bloggers to have fun and exciting lives. Most of us are in the same boat, reasonably boring with lots of posts about our fur children and definitely not as exciting as our college or new grad days.

    • V

      Ditto Lisa! And I think that is totally okay. Life has it’s ebbs and flows. I think I would get exhausted if I were constantly on the go. :o)


  • V

    You know what Nadine….as long as you’re happy, what does it matter? From what I know of you through the blog, you don’t have boring life. You have a lovely life. One that many many people would die to trade you for. Happiness is in the eye of the beholder.

    That being said, I definitely have felt like this before. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day routines especially when you are a creature of habit like me. Sometimes happiness lies in the small things though.



  • My life is most certainly boring to most people, and I love it! I have a great job, a house that I have to clean and cook in each day, I am in a long term committed relationship, and I prefer a night in reading a book with a single glass of wine and then passing out by 10pm over going out clubbing any night. I have spent years feeling like something was wrong with me because I don’t “live it up” like I’m “supposed” to, but I finally realized that I am living my life exactly the way that I want and it is amazing. Who cares who thinks your life is boring, their life may dry you crazy as well. Do you!

  • This summer, I got my first taste of what having a big girl job was like and it scared me how monotone it made my days – wake up, go to work, come back from work, eat dinner, and be too exhausted to do anything other than watch some TV and head to bed early. And it’s hard because I truly loved my internship and what I was doing there – and I know you are truly passionate about your career as well. It’s also so much more difficult when you’re a natural homebody, like I am haha – staying in sounds a million times more appealing than having to put on pants and head out 🙂 So I think we just have to find the fun when and where we can – in little short bursts at a time. Nothing wrong with that!

  • I know my life is boring, but I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I know he’s your brother, not trying to say he doesn’t matter, but to me, everyone has their own life. As long as you are enjoying life, nothing else matters!

  • Some people may think my life is boring but I am happy and I like my life boring for one person is contentment for another

  • That’s exciting that you’re moving to the city! And that you’re booking yourself up with fun new adventures.

    But if you’re happy with your life, then it’s not boring. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

  • I completely relate to this sentiment. It’s ironic that so much of your early 20s is spent trying to cultivate that stable life—good career, steady boyfriend, cozy home, maybe even a pet—and then we all have an internal freakout when we finally get there, like, “Oh shit, is this it?” At 26, I’ve definitely asked myself that question more than I’d like to admit in the past couple months. I think certain people are drawn to making risky, exciting changes that may or may not pay off, and others (myself included) are more attracted to stability and calculated risks. But it can be a great thing to step outside the comfort zone. Good for you guys making the move!

  • Aw, sometimes a boring life is EXACTLY what we need – at least for a little bit! I had a crazy, busy, and exciting summer that culminated in a wedding (yippee!!!), but now I’m loving our laid back fall. And I totally have been falling asleep at NINE O’CLOCK (crazy?!? YES. Absolutely ridiculous) every.single.night. lol And my husband isn’t any better, LOL. Regardless, as long as YOU are happy, that’s all that matters!

    xox, giedre
    ps. But a move to the city?? That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear more!

  • I don’t think you are boring, Nadine. You stop it!! From what it sounds and looks like, you have a pretty freakin’ awesome life, and I would love to switch shoes for a day in the life of Nadine! Haha. I’m pretty jealous that you are going to both Cali & New York soon. I haven’t been either places yet, but have a huge goal to get there someday! It’s awesome that you have so many fun-filled events coming up, but make sure you get your down-time too! You don’t want to over-do it and then be mentally exhausted. You deserve to have a “boring” day every once in awhile 😛

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