The Last Thing Thursday

I seriously love my job and I still can’t help but think about the beach every 2.5 seconds this week. Vacations are so much better as grown ups, right? A WHOLE WEEK off?! 

So today I’m linking up with Jenna to bring you another edition of The Last Thing Thursday, Beach theme!


The beach, beach and nothing but the beach.


Bottoms, Top

Yesterday I searched the mall high and low for some solid navy blue bikini bottoms to go with the anchor top (right). They didn’t have my size in the striped bottoms at JCP when I bought the top. I had no luck in the entire mall but I did find a similar shade of pink bottoms from F21 for $4.50. Do you think they match?


We all know I love sunscreen way too much. These are my faves and you better believe I’m hitting the beach prepared. Take that, UV-whatever rays! Remember how crispy I used to be? Never again.


My brother is joining us at the beach this year! I’m beyond excited to see him and get to hang out for a week. He lives in Maine with his pitbull, Tyson. Ty looks super vicious, right? 
Anyway, Curt is one of my very favorite people and I’ve felt lucky since the day he was born that he came into this world as my brother. He was my first friend and childhood would have sucked without him. 


I’ll be reading these three (and probably a few others) while I sit on the beach next week. Don’t expect me to move from my beach chair. At. All. Have you read any of these? If so, were they good? I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Mortal Instruments series. And so what? I love YA Fiction. 

The Life of the Wife

So that’s all for the beach edition of The Last Thing Thursday!

Happy Almost Friday!

  • Cute swimmy suit! I get to hang out on the beach every week and I STILL think about it all the time…the ocean is just so stinking beautiful! 🙂

    • Definitely. And that picture above is actually from Delaware! I’ll be headed to Bethany beach in Delaware for a week. Most people don’t know that there are such beautiful beaches there.

  • The Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen is my FAVE! It goes on like a lotion and doesn’t feel “sunscreeny” (totally just made that word up…)

    Love you blog! 🙂

    • Exactly! It’s my favorite too and I’ve been using it as daily lotion since I discovered it. Plus it smells so good!

  • such a cute swim suit! did you check target? they have striped navy and white bottoms, or solid navy ones that might match if you’re still looking!

    • I did check target actually. The navy blue didn’t match, it was too dark. I do always love target’s suits though!

  • Sounds like you’re going to have a great time at the beach! I think those bottoms match the top perfectly! I’m always mixing and matching my bikini’s anyways. I like that the top is striped and the bottom is solid.

    Have a great trip!

    AlisaMarie –

    • I would have liked to have found the solid navy blue bottoms but it just wasn’t in the cards. Hopefully this is close enough to matching/unmatching that it will look cute.

  • I love that picture of your brother and his pitbull! New follower from the Meet and Tweet hop!

    • Thanks! It’s really the only picture I have on my phone of my brother. Tyson is a sweetie and he’s super well trained. He also loves to be as close to Curt as possible. It’s pretty cute.

  • I love Bethany beach! (I live in MD). Adorable swimsuit, I totally think it matches. Have fun!

  • The pic of your brother and Ty- cutest pic ever!
    I’d totally be thinking about the beach too. I’d love to be going 🙂

  • Ok you really made me want to go the beach now!! Thanks for linking up darlin! You are THE BEST!!

The Last Thing Thursday

Time for another edition of The Last Thing Thursday! 

The last thing I….

{Watched} Revenge. I’m trying to get into this show and I’m about halfway through right now. I’m enjoying it but I wouldn’t say I’m truly hooked.

{Was really excited for} Today I’m getting my hair cut and colored (finally). My roots are probably the worst they’ve ever been, ever. Multiply that by day 4 of no washing (participating in Kelly’s Challenge at Messy. Dirty. Hair.) and my roots look even worse. This dirty hair will be ready for some beautiful blonde highlights this evening. Here is the before picture (day 4):

Left: Bad roots, Right: Rockin some messy dirty hair

{Really wished I had} My own kitchen. I like my roomies but sometimes I just wish that I had the kitchen all to myself. I want more the one drawer in the fridge, for all the dirty dishes in the sink to by my own, and for the counter tops to be free of gunk. I barely cook at home because I just hate the kitchen so much. And that then makes me eat out a lot more than I should. It’s a downhill spiral.

{Was totally stunned by} Last week, I hosted a giveaway over at The Life of the Wife. I’d heard good things about Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and I wanted to try it. I gave away one tube (Lindsay won) and bought a tube for myself. In a word: Wow.


After – I didn’t even curl them!

{Was in pain because of} Recently I decided to do a round of Crest Whitestrips (CVS store brand whitestrips, if I’m being honest). I drink a lot of tea and coffee so about once a year I try to reverse what I’ve done. This time, I’ve had  to take a few days off between each treatment because it causes so much sensitivity. I use sensitivity toothpaste and even that doesn’t help much. It goes away after a few days but I want to continue the whitestrips. Any ideas? Please tell me if this has happened to you!

{Was really happy about} How much I love my new Macbook Air! My work bag is so much lighter now.

Happy almost Friday!

  • I love the Benefit mascara! If you like that one then the Covergirl lashblast (orange tube) is really similar! I own both of them and alternate between.


    • Oooh good to know. At $22 a pop, the benefit version might not always be in my budget. Good to know there is an alternative. Thanks!

