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In the last week and a half, I’ve seen three movies in the theaters. What can I say? I love going to the movies. It is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. Right now there are tons of great movies in the theaters so here is my take on these three.



I reluctantly went to see this movie. Yes, the ads looked cute but I wasn’t sure it was worth the price of admission to see a kids movie. N loves animated movies and wanted to see this so we took my siblings (age 11 and 12). We all absolutely loved it. It has enough humor and heartwarming moments but is paced quickly enough that you never get bored.

I read later that the marketing for this movie focused on Olaf the snowman so that boys would want to go see it too. It was definitely more of a princess movie than the ads made it out to be but even my 11-year-old brother loved it. The music was reminiscent of old school Disney and made you want to sing along right there in the theater. Plus, who knew Kristen Bell could sing? I was stunned to find out she did all her own vocal work. Pair her with Idina Menzel (bow to the queen) and it was perfection. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have kids, go see this.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


I know the premise of this movie is to fight to the death but I was shocked at how brutally violent this movie was. I took my sister to see it the day it came out and though we’ve seen many movies together (including all the Harry Potter movies) this was the first movie that actually scared her a bit. I liked this one significantly more than the first Hunger Games and thought they did a great job of sticking to the book. I had read the book about three years ago now so I had actually forgotten what happens so at the end of the movie I got to be surprised all over again. It does definitely leave you hanging at the end but was still absolutely worth a watch.

The Book Thief


I’m usually an advocate of reading the book before you see the movie but for this one, I just couldn’t wait. I am a huge reader of historical fiction (see some of my favorites)  and particularly have read a ton of fiction set during the Holocaust. The movie follows a young girl, Liesel, as she becomes the foster daughter of an older couple in a small German village.

I won’t ruin the movie by telling you that a major part of the storyline is that they hide a young Jewish man in their basement. They don’t let any of the characters fall into the traditional “hero” portrayal. Instead, they let the relationships between the characters and their behaviors because of said relationships shine through. Though many of the reviews I’ve read say that they don’t show enough of the horrors of the Nazi’s, I think if they had shown more it would have lost its PG-13 rating. There is certainly some brutality and it gets progressively worse as the movie spans from 1938-1945. The development of the relationships between characters and how those relationships change their view of what is going on around them is moving, inspiring, and at times deeply saddening. If historical fiction is your favorite genre, this is a must see.

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think?


Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to PB from Princess Burlap. This pseudo anonymous blog is written by a truly witty, reflective, and quirky soon-to-be married lady. She has a writing style unlike almost any I’ve found in blog world and reading her posts are always fun and sometimes shocking. Basically PB isn’t afraid to share what others might be nervous to share. To put it in her own words, “Come in, have a look around, be inspired. Or offended.”

Princess Burlap

PB often writes while running (it’s when she has her best ideas) and this one is essentially what would happen if I wrote down my own stream of consciousness. Plus she used the word nincompoops so you know you’ve got to read it. Her post about her own wedding planning is exactly what every pinterest-pinning crazy needs to read to remind you that it’s about the marriage, not the wedding. PB was also brave enough to open up about her struggle with cutting. Like I said, she’s willing to share the pieces of herself that others might not be able to. Head over to Princess Burlap and read. Over-indulge. Back stalk her to the very beginning. You won’t regret it.

  • oooh i am seeing catching fire tonight and I am soooo pumped! i’m shocked that it’s so violent but I guess they are keeping true to the book! I never read the book theif but i do wanna go to the movie!

  • I love going to the theater too, but it’s a very rare cartoon that could convince me to go! I did see the Hunger Games, I thought this new one was slightly less gory/violent than the first one–the first one gave me nightmares

  • I saw Catching Fire on Friday and was blown away by how well they stuck to the book. it was a fantastic movie and I of course love Mr. Hutcherson so that helped.

    Now i wanna go see Frozen!

  • I just started The Book Thief… I bought it a while back but never got around to reading it. When I heard they were making a movie I started right away!

  • i haven’t seen any of these movies. i’m so behind in that department. i love animation movies, and shamelessly go to the theatre to watch movies for kid. definitely will watch Frozen.

