Is She Always This Animated? Yes, Yes I am.

Three days ago, I convinced the beau that we should move. I was having one of those moments where I was a little bored and then I checked my savings account and realized that um, $37 was not a saving account (only a slight exaggeration).

It then occurred to me that we do not use 2 of the rooms in our apartment. This place is freaking huge. I know, poor me, my apartment is just too big. Anyone who has ever lived in Manhattan just virtually slapped me. I deserved it. 

We have a two bedroom apartment with a full office and an enormous dining room. We do not dine. When I hand Nav his dinner plate it’s usually followed by “what are we watching?” I’ve shown you before, our dining room table generally is known as “Nadine’s office.”

So we put our apartment on Craigslist and will be moving to a smaller and cheaper place. And many a stranger have now walked through. 

Showing your apartment to strangers is always a weird thing. Not only is there the Craigslist factor of this-person-could-murder-me or be plotting to steal our flat screen. But it’s just odd to have someone all up in your private business. 

The following hilarity has ensued:

               Apartment hunter to Naveed: “Is she always this animated?”

               Naveed: “Uh this is probably the toned down version.”

               Apartment hunter to me: “I’d like to see you after a glass of wine.”

You aren’t the only one, lady. I’ll take that as a compliment. Cheers.

And as we’ve invited these strangers into our home, I’ve realized the following:

1. My interior decorating style is the same as my fashion sense. Comfort > Looks. Hell to the yeah we have a big ugly recliner. And it’s so comfortable that I basically live in it. No shame. Where do you think I’m sitting in the above picture?

2. I cannot clean up after myself. Neither can Naveed. It’s not like we didn’t know that already, it’s just that I had no idea how hard it would be to keep the house clean between a 5pm appointment and an 8pm. We cannot do it. Cue oh-my-god-they’re-here dash to throw everything in the closet.

3. Not everyone thinks it’s super awesome that I have a framed replica Harry Potter wand on my wall. Those people suck.

4. Our apartment maybe smells a little bit like dog smothered in yankee candle. 

I don’t care about the smell because Archie gives me an excuse to wear a fanny pack. Plus he gives good hugs.

5. Last and most importantly, I cannot contain the real version of me. What I think generally flies out of my mouth. I’m a little too loud and I’m never afraid to drop the line I always think is hilarious — that’s what she said. 
Note to self: Not appropriate in all social situations.

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  • You and I just became best friends. A framed Harry Potter wand?! Count me in!

  • In love with the fact that you have a framed Harry Potter wand, I NEED one. Also I’ve never lived in Manhattan but I do live in a studio with my boyfriend and my dog…I can’t wait until the day I can have a whole room that I barely use, crazy!

  • Seems you have the same problem I do, it is so hard to clean up after yourselves. I always tell people that I get more cleaning done in the 10 minutes before company shows up then I do any other time through out the week.

  • hahaha that hug with archie looks like the best hug ever. and i know the dash to throw everything in the closet well…i keep telling myself it takes time to develop a cleaning routine for the whole house..suuuure.

  • This is hilarious. And you need to investigate pet odor candles instead of Yankee Candles. You’re welcome ;D

  • I just found your blog and you are hilarious! I love that you have a Harry Potter wand and even more that you can totally pull off a fanny pack!

  • Where did you find a Harry potter wand? I want one haha. I’m not looking to selling when I have to have it clean haha.

  • Wow. What kind of people don’t appreciate a framed HP wand? Muggles… I tell you.. 😛

  • I feel the same way! We have been wanting to sell our house but with two full time jobs and a small job its close to impossible to find time for it all. You aren’t the only one sister! I would love to be a fly on the wall when people do a walk through of our home. Prolly hilarious! XO

  • Aw that picture of you hugging Archie is so cute! Love the post and so funny! “Is she always this animated?” Perfect. Good luck with your apartment!


  • People who don’t like Harry Potter don’t deserve to live in your Apt.
    I am totally with you on the ‘What are we watching?’ Dining experience, Greg and I do the exact same thing.

  • Cat

    Brandon and I did the same last year! We looked around our massive apartment that we only used about half of, and decided to downgrade a bit. We ended up finding a place that was a little smaller, but only cost about a third of what we were paying before. I don’t miss the unused space.

    I’m also a rather messy person, so having less space to create a mess is pretty nice.

  • This sounds crazy but I love moving. lol. I love decorating so it lets me start with a clean slate. And I also LOVE that infinity anchor necklace in the one picture. GORGEOUS!!


  • I hate you. I am moving to a new apartment and I need to get STORAGE because I do not have enough space. Cough.

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • haha I would say being animated is a good thing though!

  • well happy hunting and hope the apartment sells. nice dog. 😀 Dogs are the best ever. 😀

  • Good luck getting a new apartment! We are hoping to buy a house soon, but we don’t really have a legit income so we can’t. 🙁

  • Good luck finding a more suitable apartment! Where did you get that anchor infinity necklace? It’s super cute!

  • good luck finding another apartment!

  • This is hilarious! Thanks for the late night laugh <- That’s what she said! 😉

  • I absolutely loved this post! Absolutely cracking up 🙂
    I have just shown a girl through my apartment who may become my flatmate and I know how intimidating it can be. I’m not the quietest or the cleanest either so I get you there 🙂
    Also, DID YOU SAY HARRY POTTER WAND? FRAMED ON YOUR WALL? I love you. That just cemented my decision to follow you, after reading your post on Rainbows and Honeysuckles 😉

    Sunae (Little Foal)xx

  • I think the wand is awesome?! Where’d you find/get one? My apartment has no decor. It forever looks like I’m in the process of moving in/out.

  • Haha this is hilarious–being animated is totally a good thing, if you ask me! Also, congrats on deciding to move. It will be fun(ish) looking for a new place!

  • Good for you, life is too short to censor yourself.

  • We just had the opposite problem…we had very little space in our loft so we just moved into a house to have more space….I hated not having more space. BARF!!!!!

    I hope all goes well and that there will be no Craig’s list killa’s up in your digs…

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  • I read this right after walking the dog, and having seen your picture, I actually wanted to get a fanny pack. This is a first.

  • LOL I found sublets on craigslist in NYC and it was a great experience. I had some animated exchanges with people in the process too!

  • If I walked into someone’s home/apt and saw they had anything Harry Potter related hanging on their wall, I would think the owner of that home/apt was the coolest person ever.

  • you are so funny – i love reading your blog!

  • I am so envious of your framed Harry Potter wand!!

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