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Sometimes when I look at Archie I’m forced to realize that he is the being in the world that I would most want to trade places with. He doesn’t need his own dog bed because he sleeps in the middle of ours. He is coddled, spoiled, and oh-so-loved. Plus, he’s the only member of the family with his own hashtag (#eastanddog).

Basically, it’s really good to be Archie.

  • lol. I can’t wait to have a pet! It’s wonderful to see pets treated so well

  • what a cutie!

  • ughhhh he is PRECIOUS.

  • def forwarding this post to my bf and hope he gets the hint of what i want for valentines day! Archies face is just too cute!!

  • JC

    Hahaha I love these. I have about a million of my pup too. I love the smushy faced sleeping ones.

  • He looks so cute!!!! We have our Sophie, she is 13! She’s an old lady but an adorable one… Life is better with them!

  • LOVE these pictures. What a sweet pup. And gorgeous fur. I wish my hair looked that gorgeous! HAHA.

  • I really need some puppy snuggles today and these Archie photos almost give me my fix! (:

  • Yes someone looks spoilt indeed

  • Aww he is adorable. I have a pet Chowchow, and he is the gem of the family too. Sometimes I wish I can live his life too, being stress-less and carefree all the time. 🙂 x

  • Haha the underbite and the last photo are my favorite! My dog has a similar underbite whenever she’s begging!

  • Brianne Bracco

    Love me some sweet puppy pictures!! I take a bazillion of ours doing some of the exact same poses and I just want to stare at them all day!

  • That is one adorably rotten dog.

  • Oh my god, i need to squish his face up so tight right now until he almost explodes. Have you ever kissed him just on the side of his nose? softest thing you’ll ever feel.

  • Debra Slagle

    I am in love with your Archie. He is so beautiful and adorable. I even love his name. I know what you mean about if you could trade places. I, however, would trade with my cat, Willow Marie. She is an 8 year old Siamese mix. Independent, aloof at times, but when she wants loved, look out. She is pampered, spoiled, well taken care off, and sleeps a lot. Who could ask for anything more? Thanks for sharing Archie.

  • Those facial expressions! Hahaha such an adorable dog!

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