  • I thought frozen looked cute– but I wasn’t sure if it would be annoying cute or good cute, if that makes sense? The other two movies are on my to-see list as well! Thanks for the reviews!

    sundays grace

  • Great reviews. Didn’t think I wanted to see any movies this season, but now I want to see all of the above!
    Claire xx

  • I’ve seen Catching Fire, and I really want to see Frozen, but I think I’m most excited about seeing The Book Thief! The book was outstanding!

  • I haven’t been to the movies in quite awhile.
    I don’t have television either, so commercials aren’t really showing. Haha.

  • My mom and I saw Frozen and enjoyed it. I still need to read the Hunger Games before I see any of the films…and think I may be able to talk Sean into watching the Book thief with me 🙂

    I’m really excited for “Saving Mr.Banks” coming up in a few weeks!

  • Interesting on the Frozen marketing. My four year old boy wanted to see it because of the snowman so we took him to his first movie over the weekend. A good chunk into the movie and he leans over and asks is there a snowman in this movie? It def was more of a princess movie than we thought but the whole fam loved it. The music was sooo catchy.

  • Hunger Games made me so happy!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I really want to take my son to go see Frozen, it looks so cute! Glad to hear that it is a good movie and worth the money to go see 🙂 We watched Catching Fire last week and I really liked it! The ending was definitely a huge cliff hanger though ha ha.

  • All of these sound great! I want to see Frozen so badly! xo

  • I want to see The Book Thief so badly! Love historical fiction, especially from that era!

  • I have been dying to watch The Book Thief after I read the book, I loved the book so so much.

  • I finally watched the first Hunger Games last week, and I too was surprised by the violence. But now I just have to know what happens to Katniss. It’s on my list of movies to see this week. We also saw the new Thor recently- I like super-hero violence much better (it’s less scary to me). Oh and we saw Delivery Man- another winner. We might have seen more movies the past few weeks than we did all year! About Time is also on my list. As is Frozen. Apparently, you need me, you can find me in a dark theater chowing down on some popcorn!

  • I agree on hunger games, they stuck to the book on the latest one. The first one they just cut out the mayor’s daughter all together. Just made her disappear! But I loved it! I might have to see it again.

  • I saw Hunger Games last week and OMG so intense! I knew I would be a disaster during this one though because it is one of the few books that literally made me weep. But I loved it. They did an excellent job!

    I read the Book Thief a month or so ago, and I can’t decide if I want to see the movie or not. I’m sure it’s wonderful, but I really am unsure if my heart can take it. I’m a softy.

    And I want to see Frozen!!!! It looks so cute!

  • Meghan Comstock

    My husband & I took our 9 year old daughter to see Frozen Friday night. It was great. My husband was singing “Let it go” on the way home and he generally does not sing. Last night my daughter was still singing “Do want to build a snowman”. I want to see Hunger Games & The Book Thief sounds interesting.

  • I haven’t seen any of these! My friend wanted to go watch Catching Fire, but I hadn’t seen the first one.

  • I took Boomer to see Frozen on Sunday with my mom and we LOVED it. Such a cute movie, and you’re right…I wanted to sing and dance along the whole time. Boomer actually already knew the song ‘Let it Go’…so she did sing along. Oops. I still need to see Catching Fire, but glad to hear that its good/true to the book 🙂 I can’t wait to read more of princess burlap, anyone who uses the word nincompoop is cool.

  • Catching Fire was AMAZING! I may have to see it in theaters AGAIN! The Book Thief is next on my list!

  • I think the movie Frozen looks like a good family movie., I didn’t see the Hunger Games so don’t think I will bother with the second Hunger Games movie

  • eeek had to skip over The Book Thief as I’m reading it now! I can’t wait to finish it and then watch the movie. The pic you posted has really made the book come alive in my head, so I’m looking forward to reading a bit more tonight 🙂

    I love the movies! Watching Catching Fire this weekend woop woop



  • Loved Catching Fire so bad. I agree- it was better than the first. Have you read the Diverent trilogy? I’m pumped for those movies- I think they’ll be similar to the Hunger Games series.

  • I CANNOT wait to go see Frozen. At first, I was like “A snowman? This movie looks ridiculous.”
    Then I saw the trailer where they actually started telling what the movie is about and i just need to see it.

    Loved Catching Fire!

  • I can’t wait to watch catching fire – thanks for the heads up on the brutality because I actually forgot a lot about the book … so excited! x nats

  • Catching Fire was so perfect. It really did stick to the book. And I can’t believe I liked it better than the first.

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