It’s Okay Thursday

Today I’m linking up with Neely and Amber for It’s Okay Thursday.
How is it Thursday already?
Really, how?
I’m actually really happy about it.

Here goes:

It’s Okay…

To be a vegetarian and still cry a little inside when someone makes bacon. I’m not denying that it’s delicious. And it’s a test of my willpower every. Single. Time.

To have been brainstorming a name for your future dog for the past umm 2 years. And to be a little bummed that it’s not just your decision anymore. Why doesn’t he LOVE the name Henry? 

To have lost your hairbrush (in the process of moving) and to not be too concerned about finding it.

To be a compulsive used book buyer. 

To feel a little guilty for not having the time to read all those books.

To be an HD snob. If a channel isn’t in HD, I’ll consider just not watching.

To want to care about the Presidential election but to still not be paying any attention.

To vote based mostly (97%) on social issues, while not knowing squat about the financial side of things. Maybe I’m the problem.

To honestly be putting all the upcoming TV show premieres on your calendar. I’m too excited for all my shows to come back! 

To have all your pictures leaning against the wall where you want to hang them, but to have absolutely no energy left to actually do it.

Hopefully by this weekend the house will be looking awesome and I’ll give you a grand tour! It’s getting cozier by the minute.
Happy Almost Friday!

  • SEL

    Hi! I came over from Amber’s linkup.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has done the leaning-the-picture-frame-where-you-want-it. I mean, they look okay where they are, you know?

    I’m a Social Studies/Government teacher, so being aware of the issues is my job. But, I don’t care so much for the economical side of things either. I’m with you on the social aspect of it all.

    And the HD thing? We have two HD tv’s and my husband is the HD snob. I honestly can’t tell much of a difference, so if I dvr something on a non-HD channel, The Husband always says something. Ha!


  • great list!

    i have a stack of books to-be read too 🙂

    i wish i cared more abt the election,but it is all just nutty right now anyways….

    cute blog!

  • I can’t even really tell the difference between regular and HD. You and Brian are the same though. If I am in control he goes, “What are you doing on these channels?” like I have committed a crime. JEEZ

    Miss you.
    Love you.

  • henry is such a cute name for a puppy!!
    Hope you’ve had a great day! Drop by and say hi!

  • Henry is a cute name! Haha I’m an HD snob too don’t feel bad. When I go over to a few of my friends houses that don’t have HD I’m like “Wth is wrong with you?” I hope you enjoy settling into your new house & hope you have a great weekend.

  • DJ

    ha – I like to describe myself as socially liberal, fiscally confused. I’m glad I’m not alone.

    Also Henry is my dad’s name… but I still think it’s the perfect name for a puppy. Does that say something about my relationship with my dad?

It’s Okay Thursday

This week I’m linking up for It’s Okay Thursday!

Hey, it’s okay…

To be super jealous of your besties new puppy. But it’s more than okay to love every minute of Facetiming with her. Nice to meet you, Zoey!

To have a random and sudden obsession with a specific food or dessert. Mine is currently root beer floats or coke floats. 

To act like a crazy for one night because of stress. Sorry, Nav!

To be a little peeved at Mr. President for clogging up the works at the airport. I get that Air Force One has to land somewhere but does it have to cause a runway traffic jam?

To be totally amused by the silliest little things.

To act like a total goober in front of your boyfriend and hope that he still thinks you’re hot.

Mid goofy dance, Pre power walk

To be really, truly proud of yourself for facing your biggest fear.

Happy almost Friday!

Its Ok Thursdays

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  • i’m 100% supportive of your root beer float obession…i’m on a bit of an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie phase myself…it’s getting dangerous. 🙂

    and….that cow is hilarious. i’m pretty sure i need it. 🙂

    i love your blog! 🙂

    • I wish I had asked the people at the diner where they got the cow creamers from. I want one so bad too! Thanks for stopping by!

  • That root beer float looks amazing – since the last time I had one, I was a kid, I definitely need to make one soon:) And yes, I understand the Prez making life difficult – I live in Chicago:)

    • I hadn’t had one since I was a kid either and they are oh-so-good! Give them another try. You won’t regret it.

  • That root beer float is making me crave one! So yummy 🙂 And I’m slightly obsessed with the cow creamer… Love your blog! Following through Google 🙂

    • Alright, after the comment above and yours, I had to see if cow creamers were easy to come by. Turns out, they are! 122 results on amazon. This one is under $10: I might just need to purchase. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Love the silly picture of you. And the float, and Zoey of course.
    It’s the weekend.

    • I feel as though I am in some way part of Zoey’s life because you are such a big part of mine. It’s honestly like you had a child. And I am simultaneously proud, jealous, in love, and so happy for you.

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