  • Yay! So glad you like it-your lashes look fabulous!! And thanks again for linking up AND hosting the giveaway! It was a HIT!! 🙂

    • Thank you! I temporarily lost my eyelash curler and now that I’ve got this new mascara, I’m not even upset about it. I can’t imagine what they’ll look like curled, if I ever find it.

  • Your hair doesn’t look dirty at all! It looks darn good, actually!
    If I skipped four days of washing my hair, I’d probably look like an oily dirtbag haha.

    • I’m unlucky in the sense that I have crazy dry skin/hair/nails. I could put lotion on my legs every hour and they’d still be dry and itchy. I can’t use any acne products on my face or it peels. The good news is that my hair looks fresh still on the 2nd and 3rd day of no washing. Even the 4th day isn’t so bad. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I have a hair cut appointment next Tuesday and I am literally counting down the days! Cant wait to see your “after” picture! Happy Thursday!

    • I’ll come over your way after Tuesday and check out your new hair too! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • I am so jealous you can go four days- and still look GREAT! I can hardly go more than one without my head looking terrible. Ironically I didn’t even know about the challenge, and I am rockin’ day two which happens, maybe once every 6 weeks. Embracing it as well!!!

  • your messy hair looks great!!!! LOVE it!! and wow your eyelashes! you can really tell a difference!


    • Thanks! Then once I got it done, the stylist said to not wash it for several days to let the blonde settle. That puts me on day 2 now and going strong. Maybe I’m just always participating in the challenge with myself lol. Thanks, Kelly!

  • You can not even tell that your hair is 4 day dirty there. It looks great.I’ve heard such great things about that mascara. I suppose I need to try it one of these days. Here from Last Things Thursday!

    • I think the picture didn’t really show all it’s dirty-ness lol. It definitely gets oily and gross at the roots but I know I am pretty lucky to be able to go 3-4 days before it gets like that.

  • Isn’t Revenge good?!?! I watched and then took a break and when a lot of the shows starting finishing up, I caught up and got hooked towards the end. The finale was AMAZING!!! Now I want to go back & rewatch the season, lol. Be careful with those whitestips! They could erode your enamel. I drink all of my coffee & tea through a straw. Basically anything that could damage your enamel – like sodas, acidic juices etc. I still have to switch, but I’ve heard good things about tooth powders that don’t contain baking soda or glycerin. They allow your teeth to remineralize and naturally whiten. I’ll have to find the name of the one I found! Happy Friday!!! ps – how did you make it so that you can reply to blogger comments? I use Disqus, but I would love to go back to the old blogger format.

    • I’m pretty much hooked on revenge at this point. It really got crazy toward the end of the season. I think I have only a few episodes left!

      I’d love if you could tell me an alternative to the whitestrips. I don’t use them often so I think my enamel should be okay but maybe the sensitivity is a sign. I’ve actually never heard of a tooth powder. Email me once you find out what it is and I’ll look into it.

      Regarding the comments, I’m definitely not savvy enough to have any idea what I did. This is just how my blogger has always been. I think because I only recently got a blog, it automatically gave me the new blogger format from the get go. Under each comment on my page it automatically has reply as an option. I’m not really sure. I wish I could help.

      Thanks for stopping by! Please email me with the tooth info 🙂

The Last Thing Thursday

It’s time for another edition of The Last Thing Thursday! 

Here is the last thing I…

+Was surprised by: My beau borrowed my car last night (his is getting a new rim and tire after a tragic pothole incident) and this morning I got in my car to find a full tank of gas! Now that’s romance 😉

+Ate: Lentils with Eggplant Curry. I’m the biggest Indian food lover. Ever. Plus there are so many vegetarian options, there is always something new to try. I just buy the Trader Joe’s version of everything and heat it on my lunch break for quick, flavorful lunches. Trader Joe’s is always a bargain!

+Read: This interesting article by LearnVest, What Your Clothes Say About You. It is confirmed that even though I think a lot of my clothes are boring, simple classics are always good choice. “With classics, history has done the work for you. It has lasted throughout time, so you already know it works.”

+Bought for a bargain: Sunday I searched high and low (read: every store in the mall) looking for a good work bag that could fit my computer, planner etc. I found a total of 3 in the entire mall and was not a fan of any. Then it hit me: Marshalls! I got a very nice, expensive looking black work bag/purse for $24.99. It even came with a computer cover. Score! I’m serious when I say it makes me look like a legit grown-up.

+Pinned: My mom has a board for things she thinks I might like (I know, she thinks I’m special) and she pinned this adorable picture of a golden (and I re-pinned immediately). She knows how desperate I am for a pup of my own. I look at this and in my head I just say, over and over “when the time is right”. But gosh, my heart just melts at this picture.

Happy Thursday!

The Life of the Wife

  • seriously love/obsessed with marshalls!

  • I need to read that article. Hmmm..I wonder what my clothes ARE saying about me!? They are probably talking behind my back! haha.

    Thanks for linking up sweet girl! 🙂


  • Ok, you need to check out the Pets section of my blog. I totally have a golden that looks just like that! (but totally doesn’t eat shoes… yeah right)

    • The amount of time I spend oohing and ahhing over other peoples pets verges on inappropriate. Thanks for giving me permission to stalk McCoy. He is a beautiful pup. I love the more red goldens. Post as many pictures of him as you like! They make my day.

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