Why I Let My Other Blog Die

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Some of you may remember that I had another blog – Blog Brighter. After years of personal blogging, I began to sprinkle blogging how-to and tips posts in with my regular content. I’d been around the block. I was making (what I thought) was a reasonable amount of side income from my blog. I felt I had knowledge to share. I also felt that a lot of my readers weren’t bloggers and thought it might be good to have a separate space to share that content. And so Blog Brighter was born.

I’ll be honest, I feel like I started Blog Brighter at the right time. I was writing the articles that I wish I’d been able to read when I started out but nothing like that existed (that I’d found). By the time I started Blog Brighter, there were a few other sites that focused on tips for lifestyle bloggers but it wasn’t the landscape that it is today.

And what about today? In my opinion the market is completely saturated on the blogging about blogging front. My pinterest feed is littered with tons of articles about blogging, growing your blog, blogging tips, tricks, shortcuts, and how-tos. It seems like every blogger who started off as a lifestyle blogger now mixes in content about blogging itself. Guess what? I’m over it.

I’m sure 2012 Nadine would have loved those kinds of articles. They would have been hard to find back then and like tiny nuggets of gold if I did. But now days I feel like there is so much information readily available. You can take e-courses, webinars, and read countless articles, so many of which will just be regurgitations of the same information – your Instagram feed has to have a consistent theme and feel, edit all your photos the same way, VSCO for editing, you have to produce regularly scheduled content, yada yada yada. I don’t think I’ve read an article about blogging or Instagram in the last year that shared new information – stuff I didn’t already know. I can’t figure out whether I’m sick of it because I know most of what they’re sharing or if everyone else feels that way too.

That said, when I got burned out on blogging sometime around a year and a half ago, my content on Blog Brighter was the first thing to go. How could I present myself as a blogging expert when I no longer had the passion for it? Who would believe a word I said if my personal blog began to collect dust? So I let it sit there for over a year, pins being re-pinned on Pinterest, bringing in some traffic but nothing too crazy, making a couple bucks a day on Google Adsense.

When I started to miss blogging and wanted to come back to it, I started reading all those articles on my Pinterest feed. I’d been out of the game so long! What if the whole world was different? And you know what? It wasn’t that different. Sure, webinars and e-courses are all the rage. Sponsored posts are harder to get. Everyone is trying to make a product to sell. If you’re trying really hard to monetize, sure things are a bit different. But not drastically. I realized that much of what I’d written on Blog Brighter was available on dozens of other sites. It just didn’t seem that helpful anymore. So when my hosting came up for renewal, I let it lapse. And just like that, all my content was gone.

I sometimes think back to why we all started blogging in the first place. For me, it was that I was at a job that wasn’t allowing me to utilize all of my skills. My blog filled a gap and relieved boredom. I mixed in blog posts about blogging when I felt like I had things to share and frankly, didn’t want to blog about myself all the time (I’m not a narcissist and also realize my life isn’t that thrilling). But still, I think I’d rather blog a couple times a week about real stuff than crank out 5 posts a week and have to mix in steaming hot garbage (not saying that people who post 5 days a week produce garbage, just that I know my creative limitations while working full-time).

I still read blog posts about blogging sometimes, desperate for the one post that will stun me by sharing lots of new things I didn’t know. It’s rare, but it happens. Here’s the bottom line: I’m probably done blogging about blogging. I’m not an expert anymore and I just as I didn’t originally start blogging to write about blogging, I don’t think most readers started reading blogs to learn about blogging. My guess is that you started reading blogs for the same reason I did (and do) – for the stories and the sharing. The feeling less alone, the learning, the perspective, and the connection. To watch some random strangers kids grow up (truth), get outfit ideas, hear about how well some new mascara works, and to generally be on each other’s team.

For now, you can trust that I’m going to leave the blogging about blogging to the seasoned pros (two of my favorites, Helene and The Blog Market come to mind). And sure, I’ll still click on the occasional blog tip style blog post in hopes that I’ll learn something life changing.

The irony is, I just wrote an entire blog post about blogging where pretty much all I shared is that I’m over blog posts about blogging. Okay I’m done now. But I’d love to know if this is just a me thing.

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