It’s a Blessing in the Sky that He’s the Pie

This kid here, he’s the pie. The American pie.

I love learning about N’s family. They are wonderful, welcoming, and truly inspirational people. They came to this country as young adults and achieved the American dream in one generation. Can we get a round of applause there?

If you asked N on any given day where he’s from he’ll sweetly (and a bit cluelessly) answer “Long Island.”It’s what he said to me the first time I asked him. Of course that wasn’t what I was referencing. With his dark hair, olive skin, and unique name, I meant where was he from. His family. His people. Again he said, “Long Island.” 

And he was 100% right. He IS from Long Island. He knows very little about the country his parents came from (Iran), speaks only English, wears boat shoes, button downs, loves the New York Giants (I forgive him for that), grew up with two parents who worked in Manhattan, and even went to college in the south. The ultimate All-American boy.

His Dad often uses American expressions slightly off but in the most perfect ways. Certainly understandable as English is his second language. He doesn’t use the phrase “it’s a blessing in disguise.” Instead, it’s a blessing in the sky. And oh boy, is it ever. 

One time over a large meal of Persian food his Dad professed his love for this country, marveled at all that it’s given him and declared “I am the pie!” It touched my heart to the very core to hear this educated, proud man speak with true joy about the day that he became an American citizen. 

It made me wish that people my age, and more importantly, all people whose families have been here for a couple generations (like mine!) could truly appreciate this country for all that it has given us. To admire it from an immigrants perspective. To feel lucky to have been born here. His family is a wonderful reminder for me.

I’m lucky enough to have found my All-American boy. And I’m thankful every day to live in a country where a Persian-American boy from Long Island, a blonde California girl, and a golden retriever are just one of many variations of the classic American family. 

*This post was intended for the 4th of July but I was busy drinking Strawberrita’s and eating vegetarian hot dogs so I forgot. Are we still feeling patriotic, 5 days later? Yes? Oh good.

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