It’s All in the Numbers

Imagine if all you knew about someones life was the numbers. Just the quantitative data. How would you see it differently? For instance, my net worth is still in the negative and will be until I pay off my student loans. If you just looked at just that, I’m not so valuable. But what about all the other numbers?

I’ve been considering this a lot lately, as I’m playing fantasy football and it’s pretty much all a statistics and numbers game. Where does everyone rank? Well I’ve never rushed any yards, thrown any passes, or really played any sports involving points (cheerleading, anyone?). But it’s still strangely therapeutic to check out the numbers.

Today I’m 9345 days old.
I turn 26 in 153 days.
That thought gives me 1 panic attack. 
Approximate number of times my mother has told me I’m being melodramatic: 473
Number of times it was true: 470 

Life expectancy based on this calculator: 96 years
Favorite age so far: 22
Most awkward age: 14

In that time I have…

Lived in 3 states. 
Attended 12 schools.
And lived in 16 houses.

Had 3 serious boyfriends.
And 1 who told me I was not girlfriend material.
I’ve been dating “the guy” for 832 days.
Number of times per day I ask N “do you know where my phone is?”: 4
Average number of times I tell Archie that I love him every day: 24
Average number of times I tell N I love him every day: 4

Met my best friend at age: 2 years, 2 months, and 19 days 


I have 3 siblings. Numero uno pictured above and two younger than him.
I have 4 parents who love me.
Age when parents started embarrassing me: 11
Age when I realized that parents are super cool: 21
Age when I realized that I’d rather hang out with my parents (and N) than pretty much anyone else: 24
I’ve worked for a childhood cancer non-profit for 476 days.
I’ve felt incredibly lucky to do what I do every day for 476 days.
I’m one of less than 30% of Americans who like their jobs.

My blogging assistant.

I’ve been blogging for 567 days.

In that time I’ve published 356 blog posts and currently have 97 drafts.
I’ve thought about quitting at least 7 times.
I’ve purchased 57 ads from other bloggers.
Amount of money I’ve put in to this hobby: I don’t want to know. Really.
Hobbies I have other than this one: 0

I talk to my bestie 3 or more times per week.
Blessed to know her for 6 years.
We’ve attended 47 (ish?) costume parties together.
Age she turns today: 25
Happy Birthday Kaylin! Wish Kaylin a Happy Birthday!

Percent of my closet that is from Goodwill: 30%
Pairs of jeans I currently own: 23
Tops hanging in my closet: 197
Percent of those I actually wear: 10%
Days of the year that I could maybe pass as a fashion blogger: 5

Time every day that Rita’s closes: 9pm
Time every day that I realize how desperately I want frozen custard: 9:02pm

Number of times I’ve listened to Avicii Wake Me Up this week: 42
Number of times I re-read Harry Potter: 2
Percent of the time that my fingers have polish on them: 12%
Estimated number of times I’ve visited a tanning bed: 250
Year of my last visit: 2008
Number of times per day that I think about it and it terrifies me: 3
SPF of the sunscreen I now use on my whole body, every single day: 55
Percent of the time I think I eat healthy: 55%

Glasses of wine per week: 2
Hours of Netflix per week: 15
Minutes spent in the car per day: 32
Hours of sleep per night: 7

Percent of the time that I feel like a real grown up: 45%
Percent of the time that I feel like I’m growing up too fast: 65%
Percent of the time that I feel like a generally happy person: 97%

I’m no fortune teller but I’d have to say, if we go by the numbers, I’m an incredibly lucky girl woman girl.

What does your life look like in numbers? I’m sure once I hit publish I’ll think of 47 other ways to quantify my life.

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